Monday, December 19, 2016

Weekly Update #89

A short but sweet update from Lerwick/Aberdeen today! Howdy! Sadly, due to me being in Aberdeen, I don't have any photos, but I'll send double next week!

     The rest of Monday was fantastic. We went to see this lighthouse by these really neat cliffs and I took some great pictures! You'll see them all next week. After, we had FHE with a family and one of our friends and it was fantastic. I enjoyed it. The church members up here are fantastic. Honestly and truly are.

     Tuesday was a bit funky because there wasn't a district meeting. That was a bit of a bummer, but we had good things all along the way. We visited with some people and in the evening we went Christmas caroling again! It was fun!

     On Wednesday we went out and about and did what we do in Shetland: work and visit with people. It was pretty neat. We volunteered for a bit at the Salvation Army to help them with some Christmas things, and that was grand. After, we visited with a friend for most of the evening. That was grand!

     Thursday was grand as well. We went out and did some work about the town. It was great. That was about it. In the evening we went over to a family's house and had a wonderful dinner. All was well.

     All was not as well on Friday because Elder Giles was a wee bit ill. We don't know why, we just know he was. It was alright.

     Saturday was a blast, though! We did some work in the morning and then we went out, visited some folks, and then we went to the Youth Cafe for their Christmas party, and it was grand! I enjoyed it. I really liked it. It was grand.

     Then on Sunday, we went to church, had a lunch, got on the ferry, came to Aberdeen.

     Week done and dusted. That was it, not a whole lot, but it was pretty good. I am really excited for Christmas! 

     To you all, have a fantastic week, and a Merry Christmas!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"
In the name of progress!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Weekly Update #88

   Good morning from fantastic Lerwick! 

     This week was pretty good! On Monday, we went to a broch in Lerwick and checked it out. It was pretty neat. I enjoyed it. After, we had an FHE with a family and one of our friends. Good times there!

     Tuesday was pretty grand as well. We had our last District Meeting of the transfer and then went off to do work about Lerwick. It was a good day, we did some good things, nothing else really happened. In the evening, we went to a care home and sang Christmas carols with members of the Branch, that was nice.

     Wednesday we went to the quilting club where I finished knitting this super epic thing! Its pretty great, didn't take a picture of it. After that, we went out and about and visited some people prior to a dinner with some members. After the dinner, we went to another family's house where we had a pleasant chat with them. It was pretty great.

     Thursday was another grand day. Thursday morning my new camera arrived! Yay! Right after it did, we went to visit one of our friends who took our pictures and made some Jib-Jab videos of it. It was pretty great, let me say. After him, we did some work around town and then did some more caroling in the evening at another care-home. That was nice, it's always nice to sing to old people.

     Friday we went on our way and started off working around town. After, we went and dropped by some of our friends. After chatting with them for a bit, we went by and visited another one of our friends, had a grand chat there. We then went to another friends house and had another chat there! We were just talking with folks all over the place. It was grand.

     Saturday we had coordination in the morning then we went out, did some work about town like usual, and then we went by to the Youth Cafe. That was grand and Elder Giles and I went super festive, too. It was pretty neat.

     Sunday was good, too. We went to Church, had a good time and a lunch there. It was pretty great. After that, we did some work out and about, had a dinner appointment, and then closed out the evening with another visit with some friends. We also got a neat thingme to hang on our wall! That was the evening, that was the week!

     It was a good week! On Friday, we found out that Elder Giles and I will be staying in Lerwick for another seven weeks! It's going to be grand!

    Thank you for the support and all that! Have a grand week, all!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"
In the name of progress!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Weekly Update #87

     Good morning from Lerwick! Let's break the week down!

     This week was good! The rest of Monday we went about and did the usual preparation day activities with Elders Arave and Harvey. We went to see a lighthouse, which was neat. There was a killer whale statue thing.

It was neat. We think we also saw Norway, but we're not for certain. After, we went to Jarlshof to run around there a bit and then we went to FHE with a family. It was grand.

     Tuesday we had district meeting, so we went to the church, Skyped to the Stornaway sisters and the senior couple there and had district meeting. Grand time. After, we had lunch and split up to visit some folks. It was grand. I was with Elder Harvey. After being split for a wee while, we got back together, did some more work about Lerwick, and closed out the night. 

     Wednesday we got up and went about to visit the quilting club with the other elders. They enjoyed it and enjoyed that we were being part of the community. After that, we went to Frankie's, this super good chippy that's supposed to be the most northern chippy in the UK, and it was grand! We did some work up there, then brought the other elders to the ferry to head back to Orkney. After they left, we did some visiting with some folks and had a good night.

     Thursday was great as well. In the morning, we visited one of our friends in town, had a grand time there, did some work, had lunch, did some more work, and then had a grand dinner to close everything out. It was excellent!

     Friday we mainly went about doing work. After some work, some service, and whatnot, we had lunch, and then visited with this one fellow and his family and did some service for them. That was great as well.

     Saturday we went to church for coordination and had a pretty grand time there. After that, we met with the fellow and his family again for a pre-lunch snack. That was great fun, let me say. Then, we visited with another friend, had some good times with him, he invited us for dinner, so we stayed and ate. After that, we went to the Youth Cafe and had a blast there! Good times all round.

     Sunday was also good. We went to church, got conscripted into the choir for a Christmas Eve program, and overall had a blast. It was great. Then, we went to one of our friend's house and had some good chats and whatnot with him. Good craic, I'd say.

     That's this week! The only pictures I have are the ones that Elder Harvey took on Monday, so hopefully that'll do! Thank you all so much! Everyone, have a great week. My camera should be here this week. Cheers!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"
In the name of progress!