Monday, June 27, 2016

Weekly Update #64

    From Livingston again, hello hello!

     A good week, I'd say. Monday we had a fabulous P-day, can't argue about it there. In the evening, we went over to the Bishop's house for dinner and it was fantastic! 

     On Tuesday, we had our District Meeting, which is always good. After that, we traveled back to Livingston, had our lunch, and went off to do some chapping. It was a good day for chapping, had a good time, too. We then went to a member's house to help trim her hedges! It was fun, doing that. While there, we got another call from another member asking if we could help him with a few things. We couldn't refuse, so we said yes, finished the hedge, went with him, grabbed a plant, and helped him there. After that, we went to the church for coordination with Cameron and then a meal with a member. The meal was fantastic! And we had a good conversation. After that, it was done and dusted.

      The next day we went back to chapping. That was fun, like always. After that, we went to Whitburn to try-by some folks with a member who lives out there. They weren't in, so we then traveled back to Livingston to do some work and then visit a member for a meal. That was lovely. They're a great crew. We then went and chapped on some doors to close out the night, and thus was Wednesday.

     Thursday was another grand day. We started with weekly planning, had lunch, visited a member and helped him in his back garden, went to the Reid's and had a dinner with them, then went into Bathgate for a lesson with this less-active couple. After that, we did a wee bit of finding and then got right back home. 

     On Friday we blitzed Leith again. We traveled out, I was with Elder Kitchen and most of the day we GQed folks. It was nice. We met some neat people, several of which we had decent conversations with, taught a recent convert, and then talked with a fellow for about an hour on the street. That last conversation was great and he had some neat stories. After that, we had dinner and it was the night.

     Saturday we traveled back to our flat, had lunch, went out to do some admin work, went to Armadale for some gardening service, did that, went back to Livingston, had a meal with this spectacular member, and the photo of the burger is from a few weeks back but it was delicious, and then we did a bit of finding to close out the night. It was pretty grand, I'd say.

     Sunday was a blast, though! We went to church, had a lovely time there, had some lunch, did some finding, got lost in the woods halfway through finding?

(I don't know how it happened) and then had a meal with none other than Dan the Hotdog Man. Wow. That was great. He grilled some steaks and it was a blast! He and his wife are fantastic people, so great. After that lovely meal, that was the night.

     It's been a good week, it's going to be another good week. I can't argue about that. I'm sure it's been a great week for you all, too! 

     Thank you all for the support and whatnot, have some fantastic times! Cheers!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Weekly Update #63

    Good morning from a lovely city in Scotland! This week was great, so great.

     On Monday, we had a pretty good rest of our day. In the evening, we went to see a member family and had a fantastic meal and conversation with them! It was brilliant.

     Tuesday we packed up early to go to Edinburgh for a Zone Meeting. There was some fantastic instruction given and it was grand. After that, we trained back to Livingston and had a quick lunch before heading out to an area called Whitburn. That was pretty neat. We talked to some nice folks while knocking about and talked to some not-so-nice folks, but that's just the way the cookie crumbles. After, we went to the church to help out with the youth activity. That was a blast. We then were given pizzas. Cannae argue about that.

     Wednesday we blitzed Leith. We got out around 8:00 and trained into Edinburgh to catch some buses to get out to Leith. It was a fun day. I was with Elder Thomson and we had the opportunity to teach a class on 'Mormonism'. That was a blast. Let me say. Actually, it was two classes. So we got in, and it was a Q&A format, they'd ask a question, we would answer and testify like a couple of gents, and so on. This was also to a class of 16-17 year olds and they had some pretty good questions. I was impressed. After that, we taught a lesson, visited a few folks, had dinner and that was the day.

     Thursday we started off right proper by training back to Livingston. When we got back, we weekly planned, had lunch, and did some admin work. After that, we visited two people, had a fantastic conversation with them, caught the bus back, did a little bit of chapping, and then had dinner. A day full of travel. We also had some bus shenanigans. We missed several buses and one bus was just half an hour late. It was exciting, kept us on our toes. Elder Arave was a champion about it, though. I also took a selfie with a ghost car. Spooooky.

