Monday, September 5, 2016

Weekly Update #74

 Goooood morning from Dundalk! Had a decent week, here's the breakdown!

     The rest of Monday was good. We had a good time, did some good things, went pretty good.

     Tuesday, we had some fun. While going to catch the train, I had purchased my ticket and Elder Plewe couldn't buy his. Apparently, the machine doesn't take cards, so we had to run off to get money from an ATM. We did so, but missed our train, but we took a selfie to celebrate! 

We got to our District Meeting, had a good time, then we had an exchange with Elder Peacock and Elder Kiem. Good times there.

     Wednesday, we traveled back, got back to Dundalk, and did some work out there. It was nice. We had some lessons lined up, but they fell through, so we did finding instead. It was pretty nice.

     Thursday, we weekly planned in style. Outside in our back garden.

A lovely time. Anywho, we did that in the morning, did some work in the afternoon, then went out to meet a few folks. We met with them and it was grand, then we had Branch Council, which was great. That was the end of the night.

     Friday we started off GQing town. After seeing some folks, having wee chats, we had lunch, went back out for work, did some work, tried by some former investigators, and then had a lesson in the evening. That was nice and we had juice boxes. I had a guava juice box, which was a total throwback to my Hawaii days.

Loved it.

     Saturday was a special day. We went out to do our usual GQing in the morning. After that, we went out to lunch, had a decent enough lunch (fun fact: never try bacon pasta. It's pasta, but with bacon instead of meat. It sounds like a great idea, but trust me, it doesn't work), and then did some more work. We tried by some more folks, did a bit of finding, and then tried to find where a house was. There were three number 22's on the road, but we think we found the one our friend was at, but she wasn't home, so we did a bit more of knocking. It was nice. In the evening we were invited to another service by a friend and we saw some other people we had talked to on the street there, which was exciting! Pretty fun stuff.

     Sunday we had one of our friends at church, which was good. After church, we had some decent lessons with this one gent. It was a great lesson. After, we did a bit of finding and then it was time to head home, so we did. Good day, good week.

    That was that! Pretty nice, pretty fun, can't complain. Hopefully, you all have a good week. Thanks for the letters and support! I love you all, cheers!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"
In the name of progress!

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