Monday, December 19, 2016

Weekly Update #89

A short but sweet update from Lerwick/Aberdeen today! Howdy! Sadly, due to me being in Aberdeen, I don't have any photos, but I'll send double next week!

     The rest of Monday was fantastic. We went to see this lighthouse by these really neat cliffs and I took some great pictures! You'll see them all next week. After, we had FHE with a family and one of our friends and it was fantastic. I enjoyed it. The church members up here are fantastic. Honestly and truly are.

     Tuesday was a bit funky because there wasn't a district meeting. That was a bit of a bummer, but we had good things all along the way. We visited with some people and in the evening we went Christmas caroling again! It was fun!

     On Wednesday we went out and about and did what we do in Shetland: work and visit with people. It was pretty neat. We volunteered for a bit at the Salvation Army to help them with some Christmas things, and that was grand. After, we visited with a friend for most of the evening. That was grand!

     Thursday was grand as well. We went out and did some work about the town. It was great. That was about it. In the evening we went over to a family's house and had a wonderful dinner. All was well.

     All was not as well on Friday because Elder Giles was a wee bit ill. We don't know why, we just know he was. It was alright.

     Saturday was a blast, though! We did some work in the morning and then we went out, visited some folks, and then we went to the Youth Cafe for their Christmas party, and it was grand! I enjoyed it. I really liked it. It was grand.

     Then on Sunday, we went to church, had a lunch, got on the ferry, came to Aberdeen.

     Week done and dusted. That was it, not a whole lot, but it was pretty good. I am really excited for Christmas! 

     To you all, have a fantastic week, and a Merry Christmas!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"
In the name of progress!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Weekly Update #88

   Good morning from fantastic Lerwick! 

     This week was pretty good! On Monday, we went to a broch in Lerwick and checked it out. It was pretty neat. I enjoyed it. After, we had an FHE with a family and one of our friends. Good times there!

     Tuesday was pretty grand as well. We had our last District Meeting of the transfer and then went off to do work about Lerwick. It was a good day, we did some good things, nothing else really happened. In the evening, we went to a care home and sang Christmas carols with members of the Branch, that was nice.

     Wednesday we went to the quilting club where I finished knitting this super epic thing! Its pretty great, didn't take a picture of it. After that, we went out and about and visited some people prior to a dinner with some members. After the dinner, we went to another family's house where we had a pleasant chat with them. It was pretty great.

     Thursday was another grand day. Thursday morning my new camera arrived! Yay! Right after it did, we went to visit one of our friends who took our pictures and made some Jib-Jab videos of it. It was pretty great, let me say. After him, we did some work around town and then did some more caroling in the evening at another care-home. That was nice, it's always nice to sing to old people.

     Friday we went on our way and started off working around town. After, we went and dropped by some of our friends. After chatting with them for a bit, we went by and visited another one of our friends, had a grand chat there. We then went to another friends house and had another chat there! We were just talking with folks all over the place. It was grand.

     Saturday we had coordination in the morning then we went out, did some work about town like usual, and then we went by to the Youth Cafe. That was grand and Elder Giles and I went super festive, too. It was pretty neat.

     Sunday was good, too. We went to Church, had a good time and a lunch there. It was pretty great. After that, we did some work out and about, had a dinner appointment, and then closed out the evening with another visit with some friends. We also got a neat thingme to hang on our wall! That was the evening, that was the week!

     It was a good week! On Friday, we found out that Elder Giles and I will be staying in Lerwick for another seven weeks! It's going to be grand!

    Thank you for the support and all that! Have a grand week, all!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"
In the name of progress!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Weekly Update #87

     Good morning from Lerwick! Let's break the week down!

     This week was good! The rest of Monday we went about and did the usual preparation day activities with Elders Arave and Harvey. We went to see a lighthouse, which was neat. There was a killer whale statue thing.

It was neat. We think we also saw Norway, but we're not for certain. After, we went to Jarlshof to run around there a bit and then we went to FHE with a family. It was grand.

     Tuesday we had district meeting, so we went to the church, Skyped to the Stornaway sisters and the senior couple there and had district meeting. Grand time. After, we had lunch and split up to visit some folks. It was grand. I was with Elder Harvey. After being split for a wee while, we got back together, did some more work about Lerwick, and closed out the night. 

