Monday, April 25, 2016

Weekly Update #55

 Hello, hello everyone! A wonderful winter wonderland is what Thurso is today! Plenty of snow outside. Fun times, fun times. Anywho, let's cover what's what.

     Last Monday it was spent heading back up to Thurso, eating kebabs, and doing a bit of GQing about Thurso as well. Pretty good day. Selfie of Elder Wynder, Sorenson, Roach, and me. 

     Tuesday we had a District Meeting, always fun. After that, we went about and chatted with some folks, did a bit of work, and then headed to Wick to meet with a less-active. On the way there, she texted saying she couldn't meet, so we tried by another less-active who let us in and we had a wonderful chat with him. It was grand.

     Wednesday we spent most of the day in Thurso, GQing and doing other bits and whatnot. It was grand. In the evening, the youth invited us to their youth night, so we went and we had an absolute blast! 

     Thursday we started off heading over to another less-active's house and had a grand lesson over there with her. When I first met her, she was pretty so-so with the gospel and whatnot, but now she is solid! It's incredible to see how she's grown and became legendary. After her, we went to another lesson with the less-active who had to cancel. That was good. We then traveled back to Thurso and did some work there to close out the night.

     Friday we started off heading about Thurso and as we were getting ready to head to Castletown for a lesson, the recent convert we were to meet with had to cancel. Fortunately, our Branch Mission Leader had texted us asking if we were good to come by for a coordination meeting. We had the chance to say 'yes' and in the evening we had a good coordination meeting.

     Sometimes, when we get bored in the evenings, we dress up in our kilt get-ups. Just for fun. 

     We're so classy.

     Saturday was another grand service Saturday! We got some good work done at the charity shop and then we had the wonderful expirience to bus out to where the croft is where we do service. That was an expirience. There were several times where I thought the bus had passed Skarfskerry or we had totally missed the right bus, but we were on the right bus and we did get to the croft for service. Service was grand there. I caught a chicken, too.

     Sunday was incredible. We went to church, it's a lovely twenty or so minute walk there, and the meetings were grand. After the meetings, we had some time to do some work about Thurso then head over to the Branch President's house for a dinner. His family is excellent! Like, it was some grand craic there! We had a lovely conversation, a fantastic dinner, and a capital message. It was great, kid you not.

     And that was this week! It's been pretty fun going around on foot and bus. Reminds me of the last two areas I served. Grand ol' times. This mission is a good mission. I love it. Wouldn't want to be anywhere else but right here, in Thurso, right now. So fantastic. Hey, ya'll have a good week now! Cheers!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

Monday, April 18, 2016

Weekly Update #54

    Hello, hello, hello! What a great week it has been! There has not been a lacking of fun and excitement this week!

     So, Elder Wynder and I are champions, to start off. On Monday we started off our P-day emailing, then shopping, then to close the evening we had a lovely dinner at a member's house. It was fantastic to say the least. 

     Tuesday, we were out and about. In the morning we went by a less active lady and had a lovely conversation with her. After, we did a bit of work, lunch, other things, did some service, and had an overall good day. I also got a deep-fried Mars bar, which was incredible! Like, for reals! It was the best!

     Wednesday was where the fun began, though. We went out for some service to a less-active lady, trimming the garden, when we got a call from the AP's. They told us not to drive, because my provisional license had just expired, and to wait for further instruction. We mowed the lawn, did some other service, waited with the highest anxiety, and they didn't call that day.

     But on Thursday, Elder Wynder and I were heading off to do some work when we got a call from the AP's. They told us that the car in Thurso was to be relocated and that we were to wait for further instruction from our Zone Leaders. This was interesting news. Thurso is a spread-out and thinly populated area. There's two big towns in Thurso area, Thurso and Wick, they're about 20 miles apart. There is a bus system in Thurso which runs about hourly for most buses, but others aren't as frequent. This was exciting. Thus begins the new and carless adventures of Wynder and Kinville! 

The rest of the day we tried and didn't succeed at using the bus system, but had a good day! Held a guinea pig, too.

     Friday we rocked it out with weekly planning and figuring out how to use the buses, mainly bus times and whatnot. We did so, it was a blast, and then we went to a doctors office because my ear got clogged with wax. They solved the problem. All is good. After, we had a lovely meal with some members, shared a fantastic message with them, and then had a coordination meeting with our Branch Mission leader. That was productive and fun, as always. 

     Saturday was a service day! Mostly. We did our service at the charity shop and then went about to head down to Inverness with Elder Roach and Elder Clay to return the car. We did so, it was grand, and then we had an exchange. I was paired with Elder Hornburger (totally spelt that wrong. I'm 95% certain). We had some good times that night, talked to some pretty sweet people. Then we had a camp fire and it was grand.

     Sunday was Stake Conference! We went to the Inverness chapel to watch it. It was fantastic! Until it cut out and there were technical difficulties. Fun times! After, we went to a member's house for a lunch, which was incredible macaroni and cheese. After that, Elder Hornburger and I did some more GQing, and then Elder Wynder and I went to another member's house for dinner. Elder Wynder served in Inverness before he came to Dublin. It was neat being able to meet some members down there. We stayed the night in Invergordon's flat. 

     Thus far, this morning, we have had a grand ol' time. We had some good studies, and now we're emailing. We'll be back in Thurso a wee bit later today, and our car adventures will continue! Forever onwards!

     That was this week. A neat thing to say about Elder Hornburger: he was serving in Dalkeith before I went out there. It was good to be able to talk about the area with him, what happened, who was where, what was what, and all that fun Jazz. It was a blast.

