Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Call

We had the wonderful opportunity to spend 90 whole minutes on Skype with Elder Kinville on Christmas.

It was amazing!

He seems so happy and he is just doing so well!

Seeing his positive attitude and happiness really makes us happy in turn.

It was definitely the highlight of our Christmas!

Weekly Update #38

  Good day to you all from the bright and merry Dalkeith! Let's get the weekly update rolling and out of the way.
     This one is going to be a we bit short, mainly because I don't have a lot of time and my family already knows what is what.

     Monday was grand, we did good things. Ended the day with Chineese food.

     Tuesday we went out to go and chap on some doors. We enjoyed it and we even got a few people who wanted us back... After the holidays. Well, we'll go back after the holidays. We then had dinner with the Ross'. 

     Wednesday was grand, too. We rocked and rolled out to visit a family for lunch, then had another appointment with Jack and his wife after. Both of those were excellent and fun. Good food, too. After, we stopped by and shared a little Christmas message with Annette and her daughter. That was most excellent.

     Thursday was also a good day. We went about with a wee bit of work then had a lunch/dinner with the Campbell's. That was enjoyable, and then we went to the ward's Christmas carolling service. The music and Spirit was fantastic. It also did not feel like Christmas. Too much green and rain, methinks. 

     Friday was Christmas. We opened presents, I got a lot of socks and food, ate food at the Johnston's, ate more food at the Campbell's, Skyped with the family, talked with Andrew, then called it a night. Busy day, for certain.

     Saturday was when Galashiels came by and picked us up to take us to Sterling. Now, this was the best day, because it was the day we got permission from President Donaldson to go forth and see this film called 'Star Wars, The Force Awakens', or something. It was alright, they had the old guy from Indiana Jones in it and a few other folk. 


    Nah, IT WAS THE BEST FILM EVER!!! So good! I wa pumped and excited the whole time! Was exceedingly grand! We then sang more carols and had a pizza night with the Edinburgh stake president.

     Sunday was a typical Sunday. We weekly planned after church because we didn't during the week. Oops. It was good though, got done what needed to be done. ''Twas a good week, if I am to say.

     There are no pictures this week because I am not on a computer. The library is closed, so obtaining a computer was made difficult. Plus I forgot my camera chord in the flat, oops. Oh well, this week has been a blast. I have enjoyed Christmas and I'm looking forward to this week of a new beginning, a new year. Going to be grand!

     Cheers! Have a Prosperous New Year!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

Monday, December 21, 2015

Weekly Update #37

 There's a saying in the mission: In the Scotland and Ireland Mission, we invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the Restored Gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. Missionaries just like to shorten it: In the Scotland and Ireland Mission, WE BAPTISE!
     That's what me and Elder Roylance did this week.
     The rest of Monday was alright. We knocked some doors, did a bit of work; because of moves week, it wasn't preparation day.
     Tuesday we continued knocking and then went over to have the mother of the mother and daughter group interviewed for her baptism. That was grand. After that, we had some food and went to the church to watch Jack's wife be baptised! Wow! She's grand, and Jack was a happy gent.
     Wednesday was our preparation day. We went to Roslin Chapel again with a member from the ward, Andrew. That was grand. We then ate at IKEA. I may have gotten a few IKEA pencils for surveys. Maybe. We then had dinner at the Ross' and then boogied off to a short meeting and that was the night.

     Thursday we did a bit of weekly planning then went over to Jack's house for a plateful of spaghetti. It's still fantastic. We then went caroling with the Zone in Edinburgh! It was a bit chilly, but fun!

     Friday we finished weekly planning, ate lunch at the Johnston's, went in the visit a less-active friend, visited another less-active friend, then had a pizza. That was the day. Travel is a killer, let me say.
     Saturday we were stressing out, or at least I was. We first went out to print out baptismal programs, then we did some service for an elderly sister, who makes AMAZING stir-fry. We then tried-by another fellow, went to the church, and got ready for Annette's baptism. Then, we baptised. Annette was so excited and it was an absolute blast! I had the honour to be the one baptising her. It's fantastic, let me say.

     Then on Sunday we confirmed Annette, had a good time at church, watched the nativity program put on by the primary, went back to the flat to do some business, visited a family, and then it was night. That was it.
     I apologize, but we only have an hour this week to email because I'll be Skyping with my family in a few days. They'll keep ya'll posted!
     Cheers! Have yourselves a Merry Christmas!

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

Monday, December 14, 2015

Weekly Update #36

From a bit later than usual, howdy! Let's get this rolling.
     The rest of Monday was grand. Jack took us to the Scottish Mining Museum and it was pretty intense. The building was neat, the tour was neat too. Selfie. 

