Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Weekly Update #63

    Good morning from a lovely city in Scotland! This week was great, so great.

     On Monday, we had a pretty good rest of our day. In the evening, we went to see a member family and had a fantastic meal and conversation with them! It was brilliant.

     Tuesday we packed up early to go to Edinburgh for a Zone Meeting. There was some fantastic instruction given and it was grand. After that, we trained back to Livingston and had a quick lunch before heading out to an area called Whitburn. That was pretty neat. We talked to some nice folks while knocking about and talked to some not-so-nice folks, but that's just the way the cookie crumbles. After, we went to the church to help out with the youth activity. That was a blast. We then were given pizzas. Cannae argue about that.

     Wednesday we blitzed Leith. We got out around 8:00 and trained into Edinburgh to catch some buses to get out to Leith. It was a fun day. I was with Elder Thomson and we had the opportunity to teach a class on 'Mormonism'. That was a blast. Let me say. Actually, it was two classes. So we got in, and it was a Q&A format, they'd ask a question, we would answer and testify like a couple of gents, and so on. This was also to a class of 16-17 year olds and they had some pretty good questions. I was impressed. After that, we taught a lesson, visited a few folks, had dinner and that was the day.

     Thursday we started off right proper by training back to Livingston. When we got back, we weekly planned, had lunch, and did some admin work. After that, we visited two people, had a fantastic conversation with them, caught the bus back, did a little bit of chapping, and then had dinner. A day full of travel. We also had some bus shenanigans. We missed several buses and one bus was just half an hour late. It was exciting, kept us on our toes. Elder Arave was a champion about it, though. I also took a selfie with a ghost car. Spooooky.

     Friday we started off by finishing up this one road we've been working on for a while. We did, did some service while we were at it, found a Ukrainian family, and then we were done. It was incredible. After that, we tried by some folks, they weren't in, so we had lunch and tried by someone else, who wasn't in, and then we had a meal appointment with the Jack's (a family, not to be confused with Jack from Dalkeith) and then had Ward Coordination with Cameron. That was the day.

     Saturday we went off with some chapping. Always nice. After, we had lunch, visited #DanTheHotDogMan and then did a bit more chapping. That went on through the evening until it was time for dinner. Short, quick, and for dinner we had green chicken alfredo. It was magical.

     Sunday was grand, too. We had church, had lunch, went and did a bit of chapping, and then went around with a member in Whitburn to some people. No one was in, but we caught someone as they were leaving and we'll be coming back to him this week, hopefully. And then, that was the day. It was rainy on Sunday, too. Got a wee bit wet.

     Overall, grand week. Been pretty good and I'm thrilled for this next week.

     Have a great week, all! Cheers!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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