Monday, March 6, 2017

Weekly Update #100

This weekly update is due to be a bit different. Let's fire away.

     My first companion, Elder Oldham, was a champion. He defines the word 'legend'. Here I was, this fireball of enthusiasm, energy, debating skills, knowledge, and he was the one to direct it all to the Lord's work. What a blessing to have had him as a companion. We rocked it in Dublin, meeting Reynaldo, Michael, our Polish friend, and many, many other fantastic people. We worked like mad, both physically and missionarylly. Legendary. Flat out legendary. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would pay 50 euro to him.

     Then came Elder Wynder. Elder flippin' Wynder. What a swell fellow! Here was a man who I got along with as well as two peas in a pod, two bullets in a chamber, two midgets in a car trunk, we defined the phrase "companionship unity". Not only in Dublin, but in Thurso as well. We reckled whatever was thrown in our way: whether it was Zuu or mucking out a barn, we could do it. We made it through Thurso when we lost our car, and we did so with some smiles on our faces. Beware the flying wall and work until the wheels fall off!

     Elder Tarbet was a champion. With him, I met Anne. That was a HUGE moment in missionary work. He was great, too. We played Dungeons and Dragons on Halloween and Guy Fawke's Night and it was legendary! We taught some great people and helped Annette progress towards her baptism. Not only that, but I had the blessing of seeing him again when we met in Dundalk for an evening while he was on the road home. What a blessing! Never roll five 1's in a row, it only causes trouble.

     Now, Elder Roylance was great. We're talking about a legend, all of these chaps are legends. We figured out Dalkeith and made it work. I improved my cooking with Elder Roylance and we spent many nights listening to Bing Crosby as Christmas approached. The delicious spaghetti lunches with Jack, Roslin Chapel, and all the rest! How else can you spell good craic? We just did it, we gave it action, and we had a party at it as well.

     Thurso was a huge move, literally. Not the biggest move I would ever make, but it was big for the time and at the end of it all was Elder Thueson. What a champion. He taught me the ins and outs of Thurso and laid the groundwork for the Wynder and Kinville phenomena. Elder Thueson was the definition of diligent. Pouring rain and 50 mph gusts? Let's go chapping. What a fantastic elder to have served with. Dodge David, all day every day.

     In the MTC, Elder Arave and I agreed that we would have to serve with each other, preferably in Lerwick. We did for a day later in the mission, but before that came the legendary five weeks that was my time in Livingston. It was a dream come true, so it was. We chapped and chapped and chapped and chapped and had a ton of fun doing it! Not only that, but I prepared him for the north to spend some fantastic time with Wynder up there. Incredible how it all works together. Surely, there was no jumping on the bed.

     Then, I was sent back across the Irish sea, right over to Dublin's place, where I was in dear Dundalk with Elder Corcran. It was a blast. Granted, we had some rough times with his knee, but we tore it up in Dundalk while it lasted. Big W right there, big W. Ayyyy lmao, Bryn.

     Then along came Elder Plewe. He was a champion. We hit some rough patches in Dundalk with him, but he worked right through it. What a legend. We spent some twelve weeks in dear Dundalk, talking to many Muslims and Chinese people. At the end of it all, we learned that the most important thing is to receive revelation from time to time as D&C 90:14 says.

     And then, dream come true. I was moved up practically to Norway where I was with Elder Giles. He was a force to be reckoned with. When something needed done, he was the man. When the Spirit had to lead the way, he was the man. We had many walks in 80 mph winds and saw many cliffs and much sea. But in the end, it was a fantastic twelve weeks rocking and rolling in Shetland. It was as well as can be expected. Never forget, and never stop bouncing on some heads.

     Finally, I was off to Stranraer to be with Elder Ritchie. Now, he's a fellow one ought to watch out for, because he is going to tear it up in the rest of his mission. What a champion he is. We've done great work and we've had great fun. This is a great way to end of a mission. I've been privileged to have served with all of these elders. Never underestimate the power of the scout's code and time always runs in circles.

     Friends, family, for you all are one and the other in God's eyes, thank you all. It's been rough, it's been tough, but I've had great craic. To break something my last week: Man! It's been so awesome serving with all these cool guys!