We then went about and did a bit of contacting, which was cold but fun!
     On Tuesday we travelled out to a small town and did some finding out there. That was grand and we met some pretty fun people. We then went to knock on another neighbourhood where we talked with some more incredible people. Really neat to talk with fun people. Most of these fellows only wanted to talk, not about the gospel, sadly. We then went out and taught the mother and daughter a lovely lesson.
     Wednesday, we weekly planned because on Thursday there was an All-Scotland meeting. That was fun, but let this email be an email of order. Wednesday we had Jack after weekly planning, mainly because we couldn't meet Thursday. The meal was the same: spaghetti. I'll never tire of Jack's spaghetti. It's just too good. He's a champion. Truly a scholar and a gent. After Jack, we did a bit of finding and whatnot.
     The All-Scotland was a blast! Elder Kearon of the European Area Seventy was there and it was a grand meeting. The overall theme was "Just Do It", or at least that's what I got from it. It was fantastic, nonetheless and I was pumped afterwards. Also, we had ward council when we got back to Dalkeith. That, as always, was fun.
     When Friday came around things went a wee bit less than expected. Within ten minutes, the two appointments we had set up cancelled. It was shocking, but that's the way the cookie crumbles. We went out and had lunch at the Johnston's, travelled back, did finding, and I got a fantastic letter from my family. Love you family! It was good.
     Saturday was a special day, it was the day we were told that the Mormons ran UPS. Elder Roylance and I were shocked when a fellow asked us if we were Mormons, to which we said yes, then his follow-up question of if we worked for the UPS. I was confused. Apparently, it's a thing that The Church owns UPS or part of, as well as Coca-Cola, Wal-Mart, and many other companies. After asking a member to Google it for us, we found it was false. With that aside, another appointment cancelled so we did finding! It was glorious. Also, we had a donner pizza with lots of fun stuff. Delicious.

     Then with Sunday we did the usual. The mother and daughter were at church, Elder Roylance gave a wonderful talk, we had a fantastic dinner with the Middleton's, and then we got moves call. Fun fact: this was only a five week transfer. It didn't really matter because we were told we were staying together. Whoooooo! Dalkeith! I'm excited!
      Anywho, that is that! Hopefully the Spirit of Christmas is working within us to tell everyone about the meaning of Christmas! Everyone, have a great week. Work hard, do stuff, and do your best.


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

Monday, December 7, 2015

Weekly Update #35

Fun things are out and about in Dalkeith this week! Let's get ya'll in on this.
     Monday, we went to a store called Dobbies with Jack and his wife. Jack is a blast to be with! We had a good time looking at all the Christmas stuff and taking fun pictures. 

After, we had a bit of a fright when we were told that we had to travel down to Dumfries (a 110 minute or so car ride) for Disctrict Meeting the next day and we learned that train tickets there were about £80. Fortunately, we STP (Solved The Problem) and asked the elders in Galashiels to give us a lift.
     Tuesday, we went down to Dumfries and had a grand District Meeting. We had District lunch, seeing that it was the last District Meeting before moves and unfortunately until January. After, we travelled back, got lost, and then shared a lesson with the mother and the daughter. It was a marvellous way to end an evening.
     Wednesday we got up and got to work! We went about, talked to some folks, met with Jack on this day and had spaghetti because he was going to be busy on Thursday, and continued to find folks. While waiting for a bus to take us back to the flat, this gent was sort of walking around us. He eventually came up and asked us for the time. We told him the time and he asked if we were Mormons. We said we were indeed the Mormon missionaries and had a good conversation. We set up a return appointment with him the next day in Dalkeith Town Centre, and we considered it a grand way to end the day!
     Thursday, we went out and about to weekly plan, then meet with the gent from the night previous. He wasn't there, unfortunately, but we weren't discouraged and returned to the flat for weekly planning. We did so, had a lovely time, saw the snowing and raining and wind outside, then went out into the weather to catch a bus. The busses were all delayed this night. We waited for the bus, finally caught it, got delayed while on the bus, then finally got off the bus to have a dinner with our ward mission leader, Ben. Much had not been said about Dalkeith's ward mission leader because he was on holiday in Peru and only recently got back. He's a swell chap, though. He served in the Dublin, Ireland Mission back when it was it's own mission. We had a good conversation with him and a lovely dinner as well.
     Friday was a usual Friday. We went out to catch some busses and hopefully try-by some people before a lunch appointment. The busses were still a wee bit slow, but we got to the appointment with the Johnstons and had a grand time. We then helped get their Christmas decorations out of the attic. That was fun. After, we travelled back to meet with a less-active. We did so and then travelled about to meet with the senior couple for a flat inspection and a dinner to go along with it. The inspection went grand, very few problems were found with the flat. The dinner was good, too.
     Saturday was busy. We prepared a crock pot meal for that night in the morning a bit before heading out to meet with another less-active. After, we travelled back to Dalkeith to meet with another fellow and then we boogied back to the flat for the marvellous beef stroganoff that Elder Roylance and I prepared that morning. It was grand. We had to eat quickly because we had another appointment with another gent that evening. That lesson went well and we then returned to the flat for the end of a day.
     Sunday was fantastic! We met with Ben, had the mother and daughter at church, and I had the blessing to sit through what was probably the best fast and testimony meeting I've experienced. The daughter was nervous about coming to church. She was under the impression that everyone there was born into the church. She learned it was not the case. Every member who bore their testimony mentioned their conversion story. How incredible is that?! We then had a meal appointment and I took a picture with me, myself and I.

     It's amazing how when you work you are blessed. I feel privileged to be able to go around and share the gospel with people. It's a blessing for myself and a blessing for others.
     Thank you all for the support! I wish you a happy start to your Christmas season!

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

Monday, November 30, 2015

Weekly Update #34

From the land of Dalkeith, I wish you all a happy late Thanksgiving. Our Thanksgiving was grand, and I'm sure it was for everyone. I'll tell you about that later; now here's how our week was.
     This week was a blast. Monday started well and ended well. It was bueno.
     Tuesday we had a Zone Meeting at Edinburgh. The Zone Meeting was excellent; we received superior training and fantastic instruction from our Zone Leaders. After, we had a quick lunch then made haste to Bonnyrigg to do some finding. We knocked on doors and talked to some people. After, we had a marvelous meal appointment and then a teaching appointment with the mother and daughter.
     Wednesday, I was on exchanges with Elder Crowe out in Dumfries. We had a good time finding some people and then having a meal appointment with one of the families there. The food was excellent and the couple was fantastic. Also selfie.

