Monday, September 26, 2016

Weekly Update #77

A lovely week has passed in dear Dundalk, and what a lovely week it was! We had a blast and there were definitely the good, bad, and lovely of this week.

     On Monday we did a Spectacular Song Scavenger Search to finish off p-day. There's this song all about Dundalk, and we decided to take a selfie by all of the places named, and so we did. It was grand! After, we had a lovely dinner with the Murphy's to close out the evening.

     Tuesday was a District Meeting and after that there was a District blitz in Dundalk. For the blitz, Elder Peacock and Keim came up to Dundalk as well as Elder Jones and Salinas to help do some finding and Jazz around Dundalk. It was a blast! They all stayed the night, too and we had kebabs! Grand day.

     Wednesday we got started right proper by losing our keys for our bikes. Thankfully, we actually found one but the other went with Elder Peacock to Dublin. We still have to get it back. But the day was good! We taught this fellow, and had an enjoyable day, overall.

     Thursday was grand again. weekly planned and then did some area work and finding. After, we tried by some people the elders from a while back used to meet with and then we did some chapping to cap it all off. Good day, I'd say.

     Friday, we started off GQing town like usual and then doing some finding. After, we had a lesson with one of our friends and then went to the church to help set up for the Branch activity that night. It was a quiz night, which was super fun. So good times there.

     On Saturday, we met with a friend in the morning, did some work around town and whatnot, did some work in our area book to prepare it for possible transfers, and then had kebabs again. Kebabs are grand, so they are!

     Sunday was great! Elder Plewe gave a grand talk in sacrament and we had a good time after doing a bit of finding. We also met with another friend in the evening and as we did we got our moves call. We both will be staying, so good craic there! After meeting with that friend, we went back to our flat and while planning were ambushed by a flippin' huge spider that is not with us any longer. His life has expired, because no one just Shia surprises me like that. Good time.

     Pretty fun week, pretty fun time, I can't complain! It looks like it'll be yet another good week this week, so I'll be sure to tell you all all about it then! Thank you all and all have a good week!

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"
In the name of progress!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Weekly Update #76

    From the historic land of Dundalk, cheers! Here's what's what!

     Monday was the best. After emailing, we got on our bikes, got soaked by an Irish downpour, and then went to Castle Roche!

That was epic. Had a blast there. After, we got changed and did some chapping to close out the night.

     Tuesday we went to Dublin for District Meeting, had a grand time there, and then we went back to Dundalk, got our bike brakes fixed (may or may not have had no brakes going down a massive hill from Castle Roche) and then did finding to close out the rest of the evening. It was a blast. for lunch, we had this legendary thing called Star Pizza. It's pizza, chips, and a drink for five Euro! Five Euro for a meal! It was grand, let me say.

     Wednesday we got up, went out, and had a lunch with a member from Belfast who came down to visit us! That was incredibly nice. After, we took a bus down to Drogheda and did some finding there. That, as always, was a blast. After, we came back to Dundalk, did some finding and then had kebabs for dinner. Kebabs are the best, ever, of all time.

     Thursday we started off weekly planning and then got picked up by a member to visit some people in some of the smaller towns in our area. In Dundalk's area, we have two cities, one large town, and tons of smaller towns. We went by some of the smaller ones, had a visit with some folks, and then went back in time for a dinner with a member. It was a blessing.

     Friday we started off GQing the town, having a lunch, then heading to Blackrock to do some more finding out there. It was nice. In the evening, we had the opportunity to teach two lessons and meet some new people! That was grand!

     On Saturday, we popped up into Northern Ireland, because our area covers the city of Newry there, and did finding! Always fun, especially there. We had some good conversations and then in the evening met with some of our friends and had a fun lesson with them. BUT, on Saturday morning we were attacked by butterflies in the flat. It was somewhat terrifying, but we lived. So did the butterflies. I was singing the Reading Rainbow theme the whole time. It was grand-like.

     Sunday was good. We went to Church, taught a class there, and then met with another friend, and then did some finding and had a pretty good time. Found an Irish frog. 

That was it, for the most part.

     This week was grand, as hopefully you could tell. I hope all of your weeks were as well! Thank you all, have a grand time and hey, keep being yourselves. Take care, ya'll!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"
In the name of progress!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Weekly Update #75

 What an almost rainy morning in Dundalk! This week was pretty grand-like, so it was! Let me break it down for ya'll.