     Friday we started off by finishing up this one road we've been working on for a while. We did, did some service while we were at it, found a Ukrainian family, and then we were done. It was incredible. After that, we tried by some folks, they weren't in, so we had lunch and tried by someone else, who wasn't in, and then we had a meal appointment with the Jack's (a family, not to be confused with Jack from Dalkeith) and then had Ward Coordination with Cameron. That was the day.

     Saturday we went off with some chapping. Always nice. After, we had lunch, visited #DanTheHotDogMan and then did a bit more chapping. That went on through the evening until it was time for dinner. Short, quick, and for dinner we had green chicken alfredo. It was magical.

     Sunday was grand, too. We had church, had lunch, went and did a bit of chapping, and then went around with a member in Whitburn to some people. No one was in, but we caught someone as they were leaving and we'll be coming back to him this week, hopefully. And then, that was the day. It was rainy on Sunday, too. Got a wee bit wet.

     Overall, grand week. Been pretty good and I'm thrilled for this next week.

     Have a great week, all! Cheers!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Monday, June 13, 2016

Weekly Update #62

Good morning from the wonderful land of Livingston! It was half sunny, half cloudy, good exchange and I cannae argue! Here's how my week went!

     Monday we did P-day activities! We went about, went to the big shopping 'Centre' in our area and then returned to chap on some doors. It was alright, can't really complain. We were also in some spooky woods, so spooky selfie. 

     Tuesday we woke up early and went out and about to go to Edinburgh for a Zone Interview Training. That was a blast. Saw some grand elders there, had an epic time, and it was good. After, we went back to Livingston by train, had a lovely dinner with Anne, and then went about with a member to visit and try-by less-active members. That was enjoyable. One of them was in, so we had a pleasant conversation with her. Overall, pretty grand!

     Wednesday we went out, bright and early, and chapped. We did that most of Wednesday, having lunch and then going to a lesson in a park. The investigator is going to Moscow this week so, hopefully we can see her after her trip. Hopefully. After that, we had dinner at another member's house and got to know them, had a good dinner, and it was grand. After that, we did some more chapping, because chapping is chapping! 

     Thursday we weekly planned, like usual. After, we GQed out, worked on our progress record, GQed back and visited the Reids, a fantastic family. Jimmy is a real character. He's the best. After that, we did some more chapping, tried by some folks, and that was the night!

     On Friday we did more chapping! That was sort of enjoyable. The sun wasn't out, so it was a bit cooler (temperature wise, not relating to quality). We also did some chapping with Altair, the cat, because he followed us around for most of the morning's doors.

 After, we had lunch and did more chapping through the day. It was alright, had a decent time, too.

     Saturday, we chapped. Chapping, chapping, and chapping. After that, we had lunch and then went out to Bathgate, another town in our area. That was fun. It's a neat place, we'll be going back today for charity shopping. After that, we went to our Ward Mission Leader's house, Cameron, and had a meal and a coordination meeting with him. That was fabulous.

     Sunday I had the blessing to give a talk in church! That was fun. It's always fun to talk and such. After the meetings, we went to get lunch and then went out and about with Cameron to do some try-bys. That was alright, didn't see anyone but we had a decent experience. After, we had dinner at a family's house, did some good work there, and then visited some other people. By the end of the day, it was the end of the day.

     Livingston is a happening place, let me say. It's fun, so far. Plenty of work, plenty of food, plenty of good times ahead. I can't argue. We have a tomato and pepper plant, Giuseppe and Rodriguez. 

     Hopefully you all have a fantastic week! Thanks for everything, have a grand week!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

Monday, June 6, 2016

Weekly Update #61

 From the sunny, sunny land of Livingston, good morning to everyone! Wow! What a week this has been! F'reals! Thurso was fun, a beautiful place, but Livingston is the happening place! Let me tell you all about it!