     Then we come to Thanksgiving. We started the day by exchanging back and then starting our weekly planning. We then went over to Jack's house for a good lunch of spaghetti. The Assistants to the President were there too, so it was a grand time. Jack also invited a friend over and we chatted with him, had a quick lesson with Jack, then his friend started to ask questions. Before we knew it, we were in a first discussion type lesson and he had a Book of Mormon and we were inviting him to church. Wow. Incredible. What a blessing! After that, we visited a less active member, shared a grand message with him, then went back to our flat to finish up weekly planning and to prepare a Thanksgiving meal whilst doing so. The meal was great. I cooked a bit of turkey, the stuffing, and gravy. Elder Roylance made some absolutely fantastic bread-things and mashed potatoes. We also found some root beer at Tesco, so we had that as a drink. It was a marvelous meal.

     Friday, we knocked doors, had a lunch appointment at the Johnston's, knocked more doors, talked with a less active, then knocked a few more doors and called it a day! Pretty fun!
     Saturday we started it with a lesson with a jolly fellow. It was a great lesson. Then we took a selfie with cows. 

After, we met with another chap for a lesson, but while we traveled over, Anne gave us a text and wanted to meet with us (Anne being the incredible member who always takes us to eating places and whatnot). We accepted and after the lesson we went over there and chatted with her a bit. It was a good time. After, we went back to the flat and had the day done with.
     Sunday was the best day. On Sunday, we went to church, had two of our investigators show up (which made it the best), had a grand time chatting with members and being invited over to eat food next week (also a good factor), mapped out where members were so we could try-by them when we were finding in the area, and had an overall good day.
     Probably the biggest thing I would emphasize is missionary work. Most people would say, 'you don't need to be a missionary with a tag to do work. You just share the gospel with your friends.' That's true, but my favorite part of missionary work is the work done with less-active members. When I work with them, it's like working with an investigator. You get them curious, you bring members along, you take them to church, you teach them the gospel, and then they are reactivated. It's a grand feeling when it happens. I'm grateful that we all have the blessing to go about and do good while working with our friends, neighbors, families, and everyone in strengthening or introducing the gospel with them.
     Have a grand week!

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

Monday, November 23, 2015

Weekly Update #33

   From the land of the brave and home of the brave, greetings! It's getting cold and Christmas is coming.
     The rest of Monday was alright, sorta. Just got a kilt. Nothing too spiffy. Jack was alright with the kilt, he and his wife approved, so I'm satisfied.

     It is important to note here that Elder Roylance is a boss. He truly is. Me and Elder Tarbet walked to quite a few places. Elder Roylance devised a method in which we have minimal walking and mainly use buses. Truly a master-mind. He's the best.
     Tuesday was a Scotland East meeting. It was great. Saw Elder Wynder from two transfers back! 

He's doing great. We had a good meeting, and a lovely travel back. Insert District selfie, too. While traveling back, we got lost and it was pretty exciting. After, we met with the mother and daughter and had a great lesson.
     Wednesday was a miracle day. We travelled out to Tranent to do some finding. While knocking on doors, we had zero success. I was tired, a bit hungry, a tiny (very small) bit discouraged, and quite cold. We were knocking about when this one fellow opened the door and said 'come in'. First thing he said, even before I could show him The Book of Mormon. I was stunned, I didn't know what to do. Elder Roylance was in the same boat. So we walked in, sat down in his living room, taught a lesson, got a return appointment, gave him a copy of The Book of Mormon, and left; all the while I was still confused. After, me and Elder Roylance both questioned if it actually happened. It was honestly a huge blessing to have found him. It was grand.
     Thursday we weekly planned and had a lovely lunch at Jack's. He makes the best spaghetti ever. Kid you not. After Jack's, we went out, travelled a bit to visit another family, they fed us spaghetti too, we shared a message, travelled back, and had an overall nice day.
     Friday was a day of much finding as well. We knocked on doors, had a lunch appointment, knocked on more doors, taught a less active, knocked on a few more doors, then came back to the flat for a good end of the day.
     Saturday was full of travel and finding and doing all other good jazz. It was a good day. Nothing too notable happened on this day, unfortunately.

      Sunday was great, though! We went to church, I taught elder's quorum, had a lesson, had delicious dinner, called people, and set up appointments for this upcoming week. It was a good day.
     Probably my favourite is the fact that everything has an order to it. Everything also works better if you get it in order. It's fantastic to see investigators, members, less actives, and all in-between find out that life ends up better as you prioritize and make order of it. It's grand.
     Have a great week, ya'll! 

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

Monday, November 16, 2015

Weekly Update #32

Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail, nor gloom of night shall keep these messengers from their appointed rounds. A phrase often given to postal workers, but it applied to us on Friday. And Thursday... And Saturday... And Sunday... Everyday it was applicable. So let's have ya'll hear all about it!
     The rest of Monday got pretty hectic. We were packing, saying goodbye, cleaning, packing, little bit of tracting too. It was a great time. Also, mini-me. 