     That felt too good. Too good!

     This last fellow here is another Lord of Glencoe. He's a legend, and there's two lords.

     To all of you, for you all have special places in my heart: hi-bye. I'll see all of you someday, there's no needs for goodbyes.


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"
In the name of progress!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Weekly Update #99

 A fabulous morning from Scotland to you all.

     This week was good. The rest of Monday we did some sports with some YSA in Stranraer and then we went out and about throughout the rest of the day. It was pretty grand, let's be honest here.

     Tuesday we trained up to Ayr to have District Meeting. That was all fun and we had to wait for a while around Ayr before we caught our train back. Ayr's pretty nice. When we got back, we kept going about and around in town and whatnot. Good day.

     Wednesday we were out in the morning to do some business in town and then we talked to some of the folk around there. In the afternoon, we visited a friend, kept going around and about and then visited another friend to close out the evening. It felt like a short day, but I liked it.


That was the jist of it all. We were around the town for a wee while after and then went to Branch Coordination and had a ball there. The Branch of the Church here is incredibly nice folk. I like them. In the evening we visited another friend and that was the day done.

     Friday was grand as well. After meeting with a fellow in the morning and having a pretty late lunch, we went about the town, chatted to folk, and then had a dinner. The house we went to, oh my goodness. So, the husband has a man cave and it is a man cave. It has Elvis on the wall and all sorts of grand memorabilia! It was epic! Wow! We had fun, to say the least.

     Saturday we went to our Branch mission leader's home to watch their dogs for a wee bit. After that, we had a lunch at the flat and then the Andrus', a senior couple, came by and gave me some returning home instruction. That was fantastic, I really liked that. We went about the rest of the day around the town and in the evening we had a fancy smancy dinner, so I wore my kilt. Obviously. 

     Sunday we went to church, where I was given a surprise to give a quick talk. That was lovely and church was great. After, we went out and about, chatted to folk in the town, had a dinner, and then did some work to wind down in the evening. 

     It was a great week, I enjoyed it all. Today, we're thinking of going to the Mull of Galloway, the Southern most tip of Scotland. It's going to be great! Also, it's my birthday or something today. That's neat.

     Everyone, have a great week! Take care, ya'll!

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"
In the name of progress!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Weekly Update #98

 Another week down and some more work done. Let's fill you in on the week.

     The rest of Monday was good! After shopping and some lunch we went over and played some badminton with some of the YSA again and that was pretty great!  After that, we went back to the flat for the evening and spent some time there before doing a bit of work about the town. And then, kebabs.

     Tuesday we got up and headed to Ayr for District Meeting. The meeting was good and after we caught the train to Kilmarnock to go on exchanges with those elders. For the rest of Tuesday, I was with Elder Cropper and we had a good time heading around the town and chatting to folks there.

     Wednesday I was teamed with Elder Augustine and we did much of the same. We had a few people to try-by and ended up teaching a lesson in the day, which was good. After all that, we went to this one place that had incredible ice cream! Probably some of the best ice cream ever. Period.

     Thursday morning we packed out of Kilmarnock and headed back to Stranraer. Back in town, we did some work out and about and it was pretty grand. In the evening we met with one of our friends and went over to a member's house for the discussion, which was grand. 

     Friday we went out and did some work in the morning. After lunch and coordination, we went to do some planning in the evening time. That was great. I might have gotten bored and created a dastardly French villain by the name of Pierre LeCryon. It's a thing, that was great.

     On Saturday we went over to a member's house to do some service. We tore up some carpet and did a few other things, and ended up cleaning out most of their garage. It was grand, the garage looks great now. We did some work out and about the rest of the day. 

     Sunday was also a good day. We went to church, went to a linger-longer there, and then went back to do some work out and about. We then had a meal appointment, traveled back, and closed the night with work. It's all good.

     This week is lining up to be a good one as well! Thank you all, have a grand time!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"
In the name of progress!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Weekly Update #97

  From the magical land of Stranraer, good morning! We had a pretty great week this week, let me tell you all about it.

     The rest of Monday we did the usual, went about and did a bit of work here and there. It was good, pretty good.