     The rest of Monday was incredible! We met one of our friends on the street right after emailing and by virtue of that, we had a lunch together. It was incredible. Then, we visited this Russian chap who is also swell! Like, it's crazy! After, we had a lesson with another one of our friends, which was incredible and certainly a blessing. It was a fantastic Monday. In the evening, we shopped and that was that. Also, I got a hair cut at Sweeney's Barber Shop. 

Yeah. Freak out. It was fan-flipping-tastic.

     On Tuesday, we rocked and rolled out first off with GQing the town centre a wee bit. After that, we had lunch, did some cleaning, and went to chap some places. After chapping, we visited or tried to visit, with a friend and then did more chapping to conclude the night. Pretty fun, pretty good! And then, we had kebabs.

     Then on Wednesday we had another good period of time! We weekly planned, had lunch, and then did some more chapping. After that, we had a dinner, appointment with a friend, and then we taught a less-active. All of those were grand, let me say. I loved it. Then, we caught the train to Dublin for ZIT the next day.

     Thursday was ZIT Day, which was pretty fun. We had some good instructions, guidelines, and whatnot. Pretty good. On the way back, we missed our first train so we had to wait to catch a later train to get back to Dundalk, but we got there! It was good. Also, this is me and Elder Peacock, our District Leader. He's chill.

     When Friday came we rocked and rolled out with Gqing in town, lunch, and then chapping. Always good with chapping. After that, we had a party almost teaching a lesson, but it didn't happen, so we did more chapping! Fun times, I'd say.

     Saturday was another usual day. We met with our friend in the morning, had a conversation and lesson with him, then we had lunch and of course, did some chapping. It was a week full of knocking doors. After, we had a lesson with some friends, and that was the night. Not a lot happened.

     Yesterday, church was grand. Our Russian friend was there and it was nice. Elder Plewe gave a grand lesson in Priesthood, so it was fun. After, we pretty much knocked on a bunch of doors the rest of the day. However, as we were waiting in town for a friend to show up, we saw three tractors blaze on by. To say the least, I was confused, as was Elder Plewe. It threw us off, but it was grand. Nice tractors.

     And that was this week. It's been good, been nice. I've had a nice time. It was very, very nice. But yeah, week said and done. I'm excited for this week, there's some good times ahead.

     Hey, you all are incredible. Thank you so much. Keep up the good work, being champions, and rocking and rolling in whatever you do! Take care, my friends!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"
In the name of progress!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Weekly Update #74

 Goooood morning from Dundalk! Had a decent week, here's the breakdown!

     The rest of Monday was good. We had a good time, did some good things, went pretty good.

     Tuesday, we had some fun. While going to catch the train, I had purchased my ticket and Elder Plewe couldn't buy his. Apparently, the machine doesn't take cards, so we had to run off to get money from an ATM. We did so, but missed our train, but we took a selfie to celebrate! 

We got to our District Meeting, had a good time, then we had an exchange with Elder Peacock and Elder Kiem. Good times there.

     Wednesday, we traveled back, got back to Dundalk, and did some work out there. It was nice. We had some lessons lined up, but they fell through, so we did finding instead. It was pretty nice.

     Thursday, we weekly planned in style. Outside in our back garden.

A lovely time. Anywho, we did that in the morning, did some work in the afternoon, then went out to meet a few folks. We met with them and it was grand, then we had Branch Council, which was great. That was the end of the night.

     Friday we started off GQing town. After seeing some folks, having wee chats, we had lunch, went back out for work, did some work, tried by some former investigators, and then had a lesson in the evening. That was nice and we had juice boxes. I had a guava juice box, which was a total throwback to my Hawaii days.

Loved it.

     Saturday was a special day. We went out to do our usual GQing in the morning. After that, we went out to lunch, had a decent enough lunch (fun fact: never try bacon pasta. It's pasta, but with bacon instead of meat. It sounds like a great idea, but trust me, it doesn't work), and then did some more work. We tried by some more folks, did a bit of finding, and then tried to find where a house was. There were three number 22's on the road, but we think we found the one our friend was at, but she wasn't home, so we did a bit more of knocking. It was nice. In the evening we were invited to another service by a friend and we saw some other people we had talked to on the street there, which was exciting! Pretty fun stuff.

     Sunday we had one of our friends at church, which was good. After church, we had some decent lessons with this one gent. It was a great lesson. After, we did a bit of finding and then it was time to head home, so we did. Good day, good week.

    That was that! Pretty nice, pretty fun, can't complain. Hopefully, you all have a good week. Thanks for the letters and support! I love you all, cheers!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"
In the name of progress!