     Tuesday was spent with Elder Tarbet baking a cake for the success of one of our investigators completing the 15 Step Stop Smoking program, packing, lessons, saying goodbye, and travel. We had some great lessons and a wonderful meal appointment with the Ross'. Certainly a good day.
     Wednesday started with us packing up and heading to Edinburgh to pick up Elder Roylance. We picked him up, got Elder Tarbet with Elder Gullion, got a lift back to our flat, unloaded Elder Roylance's stuff, loaded Elder Tarbet's stuff, said bye, took a selfie, and began the new day with a new companion. 

Elder Roylance is a legend. He has just finished being trained and came to Dalkeith from the suburbs of Glasgow. He's American, but has lived most of his life in Europe. Crazy, let me say. It was good, though. I figured it was going to be a blast with him, thus far it has been so. We had kebabs to kick off the transfer, then did some area book work to close off the night.
     We started Thursday by weekly planning. It was a good time. We then had a delicious lunch with Jack, which happened to be spaghetti. Jack was alright with Elder Roylance, he didn't seem to disprove. We then met with a less active, had a good lesson there, then went about to do some finding. While we were finding, the rain decided to come. It did not come in a little sprinkle, but a furious downpour in combination with the wind. It was really neat. I was impressed. I was also cold. This was my first glance at a Scottish winter, and I am excited for it.
     On Friday, we experienced all elements of winter, and the year in general, within an hour. We were knocking on some doors, when I was feeling cold. It was cold. It started to rain a bit. I knocked on this door, turned around, and saw little white flakes occasionally among the rain. I was shocked as was Elder Roylance. After a few minutes,  we were walking in a rain/snow storm. The wind picked up and the rain became just snow. Something happened, and it became just hail. Then, weather changed again and it was sleet. Then, the wind and rain and snow stopped and it was just stillness. That lasted a minute or so before it quickly resumed to dump snow. After a good five minutes, the snow changed to rain and we decided to travel back towards a lunch appointment. As we walked past this bus stop, the sun came out. It was an interesting hour, to say the least. The rest of Friday was grand. It was a good meal at the Johnston's, found some investigators who were lost after the whitewash, then knocked doors in the dark as it dumped rain again. It's dark by 5:00 PM here. I like being able to see the stars at 5.
     Saturday we went about for try-bys and finding. We ran into a jolly fellow to chat with, met a few other fun folks, and tracted most of the rest of the night. It was a blast.
     Sunday, we met with our Ward Mission Leader for the first time. He's been on holiday and finally got back. We had a good chat, talked about focuses, and got focused for the work to move on in Dalkeith. It was a great way to start off a transfer. We then had a good church meeting, went to a member's house for some delicious dinner, and met with a new friend who invited us over for hot chocolate. He has met with elders in the past, and it was a great lesson. We then went over to a less active family, then got back to the flat to call it a night.
     Today, we shopped. The end. Also 1st class stamps in Scotland are absolutely fantastic!

     This week has been a blast. I'm excited for what new ideas Elder Roylance will bring into the work for Dalkeith and how it will improve our work. I'm thrilled to have this privilege and this chance to set aside two years of my life to serve others. What a blessing! Take some time each day to look for blessings in your day. It'll surprise you what you've gotten.

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

Monday, November 9, 2015

Weekly Update #31

 It has come... From the south the winter wind blows. Rain falls as the gales hiss around us while we walk and knock on doors, sharing a message about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We walk in darkness when it's only six o'clock in the afternoon. We can see the stars, if clouds aren't in the way, by half-five. Winter is starting in Scotland. But there's more than that. There's a weekly update to go along with it.
     Hello from Dalkeith! The rest of Monday was fantastic! We got Elder Tarbet his kilt and had an excellent meal appointment. Surely a start to a great week, right?
     Tuesday we had our final District Meeting before moves week. The Zone Leaders were there and we had a splendid time discussing how to encourage growth in our areas. After that, Elder Tarbet and I ran off to knock on some doors and tell some people about the Restoration. It was good. Afterwards, we had a meal appointment with the Ross', which is always a good time. We then went to Ward council, and then taught a lesson to the mother and daughter and started the mother on the 15-Step Stop Smoking program. It's tough, but it's going to work. Crazy day.
     On Wednesday, we started off giving a few people calls. We found someone who wanted to meet with us that day. To say the least, we were thrilled. After lunch and trying by a potential, we ran over to meet with this gent. He, unfortunately, was not home. It was predicted and anticipated, so we began to knock some doors around the neighbourhood. We then travelled, found a fantastic family to teach, met with a less active, and went to the ARP meeting to support Jack. Good day.
     Thursday was Guy (It's his name, not referring to him as a person) Fawkes Day and we had to be in our flat by 5:00 PM unless we were teaching or had a lesson. Fortunately, we had both! We started by knocking some doors and weekly planning. I found a four leaf clover! It's a shame I didn't find it in Ireland, but oh well.

Same old same old. We then had a beautiful spaghetti dinner with Jack and taught him about humility. We then went out and taught the mother and daughter again, reviewing the plan of salvation. It was a great lesson. After, we went back to the flat, fireworks going off all around. It was a great day, pretty grey in the sky, though.
     Friday it was still grey. We did some knocking, had a classic lunch at the Johnston's, and did some more knocking. In the evening, we travelled to visit a less active and had a wonderful lesson on families. His wife, also a less active, was present as well. We invited him to church, and he said he would come. She said he would make him. Pretty swell. We returned to the flat to end a good day.
     Saturday we started off by travelling. It took a good minute before the rain started. It didn't stop raining most of the day. We went about to Trenant, knocked some doors out there, had lunch, went to knock a few other doors closer to the flat, and then went out to have a lesson with a gent we found last Sunday. As we were, I found a frog! He was a classy fellow.