     It's been fun! Let me say. Thank you all for the support and encouragement! Hey, you all have a great day and a grand week!

Elder Kinville
Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

Monday, April 11, 2016

Weekly Update #53

  Yep. No clue how it fell behind three weeks, all I know is that it did. So... Yep. 

     Hello everybody! A happy time from Thurso to all ya'll! This week was a blast, it's always a blast!

     Monday was great! The rest of Monday we ran around in some woods taking pictures and having an enjoyable P-day! Fun, fun, fun! We didn't see any Iron Age ruins, but we found a Copper Age ruin! Here's a picture of a carved eagle we found in the woods as well. 

The eagle was much more excellent than the ruins.

     Tuesday was our last District Meeting before moves call. It was a good meeting. After, we had lunch, did a bit of work, traveled about, tried by some folks, and had an overall good day, methinks.

     Wednesday was yet another good day! What's up with these good days? No clue. Anywho, it was a working day and we met with a less active lady. It was fun. There's too much fun working, it's not work anymore. 

     Thursday morning we went about and did some GQing and whatnot. In the afternoon we went and did some service with members. I mowed a garden and got to do some lawn work. Now that, was really fun. It's been a long time since I've done something like that and I enjoyed it. Plus I think the garden looks super good now. On the way home, though, I hit a bunny. Instead of showing a picture of that, here's a selfie of me on the croft!

     Friday we weekly planned, had lunch, did some other work, visited another less active lady and played chess, tried by a less active fellow, and then closed the night with some GQing and other business items. The chess game was intense. Just about as intense as the following lesson. You know it's a good chess game when it's intensity can match a lesson. 

     Saturday was a service Saturday! At the charity shop we sorted clothes. We then had a quick lunch and went to the croft. It was a marvelous time on the croft. We de-rusted a trailer and we got a fair bit of it done. It looks great. That's what happens when you work hard, things work great! Also it was my year mark. Whoooo.

     Sunday was moves call and church. We went to church, had some great lessons and conversations, had choir practice, and then after went to a branch coordination meeting. That was great. After that, we went to the flat to break our fast and have dinner and we got our moves call. The dynamic duo will be staying together to rock out another six weeks in Thurso! Hurrah! Gonna be a blast! And we selfied with Oma. 

Anywho, we tried by some folks after that and called it a night.

     What a grand week! Moral of this week, to me at least, is that if you're working hard and doing your best it's gonna show. Things will happen that will show it. That is a promise, practically a law which cannot be broken. 

     Anywho, less than a year left! Thank you all for the support! Have a grand ol' week and do many grand things! Cheers!

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

1 Year a Missionary!

Elder Kinville was set apart 1 year ago today.

I am in total shock that it's been that long!

The Lord has blessed us by helping the time pass quickly.

I saw this video and I loved it.

Even considering that our missionary has never even heard the original song, this is still such a great parody!

Happy 1 year mark Elder Kinville!!!!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Weekly Update #52

 From the rainy land of Thurso, hello! Let's get going what must needs be going!

     The rest of Monday was alright! We shopped, had a P-day, and then closed out with a coordination meeting with Fraser, which is always good and fun. Fraser is a fantastic branch mission leader.

     Tuesday we started off GQing Thurso and having a blast at that. After, we did some traveling about, went to Wick after lunch, and GQed there. We then dropped by a member's house for a bit where their cat became my parrot. I've never had a cat on my shoulder before.

It was neat. After that, a new kebab shop opened in Thurso, so we ate at it and it was incredible! One of the best kebabs I've had. After, we drove to Invergordon for our Zone Interview Meeting the following day.

     We woke up at 4, drove to Aberdeen, and had Zone Interview Training. It was a blast! I got to see Elder Olsen from my MTC group, which was marvelous because I haven't seen him since the MTC. That was neat. It was a good session of training and focusing as well. We traveled back to Invergordon, got kebabs there again, and that was our day!

     Thursday we drove back to Thurso and got right back working. We did some contacting and then did a bit of service with some members there. It was good.

     Friday, we did a bit of service on the croft where we built a gate for a cow. The gate looked good, the cow looked good, Elder Wynder looked good, and I think I look pretty good, too. 

Anywho, the rest of the day we GQed a bit, did some planning, and then went to a member's home for a fantastic meal. We then went to ward council, which is always an enjoyable experience.

     Saturday was a grand ol' day! We started off right proper with charity shop service, and then had lunch and returned to Wick for trying by folks. At the charity shop, I found a magical UFO and made it fly! 

So magical. After, we watched the first session of General Conference and the World Report at the Jones', which is always a blast! They made some meat thing with an egg on top and then some spicy broccoli. I can't remember what it was called, but it was great!

     Sunday was consumed by watching General Conference. We also had another dinner with some members who are taking us to see some Iron Age ruins up in Thurso later today! Fun! 

     General Conference was great, wasn't it? I loved some of the speakers. President Uchtdorf was especially grand, but in the Saturday Morning Session I was struck by the words of Elder Duncan. I went on a train of thought that I've had prior to my mission, but now it means all the more. We can never gauge our success or failures based off a variable that is not in our direct control. In terms of missionary work, we have success when we invite. Baptizing folks isn't success, reactivating less-actives isn't success, but when we invite others to come unto Christ, we succeed. I love that bit. It is a good bit of knowledge. 

     Anywho, that was that! Hopefully you all keep having an excellent week and marvelous times! Cheers!

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"