Monday, June 27, 2016

Weekly Update #64

    From Livingston again, hello hello!

     A good week, I'd say. Monday we had a fabulous P-day, can't argue about it there. In the evening, we went over to the Bishop's house for dinner and it was fantastic! 

     On Tuesday, we had our District Meeting, which is always good. After that, we traveled back to Livingston, had our lunch, and went off to do some chapping. It was a good day for chapping, had a good time, too. We then went to a member's house to help trim her hedges! It was fun, doing that. While there, we got another call from another member asking if we could help him with a few things. We couldn't refuse, so we said yes, finished the hedge, went with him, grabbed a plant, and helped him there. After that, we went to the church for coordination with Cameron and then a meal with a member. The meal was fantastic! And we had a good conversation. After that, it was done and dusted.

      The next day we went back to chapping. That was fun, like always. After that, we went to Whitburn to try-by some folks with a member who lives out there. They weren't in, so we then traveled back to Livingston to do some work and then visit a member for a meal. That was lovely. They're a great crew. We then went and chapped on some doors to close out the night, and thus was Wednesday.

     Thursday was another grand day. We started with weekly planning, had lunch, visited a member and helped him in his back garden, went to the Reid's and had a dinner with them, then went into Bathgate for a lesson with this less-active couple. After that, we did a wee bit of finding and then got right back home. 

     On Friday we blitzed Leith again. We traveled out, I was with Elder Kitchen and most of the day we GQed folks. It was nice. We met some neat people, several of which we had decent conversations with, taught a recent convert, and then talked with a fellow for about an hour on the street. That last conversation was great and he had some neat stories. After that, we had dinner and it was the night.

     Saturday we traveled back to our flat, had lunch, went out to do some admin work, went to Armadale for some gardening service, did that, went back to Livingston, had a meal with this spectacular member, and the photo of the burger is from a few weeks back but it was delicious, and then we did a bit of finding to close out the night. It was pretty grand, I'd say.

     Sunday was a blast, though! We went to church, had a lovely time there, had some lunch, did some finding, got lost in the woods halfway through finding?

(I don't know how it happened) and then had a meal with none other than Dan the Hotdog Man. Wow. That was great. He grilled some steaks and it was a blast! He and his wife are fantastic people, so great. After that lovely meal, that was the night.

     It's been a good week, it's going to be another good week. I can't argue about that. I'm sure it's been a great week for you all, too! 

     Thank you all for the support and whatnot, have some fantastic times! Cheers!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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