After, we had a delicious kebab and predicted what would happen for moves call, which was yesterday. We both thought we were going to stay. Were we right?
     Sunday was Remembrance Sunday, the Sunday closest to Armistice Day on November 11th. It was also raining pretty hard. I had the blessing to give a talk on remembrance and I thought it was pretty good. We were shocked when the less active showed up to church, not only by himself, but with his family! We weren't expecting that, but it was a pleasant surprise. We had a good day, went out after church, knocked on some doors, then got our moves call. Elder Tarbet, after serving a valiant six weeks in Dalkeith, will be moving to Galashiels, another area in the same district. I will be staying in Dalkeith for at least another six weeks and I will have the blessing to be with Elder Roylance, a grand elder who just finished his training. It was an excellent run and I know I'll keep the run up with Elder Roylance. Bueno.
     Thus far today, we've done the usual for missionaries. Packed a bit, studied, walked to the library in light rain, and emailed. It's been good.
     I am excited for the opportunity I'll have to be with Elder Roylance. It'll be a blast!
     Thank you all for your support. I love you all and I wish you all the best in this next week!

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

Monday, November 2, 2015

Weekly Update #30

A cheery day to you all from Dalkeith! This week is full of excitement and fun (for me at least) so let's get the craic rolling!
     The rest of Monday was what a Monday is like. The usual, you know. Fireworks have been going off around the flat all this week as we approach November 5th. I like the fireworks.
     On Tuesday, we had a District meeting where we talked about our areas and whatnot and I then had the blessing to go on an exchange with Elder Lampropulous, which was a blast. Elder Lampropulous is a champion. For reals. Turns out that he knew the Elder that was my MTC District leader! What connections! We had a great time. We knocked on some doors, talked with an old Italian woman, an anti-nuclear reactor chap, and some others. It was fun. We then had a lesson with one of their investigators, which is always a fun time. It was a good exchange.
     Wednesday we exchanged back and entered on a quest of finding. It was a good day. Doors were knocked, doors were closed, questions were asked, answers were sometimes given, and a pass-along card was put into a spider web.

Neat time. We then visited a less active and had a great lesson with him.
     Thursday was a day of running about. We started off with some planning, then had to run over to Jack's for lunch, an excellent meal of spaghetti, and then we had a lesson with a less active, fantastic lesson. After that, we had a dinner appointment as well with Andrew. We did a wee bit of tracting before we went by and the best thing happened. Elder Tarbet had heard rumours of people calling their neighbours after the Mormons knocked on their doors to warn them. Welp, it happened to us. As we knocked on this one door, the lady answered, her phone rang, we heard her say "yes, they're here right now", then came back to the door to tell us no thanks. It was great. We laughed about it. We then had dinner, ate a Swiss roll, and returned to the flat.
     On Friday we started off doing some knocking before our usual Friday lunch appointment. Nothing much came from it, but we went to the meal appointment and had a lovely meal. After, we went to Woodburn to try-by some potentials and we came by one fellow who used to be a member. We talked with him for a good forty-five minutes at his door. He is a fantastic man. I look forward to working with him. We're due back in two weeks, so I'll keep ya'll posted on what's what with that. After, we went over to another less active and talked with her for a while. It was great!
     We started Saturday with travel up to North Berwick at the request of doing some finding up there by the bishop. We went up and knocked around. It's a lovely little town and it was really great to see the ocean and stuff. 

We got mistaken for early trick-or-treaters, too. We also found the best name for a road ever. Lord President Road. 

How grand is that? Incredibly grand. We then went back to Dalkeith, and did some calls and area book work at our flat. We're supposed to be in our flat by 6:00 PM on Halloween. It's scary and stuff on that night, y'know. It was a great night, ordered a kebab by delivery. Great kebab. Great night. Zombies.
     Sunday was cold. The church's heating system was gammy so it wasn't as warm as it should have been. It was a good meeting, though. I enjoyed what was taught and talked about. We then went out and had a great meal appointment after making a few calls. The Middleton's are the best. Brother Middleton is a total gent. He's great. We then dropped cookies off at a family, knocked on some doors, and had a great night.
     This morning, thus far, I've gotten a hair-cut and that's it! Beautiful preparation day! I'm a fan.
     I really loved this week. There were a lot of other things that happened, but one can only type so fast and remember so much in a set amount of time. Anywho, it's grand.
     I love you all, have a safe and blessed week! Do what is right, let the consequences follow. They can't be bad if you've truly done right.

