Monday, February 6, 2017

Weekly Update #96

   A good afternoon from Stranraer! Here's the craic:

     So, the rest of Tuesday was neat. We went about and visited a family for dinner after doing shopping and a bit of work. It was great. The family was incredibly relaxed as well and I really enjoyed them! That was Tuesday.

     Wednesday, we went out and about to work. So, geography lesson here: Stranraer is right next to a loch, Loch Ryan. We took some pretty intense pictures of Loch Ryan right around sunset. 

It was pretty grand, let me say. But for the day of Wednesday, we did work and it ended when we got on the train to go to Kilmarnock to be with our District Leader prior to going to Edinburgh for a conference.

     Thursday we woke up bright and early, went to Glasgow, went to Edinburgh, and had a conference. That conference was pretty great. I gave my departing testimony at that conference and it was pretty fun; I enjoyed it. After the conference, we had a special treat when Anne came by and treated us to a lovely dinner! That was grand, it really, really was! After, we took the train back to Kilmarnock and then spent the night there again.

     Friday we got up early once again to catch the train to Stranraer. It was a nice two hours. After, we went along and did some work about the town. We met with some folk, talked a bit, and had Branch Mission Coordination, which was probably one of the best meetings of the type I had. It was grand. Also, sort of forgot, but when leaving Lerwick, Elder Giles and I were given a huuuuuuuge package of Puffin Poo. 

I like Puffin Poo. It is beautiful. Anywho, we did some work to close out Friday night.

     Saturday, we went about and did some work, like usual. We visited folk, talked to people, had a good time. In the evening, Elder Ritchie and I met with this fellow who is pretty intense. I am a fan. Things are going to go well with him.

     Sunday was great! We went to church, helped set up, and had a superior meeting. After the meeting, we did some work out and about then we had a fantastic dinner. It was all great.

     Today, we did some badmitton with some YSA here and it was fun! I enjoyed it. And now, I'm emailing!

     That's my week, it's getting good, going to be good, I am thrilled.


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"
In the name of progress!

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