     On Monday, we had to email at the church because it was a bank holiday and we couldn't email Tuesday because I would be on a train down to Edinburgh. So, we did that. After, we did light shopping, packing, said good-byes, and the like. It was grand. A wonderful last day.

     Tuesday, we were up at six to be able to catch the bus at seven so we could be in Inverness by ten. Lot's of numbers there. Anywho, we made it down safely and at the train station, Elder Wynder and I parted ways and I boarded a train to Edinburgh. Final selfie with this champion. 

Well done, Elder Wynder. Good luck in Thurso. Anyways, was on the train for a good four hours. It was a lovely train ride, can't complain. There were no other missionaries traveling from Inverness to Edinburgh, so I was companions with the Holy Ghost for this ride. What a blast! Anyways, got to Edinburgh, met Elder Arave, took the intro selfie that started our companionship, and then we took another train to Livingston. 

We got my luggage in Livingston, quick unpack session, did some shopping, and then GQed a bit. The crazy thing here, first fellow we GQed let us in his flat and we had a lesson. It was crazy. Kid you not. After that, we kept GQing and such, went to the church for Missionary Coordination, met the ward mission leader (Who I had met in Dalkeith [This will be a common theme as well as in Thurso]), Cameron (the ward mission leader) is a splendid fellow. We then had Chinese for dinner, and that was the night. Big day.

     Wednesday we rocked and rolled with what I knew how to do best: chapping! So, we knocked on some good doors. It was an enjoyable time. We did that until lunch, ate lunch, and went out elsewhere to keep chapping. We found this cat, his name is Hobengrand Foxworth. 

He's a slick fellow. Anywho, we chapped, talked to some people, and then had dinner and had a lesson in a park. That was a good lesson, too. That was Wednesday.

     Thursday we started off weekly planning. 

     At this point, I must say that Elder Arave is a champion. He is incredible, kid you not. I knew him in the MTC and we always schemed about trying to serve together as Zone Leaders or something, but this works just as well, methinks. Also, Arave is pronounced RV. 

     So we weekly planned! That was enjoyable. After that, we had lunch and we went chapping again! Whoooo! That's what we did most of the day. In the evening, we met up with some members at the church, several of whom I've met prior in Dalkeith, and they asked me if I knew the Kirks up in Thurso. The answer was yes, because Thurso is only so big. So that was grand. We visited some less-active members, had a lovely chat with them, and then it was the end of the day. Day done.

     Friday was also enjoyable. We started off going to Canada, a cluster of houses who's street names are named after places in Canada, and we chapped that area out. After, we started another block of houses and met this fellow who had a lovely conversation with us at the door. It was quite fun. After, it was lunch, then we did some more chapping. We then went to this fellow, Dan the Hotdog Man. He's a Canadian hotdog seller, and he is... I can't use the word which means 'to inspire or promote awe' so I'll say flippin' incredible. He is flippin' incredible. His hotdogs are grand, too! Anywho, we met him, ate some hotdogs, and I was dubbed an honorary Canadian. I was taken back, but went with it. Later that night, as we were chapping, I was mistaken for a Canadian. Dan works magic, let me say.

     On Saturday we taught a lesson to a family. That was wonderful. They were confused about my accent and thought I was from Canada. Yep. Twice. In less than 24 hours. I have decided I am part Canadian. But besides that, we had a wonderful lesson with them. After, we did some chapping! It's always fun to chap. Then, we met a member family and had dinner with them. I had a delicious Donner burger. That, was incredible. After, we did more chapping and then it was night.

     Sunday I went to church where I met most of the Livingston Ward. They're grand. Plenty of people asked me if I knew the Kirks and all that fun Jazz. Elder Arave and I taught a primary class with Cameron, and it was grand. After church, we visited some members, brought them the sacrament, and then had a lesson with these two less-active folks. That was a fun lesson. We also had purple (more like a pink) mashed potatoes. 

This will be a thing with me and Elder Arave.

     That was last week. It was... Incredible. I loved it. Lot's of stuff done, and lot's of things to do. 

     You all, have a great week! Cheers!

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"