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

Monday, October 26, 2015

Weekly Update #29

From the magical land of Dalkeith, hello! A warmish, windy, pretty chilly Scottish greeting!
     Last Monday ended magically with a meal appointment and kicked off our week of having a meal appointment every day of the week. Really. It's too neat how much they feed us. It's fantastic.
     Tuesday came next and it started off with a District Meeting and some interesting news. Elder Stevens got moved out of the area to Leith because an Elder there went home due to health. It was sad to see him go, but we waved him on and parted temporary ways. We then did some finding and knocking on some doors, to where we found a fellow twice in a day. We ran into him street contacting and then knocked on his house. Pretty neat. He didn't want to learn more despite the obvious sign, but I'll forgive him. As we were traveling to catch a bus, and older gent called out to us as he was sitting having a rest. He called us over and asked us about how we were doing, then said "Good, now sit down and have a cup of hot chocolate." We couldn't refuse. We quickly learned this fellow's name was Joe and he is a member. Less active, but a member nonetheless! We had an enjoyable cup of hot chocolate and a chat with good ol' Joe. It was an interesting experience and I am fond of Joe. He's swell. We then had a meal appointment at the Ross' and then knocked some more doors where we were mistaken for police. The usual life of missionaries.
     For Wednesday we did some knocking and tried by Joe. He was in but only gave us a bag of canned food. Blessing? Debatable, but I'll leave it for ya'll to decide. We then went out and knocked and knocked doors. We talked with some fun folks, but they weren't too interested. We then had a meal with the senior couple in the area at Gigi's. That was grand.
     On Thursday I left Dalkeith and went to Edinburgh with Elder Tang for an incredible exchange. Whilst on exchange, I GQ'd into one of their investigators and had lovely talks with other folks who we found. It was blustery on this day. Very blustery. Elder Tang and I found like beasts, though, and then we went to a baptismal service. It was a lovely service. Those in Dalkeith had a double meal appointments, both lunch and dinner. Here's a selfie of me with glasses and Elder Tang kinda blurry.

      For Friday I was returned to Dalkeith and we began to weekly plan and organize ourselves. It was on this day, let it be marked in history, that at our lunch appointment I partook of haggis! That's right! Leftover sheep bits! It was divine! I loved it! Whooo! So that was great. We then knocked some doors, planned a bit more, travelled and visited a less active. Jolly day.
     Saturday we had a lunch appointment with Anne, which is always a fantastic go. We then went out and knocked on a neighbourhood and found Snow White and all seven dwarves. It's dark in the picture, but they were there. Elder Tarbet was concerned.

     Sunday arrived an hour later than usual and we went to church, chatted with them, had a lovely time, and tried by a family that turned out to be a former investigator for another area in the mission. Those coincidences, y'know. We then had a lunch/dinner at the Campbell's and it was great. We had a grand time with them. Anywho, we then went out and did a bit of finding to close the day up.
     Today, we explored the Rosslyn Chapel, made famous in 'The Da Vinci Code'. Was it incredible? Heck yeah. The workmanship was stunning, and the masonic symbols were grand! We found masonic symbols on the inside, it was neat. Couldn't take pictures of them, though. Still fun!

     That was this week, full of fun, walking, cold, forests, masons, and all that good stuff. Did you know that we found three masonic lodges in our area thus far? Are there more? I'm certain. It's really neat, everyday I'm grateful to be here out and serving those who I run into and getting to let people know us and the Church and Christ. It's a blessing.
     Cheers! Have a fantastic week! 

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

Monday, October 19, 2015

Weekly Update #28

Good day! Hopefully ya'll are having a wonderful time! My week was pretty good, just like yours.
     The rest of Monday went on. Elder Tarbet baked his incredibly incredible cookies and we went knocking on some doors! Whoo! Monday!
     We then come to Tuesday. Tuesday was pretty great as a day. It was the day we had Zone Interview Training, which is always a blast. We had some excellent trainings, tips, words of wisdom, knowledge, and all that good Jazz. President Donaldson gave some excellent advice and it was a grand experience. Took up most of the day, but it was a wonderful day of learning and mental preparation. We then had a meal appointment and then went to go teach the mother and the daughter. It was good. As we were going back into the flat, we met a calico cat. It almost followed us into the flat, but we repelled it. Close call, there.
     On Wednesday was pretty good. We did some lovely finding in the morning and afternoon. In the evening, we again had a meal appointment, which was fabulous. After, we went to the church because we were invited by good old Jack to the ARP (Addiction Recovery Program). It was a pretty neat meeting. The 12 Step program is pretty nifty too. Check it out. There's videos on the Mormon Channel for each step.
     Thursday we were going to go out when we were interrupted by huge spider. It was massive. We had to capture it and keep it as a prisoner. 

We then went out and knocked more doors then we had a lunch appointment with Jack. Jack is a fantastic recent convert. We had another capital meal of spaghetti. I think I'm sensing a trend here, but there's still plenty of time to be proven otherwise. We then knocked on some more doors and then went to a less active member's house for an incredible dinner! The lesson was bueno, as was the food. He's a fairly solid fellow and working with him should be fun!
     When it came to Friday, we did what we do best. Meal appointments, weekly planning, and knocking on doors. We're so good at knocking on doors. I have a nifty little pattern that I like to knock. We then had a lunch at the Johnston's which is always a good time. 'Tis tasty, too. We then planned for our week and then had the privilege to go on exchanges with our District leader! That was fun. Me and Elder Crowe were in Dalkeith while Elder Tarbet went with Elder Lampropulous to Dumfries. That was the night.
     The next day, we packed up and heading out to knock on doors and walk and talk and get to have a good time. It was a good time, too. Elder Crowe is a pretty neat elder. He's pretty musical and has been out a month and a half longer than I have. We did some nice work, and met some neat people! No one wanted to talk to us again and one woman actually shouted at us. It was made up, though, when I tried to place a Book of Mormon to a cat. Unfortunately, this Scottish feline was not interested. 

Evening came, and we unexchanged, had a kebab, and it was the end of a good day.
     The Sabbath started off with a breakfast appointment followed by church! Church is always fun. Elder Tarbet gave a talk and we had a grand chat with the bishop after the meeting. After, we went to the flat to make cookie dough for more of Elder Tarbet's grand Nutella cookies, and then went to a meal appointment with the Middletons. They're a lovely family. Brother Middleton is great. After a fantastic meal and a good spiritual thought, we went back to the flat, backed a batch of cookies, and then went to teach the less active and his very hyper-active children. We talked about God's plan for us and I drew some pretty pictures for visual aide. After, we retired to the flat.
     Thus far, today, we went back to the park where I climbed on that tree again and climbed other trees!