     Tuesday morning we caught a train to Ayr where we had our District Meeting.

It was a nice meeting and after we went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. I was with Elder Thomson and we had the car, which was a blessing because it was a rainy day. We visited some of their people and it was a pretty good day.

     Wednesday morning we caught the train back to Stranraer and it was a lovely morning. We got back to Stranraer and went about doing work, like we do. It was grand. I made stroganoff, too! It was delicious, I liked it and so did Elder Ritchie. 

     Thursday we went out in the morning and did some work about town. We then had coordination and then did some more work around the town. It was cold, as well. We found these binocular-sight-seeing-thingmes and that was neat. 

We met with one of our friends that evening and had a great chat then.

     Friday we did the usual here in Stranraer, working around and about the town. The whole day was pretty much going around and doing work around the town. It was nice.

     Saturday we went about in the morning and worked like we always do. We talked to some good people. We also found Palmyra!

Granted, it wasn't in New York, but it was alright. ​​The afternoon was planning and work and whatnot and then we went over to a friend's house and had a wonderful dinner there. It was grand!

     Sunday was Stake Conference and so we got a lift to Paisley early that morning. The conference was grand. President Donaldson was also there and since there's somethings going on in the Mission Home, he decided to give me an exiting interview. I still have four weeks, but it was a bitter sweet moment.  After it all, we had a dinner and then went out for some work in the evening and then that was that. Day done.

     That was my week, there we go, done and dusted. Thank you all, have a great week!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"
In the name of progress!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Weekly Update #96

   A good afternoon from Stranraer! Here's the craic:

     So, the rest of Tuesday was neat. We went about and visited a family for dinner after doing shopping and a bit of work. It was great. The family was incredibly relaxed as well and I really enjoyed them! That was Tuesday.

     Wednesday, we went out and about to work. So, geography lesson here: Stranraer is right next to a loch, Loch Ryan. We took some pretty intense pictures of Loch Ryan right around sunset. 

It was pretty grand, let me say. But for the day of Wednesday, we did work and it ended when we got on the train to go to Kilmarnock to be with our District Leader prior to going to Edinburgh for a conference.

     Thursday we woke up bright and early, went to Glasgow, went to Edinburgh, and had a conference. That conference was pretty great. I gave my departing testimony at that conference and it was pretty fun; I enjoyed it. After the conference, we had a special treat when Anne came by and treated us to a lovely dinner! That was grand, it really, really was! After, we took the train back to Kilmarnock and then spent the night there again.

     Friday we got up early once again to catch the train to Stranraer. It was a nice two hours. After, we went along and did some work about the town. We met with some folk, talked a bit, and had Branch Mission Coordination, which was probably one of the best meetings of the type I had. It was grand. Also, sort of forgot, but when leaving Lerwick, Elder Giles and I were given a huuuuuuuge package of Puffin Poo. 

I like Puffin Poo. It is beautiful. Anywho, we did some work to close out Friday night.

     Saturday, we went about and did some work, like usual. We visited folk, talked to people, had a good time. In the evening, Elder Ritchie and I met with this fellow who is pretty intense. I am a fan. Things are going to go well with him.

     Sunday was great! We went to church, helped set up, and had a superior meeting. After the meeting, we did some work out and about then we had a fantastic dinner. It was all great.

     Today, we did some badmitton with some YSA here and it was fun! I enjoyed it. And now, I'm emailing!

     That's my week, it's getting good, going to be good, I am thrilled.


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"
In the name of progress!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Weekly Update #95

   A good morning from the far south of Scotland! Shia surprise, I got moved and they sent me to Stranraer. It's a pretty neat place, but let me tell you about this week.

     Monday was good! We did the usual Monday things and we tried to find this lighthouse and cliffs, but got a bit lost and found some Shetland ponies instead. 

It wasn't cold enough for them to have sweaters. After that, we had an FHE and the evening was done.

     Tuesday was grand as well. We went about doing work for most of Tuesday, visiting a friend in the evening. That was it. Work and good craic.

     On Wednesday we started off with the Quilting group, which was nice. We had a good time there. After, it was mainly working and then we had a dinner and then visited a family until the end of the night. It was grand. 