 There was also a spooky part of the woods that we walked through. #3spooky5u but it was a great time! Should be a good rest of the preparation day!
     There's a fact I've learned from a brother in the church. That is the fact that there are two types of testimonies one can gain: a testimony of the church, or a testimony of Christ. If one were to gain a testimony of the church, when that one is offended by someone in the church, the testimony is lost and they fall away. However, when one gains a testimony of Christ, when that one is offended by someone they'll only forgive and remain strong. It's good to see people who've gained testimonies of the church and stay strong, but it's better when they've gained one of Christ.
     Have a great week, ya'll! Going to be a grand week for everyone! Cheers!

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

Monday, October 12, 2015

Weekly Update #27

From the adventurous land of Dalkeith, hallo! Let's get this rolling!
     Last Monday was a grand ending. I had a true Scottish kebab and it was lovely! I couldn't even tell the meat was supposed to be a lamb donner! Fun times, fun times. We also did some tracting to close out the day.
     Tuesday was the first District meeting. The district here is pretty chill. We've got Elders Crowe, Lampropulous, Stevens, his companion, Tarbet and Kinville. I can't remember Elder Stevens' companion's name. Shame. Elder Stevens was in the same MTC group as me though! That's fun! It was a lovely meeting and we then got bus passes, then went to go knock doors in a town, then had a meal appointment with the Ross', then went to ward council and introduced ourselves, and then we got to meet the young men and do an activity with them! That was swell. I enjoyed it. The Scottish accent is grand, too!
     Wednesday we went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. I was with Elder Campbell. We were in Edinburgh for a wee bit and did some lovely GQing out there before we could go back to Dalkeith. Once back in Dalkeith, we did more finding, had fajitas, went to visit a less active member, then more finding! This was a week full of finding. It was very enjoyable. Dalkeith is not a place to stop people on the street, mainly because there's a limited number of folks on the street. I'll be really good at knocking doors by the end of my service here.
     Thursday, we unexchanged and my planner got spray-painted. Well, at least the cover did. It's kinda golden and kinda sparkly now, so that's neat. Anywho, we then weekly planned, visited Jack and his wife and had a capital lunch of spaghetti, then did more finding. We ended the day by teaching a lesson and visiting this mother and daughter who are investigating. The daughter has a date for baptism, too! All should go well, methinks. They're solid. They were unsure about us at first, but by the end of the lesson they were opening up and we were having a grand ol' time! The mother has seen 'The District' and they asked if they could look through our white handbooks for a bit. Well golly! 'Course! They're solid. We're seeing them again this week. So solid.
     Friday we did what we do best... Finding... And meal appointments! This ward is epic with their meal appointments. We shall never go hungry. I might gain weight. I'll have to do the zuu to work it off. Anywho, we did that fun jazz and then visited another investigator. It was a grand visit with her. We also knocked on the door of a friendly neighbourhood pastor. He was very friendly and did not happen to have a copy of The Book of Mormon, so we provided him with one after he asked. It was a very nonconfrontational talk and we'll be dropping by this Friday to see what he thinks of the Book thus far. Pretty nifty. Friday was also my six month mark from when I entered the MTC. Six months down. I have a sister's mission left. Piece of cake, mate. The selfie describes how I feel about it.

     Saturday we had another meal appointment with a member who goes around most of southern Scotland and feeds the missionaries. She's grand! Her name is Anne and the whole appointment was a fantastic time. She showed us pictures of other elders who she's met with and lo and behold I saw Elder Oldham and his trainer, Elder Walker! Whaaat?! It's like, tradition! Anywho, she also met with Elder Wynder at one point in time, so that's neat. I'm a fan, totally a fan. After her, we went out and knocked more doors. Our last door, the person was rather chatty and contentious and we almost missed the bus to go back to the flat in time. Thankfully, we made it.
     Sunday, we got to meet most of the ward. They are the best. Plenty of older folks, but everyone has a solid testimony. There's two young men in the ward who recently were ordained elders and they've either sent in or are soon to send in their mission papers. Church was great. We went back to the flat, broke out fast with some cookies, and then worked on the area book and calling folks. We didn't knock a lot of doors on Sunday. We then went to a meal appointment and then to a less active family to teach. There's a seven year-old boy who the father wants to get baptised, and the boy has some of the most interesting questions! They're really good ones. He also asked his dad when they can go to church. They'll come back. They will. We also learned that five of the seven days this week we have meal appointments. Wow. Just, wow. That's crazy.

     Today, we were going to go to this chapel that was in 'The da Vinci Code', but instead we went on a fun walk through this local country park. We'll be back there. It was so neat. Here's a picture of me on a tree.

     Anywho, that was this week! It's been great in Scotland. I am so excited for what's to come in the next few weeks and after. Whoooooo! Everyone, I love ya'll. Have a fantastic week and keep strong and hold true to what you believe. Never give up, never surrender!

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

Monday, October 5, 2015

Weekly Update #26

From the lovely country of Scotland, greetings! Dalkeith, fun fact, is about as much like Edinburgh as Archer is to Rexburg. It's about as far off and pretty country-like. Pleasant, though! I just was expecting another big city type environment.
     To kick things off, this week me and Elder Wynder ran around saying goodbye, since we both were leaving, and leaving sticky-notes and other items all over the flat to assist those elders who were to come. It was grand. Tuesday was the same, running around, saying goodbye, sticky noting, eating with Raynaldo for the last time, and then catching a lift with the Zone Leaders to Finglas' flat to spend the night for the bus ride that was to follow in the morning.
     Dublin was grand. I loved it. It was wonderful to be able to spend six months in such a lovely city. The people were great and there were characters all about. From the burnt-out lecturer, to a metaphysicist, to a Philippine friend, to a Polish trainer, to a born-again who loved to chat with us in the park, and to a hyper-intelligent Sherlock Holmes chap, it was grand. I've loved serving in Dublin and I've loved being able to spend time in the Terenure ward. Adios, amigos. Adios.
     Wednesday was a day of travel. Elder Wynder and I travelled by bus to Belfast, ferried over to some place on the western Scottish coast, bussed to Glasgow, then bussed to Edinburgh where we parted. Insert final selfie with me and Elder Wynder. 

Cheers. It was there that I was led to my new companion, Elder Tarbet. Elder Tarbet is a jolly fellow! He's from Delaware and Utah and he is a good missionary.

I am excited. Anywho, we met, got our car that we would have stewardship over for a few days, then drove to the area. As we drove out of Edinburgh, I quickly realized how far away I was from Edinburgh. I was told it was in Edinburgh, not at Edinburgh. Oh well. Still was jolly!
     Thursday, we visited with a recent convert, Jack, who is grand! He is the ward assistant mission leader and he knows the white-handbook like the back of his hand. It's crazy. He's super swell too. We then got familiarized with the area a wee bit, hunted for a SatNav, and then did a bit of finding. Finding here is all going to be tracting. It's going to be a blast. Whoooooooooooooooooooooo. We also weekly planned. Yay.
     Friday we had a lunch appointment with the Johnstons, a member family who always feeds the missionaries lunch on Friday. Grand! We did more finding, more looking, and all that good stuff. Drove a lot. Driving was fun in the UK.
     Saturday we did more finding, try-by's and calls. We then went into Edinburgh to watch General Conference! Now, due to time having to be different across the globe, we saw the Saturday Morning Session live at 5 PM, the Priesthood Session recorded at 10 AM, the Saturday Afternoon Sessions recorded at 1 PM, and then the Sunday Morning Sessions live at 5 PM. This, of course, bled over into Sunday. We got to meet the bishop and a few of the ward members too! It's fun. Plenty of fun.

     Welp, I don't have much else to say. This week has been tiring, but fun. I've loved it. I loved General Conference and I'm looking forward to hearing the three new apostles speak in the future. Going to be bueno! Anywho, cheers! Have a fantastic week! 

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekly Update #25

  From the last time from Dublin, howdy ya'll! Let's get going.

     The rest of Monday was good! We looked for a hurling stick for Elder Wynder and then had a meal appointment with some members! It was bueno.

     Tuesday, we had a District Meeting and exchange. I went with Elder MacFarlane to Bray where we went and we saw the gent I've always seen in Bray. He was doing well. We taught some good lessons too and it was most excellent. 

     On Wednesday, we weekly planned because Thursday was supposed to be filled with Raynaldo following us around, but that fell through. It was also the last lunch we would have at Pizza Hut, see the sad picture to get the feels.

We then went out and did some finding and preparation for a presentation at Trinity College, Dublin to be held next Monday. That was fun. Power points are fun, too.

     Thursday we went to our Polish friend's house and worked out and had a lovely chat with him after, which turned into a surprise discussion. After, we had lunch, did more power point, did finding, called folks, and had an overall enjoyable Thursday. Mucho bueno.

     Raynaldo was going to follow us around on Thursday, but he changed the day to Friday! On Friday, we had Raynaldo with us to teach a friend, visit Vincent, and do some finding! It was grand. We took selfies too.

Raynaldo is a great member and an excellent resource for teaching. He's the best. Total legend. It was also on Friday that the GARDA asked us not to talk to people in St. Stephen's Green. Welp. That's neat. We decided on walking around the outside of the park to find instead of the inside. 

     Saturday, wasn't in the park nor was it the Fourth of July. We had a Zone blitz on the north side of the Liffey though! That was a blast. We talked to some folks, gave out cards, copies of The Book of Mormon, all that fun Jazz. We also had a lesson with one of our Brazillian friends, which was a good lesson. Our district then went and ate at a restaraunt for dinner. Bueno.

     Sunday was full of anxiety and anticipation. It was moves call that night, and I felt for certain I was going to be sent off somewhere. We went through the day, helped teach a primary class, visited friends, visited our Polish friend too, and arrived back at the flat after taking a selfie with the moon. 

It was then that we got a call, first from our District leader asking for numbers, then from the Assistant to the President. When you get a call from them on moves night, you know at least one person is leaving. Elder Haller first informed us that me and Elder Wynder were going to be seperated, that he was to go somewhere in Dundee Zone, and I was being shipped off to Dalkeith in Edinburgh! Whaaaaat?! Crazy! Been in Dublin for a good six months, now off to Scotland. I am excited and thrilled for what is in store for me out there. I'll be white-washing in, meaning both me and my companion are new to the area. Crazy, for sure. 

     Anywho, that's our week! The next email will be from Scotland! Cheers to you all, I pray you all have a good week and a fabulous time! Work good, live good, be good!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"