     Thursday morning we started off by watching a broadcast for all the missionaries, and it was nice. A few things were changed, but I'm alright with it. It isn't anything major or super big. After that, we went to Whalsay, another island, and did some work out there. Taking the ferry there was fun and we did quite a bit of walking in the wind while we were out and about. It was good! Then, we finished the evening off with a dinner with a family. It was good.

     Friday was the day of the news. We got it Friday evening, but during most of Friday we were out and about, doing some work and visiting a few people. When we got the news, it was pretty tough. Elder Giles didn't really want to go and I didn't either. But, it had to happen, so we made it so. 

     Saturday and Sunday were both bitter-sweet. We helped Saturday morning peeling some potatoes for the Burn's Supper that evening. We told the folks we were helping that we were moving. After, we visited one of our friends and told him as well. It was tough. We then visited with a family, had a nice conversation with them, but also had to inform them of the move. Then, at the Burn's Night, everyone else found out. It was a good meal and evening, I wore a kilt! After that, we went to the Youth Cafe and told all the people there as well. 

     Sunday, we bore our departing Lerwick testimonies, had a lunch, said goodbye to a few more families, then we caught the ferry and were off. Me and Elder Giles took our final selfie. 

     I am going to miss those islands. The Shetland Islands. They're a fantastic place that God created. What a blessing it has been to have been able to serve there, to learn about the culture, to been able to meet those fantastic people. Sheltand has its own special home in my heart.

     Monday was mainly travel. We docked in Aberdeen, drove down to Glasgow without a SatNav, I got on a train with Elder Ritchie, and we took a train to Stranraer where I unpacked and we met a few of the members. Elder Ritchie is a champion, so far. We're totally on the same wavelength. I'm excited.

     Today we visited with a friend and came to email. That is that.

     Thank you so much for the support! I wish you all the best! Take care and have fun!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"
In the name of progress!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Weekly Update #94

     A good morning from the magic Shetland Islands!

     The rest of Monday was great! We went to find this cave, only to discover it was a seacave and we didn't have a boat. So, we took pictures and saw some pretty neat cliffs. 

After, we went shopping and went to a fantastic FHE where we had some fun with lights and exposure times on cameras. I don't have any pictures from that, but hopefully I will get some!

     Tuesday we started off with a grand District Meeting. After that, we had our lunch and then went out and about to do some work. That was most of Tuesday, just doing work. It was grand.

     Wednesday was fun. We started with the quilting group but as we were leaving some joiners came in to do some work on the building, so we stuck around to make sure no mischief was brought up. After that, we went by one of our friends and visited him. We finished up the evening with some work and whatnot.

     Thursday we weekly planned, then went about to do work, like the usual. And sheep. Here's me and some sheep. 

This reminded me of Thurso. But after sheep and all that, we went over the a family's house for dinner and it was fantastic. I was a fan of it.

     Friday we started off with work, like usual. We then went about, visited a friend, and then did a bit more work. Not a whole lot to say that we did that was extraordinary. 

     On Saturday we had a blast. We went over to one of our friend's house, helped him clean and move some furniture around, and then we had a lunch. While there, he warned us not to go into the main town, because there was an anti-Trump march going on. I thought it was funny. After, we went to a family's house, had a pleasant visit with them and then we went to the Youth Cafe and closed out the evening. 

     Sunday was good! There were a nice number of people who showed up for Church and the classes were grand. After, we had a lunch, did a bit of work, stopped by and visited another firend, and then we had dinner at a family's house. Now, I am obliged to inform you of this, because the mother in this family told us we had to mention it in our weekly emails. After dinner and dessert, the kids wanted to play a game. So, they got the game Gas Out. For those who do not know, Gas Out is a game where there's thing sound machine in the center of the table, you play a card with a number on it, press the machine a certain number of times. However, after a random ammount of pushes, it will make a pretty massive fart noise, indicating that the player who last pressed it is now out, and so on until there's one left. I loved the game, I really did. I didn't win, but I had fun. Elder Giles did, too. So did the family. 

     That was my week! Thank you all for the support, emails, prayers, I hope you all have a wonderful week! Cheers!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"
In the name of progress!