     Wednesday we got up and went about to visit the quilting club with the other elders. They enjoyed it and enjoyed that we were being part of the community. After that, we went to Frankie's, this super good chippy that's supposed to be the most northern chippy in the UK, and it was grand! We did some work up there, then brought the other elders to the ferry to head back to Orkney. After they left, we did some visiting with some folks and had a good night.

     Thursday was great as well. In the morning, we visited one of our friends in town, had a grand time there, did some work, had lunch, did some more work, and then had a grand dinner to close everything out. It was excellent!

     Friday we mainly went about doing work. After some work, some service, and whatnot, we had lunch, and then visited with this one fellow and his family and did some service for them. That was great as well.

     Saturday we went to church for coordination and had a pretty grand time there. After that, we met with the fellow and his family again for a pre-lunch snack. That was great fun, let me say. Then, we visited with another friend, had some good times with him, he invited us for dinner, so we stayed and ate. After that, we went to the Youth Cafe and had a blast there! Good times all round.

     Sunday was also good. We went to church, got conscripted into the choir for a Christmas Eve program, and overall had a blast. It was great. Then, we went to one of our friend's house and had some good chats and whatnot with him. Good craic, I'd say.

     That's this week! The only pictures I have are the ones that Elder Harvey took on Monday, so hopefully that'll do! Thank you all so much! Everyone, have a great week. My camera should be here this week. Cheers!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"
In the name of progress!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Weekly Update #86

   Good morning from lovely Lerwick! Let me break it down, now ya'll.

     The rest of Monday was grand, we went to St. Ninan's Isle, which is connected to Shetland by a sand bar. It was sweet! There's pictures, of course.

It was a blast. We then saw a few other old things around Shetland and then had family home evening and did our weekly shopping. Good times.

     Tuesday was a District Meeting. We Skyped in and it was fun. 'Twas a pleasant meeting. After, we did a bit of work around town, visited with a friend and had a decent chat with him. After, we had a meeting with this fellow about a Chess group in Lerwick. Elder Giles and I were curious. That went well.

     Wednesday we did some work in the morning and then popped into the knitting group, which was neat. After, we went to the same friend as Tuesday and met with him some more. That was pleasant. We then had a dinner with a fantastic family. Always good. 

     Thursday we started off with some work around town, then went to a chippy for lunch on Thanksgiving. After that, we did a bit of work around town some more, then went to the Van Der Tols for dinner. They are an amazing family. After that, we tried to see the Norther Lights, but there were clouds where we were. One of these days I'll see them. Missed them in Thurso, but I'll get them here!

     Friday we did some work for a parade that was on Saturday. We went and did some painting on Santa's sleigh and then did a bit of work about town. After having a jolly time doing so, we returned to continue to help make the sleigh, setting it up and doing some decorating. It's pretty neat. We also had "Thanksgiving Dinner" on this day.

     Saturday was grand, as well. We went about doing some work in the morning then watched the parade. It was grand! There were vikings in this parade. Everything in Shetland has vikings, which makes it pretty swell.

The only bummer was that after taking the pictures and whatnot, my camera broke. Welp, gg all. Gg. It should be fine. In the evening we went to the Youth Cafe and had a fantastic time there. I enjoyed it.

     Sunday was good, too! We went to church, had a blast there, and then visited by a member who was a wee bit under the weather. He's one of my favorites. He leaves us Jame's Bond voicemails. He's grand! We visited him and then went to the MacDonald's (Not McDonalds, MacDonalds) for a dinner, which was great. 

     Today, is going to be epic. We have, for the first time people can remember, four elders in Shetland. Elder Arave and Harvey are up from Orkney to exchange with us. It's going to be grand! We've got good things planned. They leave on Wednesday and came in this morning. Should be the best, ever, of all time.

     Thank you all! Have a fantastic week! Cheers!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"
In the name of progress!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Weekly Update #85

 A good lovely morning from the Island of Shetland! It's gotten cold, let me say. Not quite as windy as it was last week, but it has gotten cold! But here's what's what for this week.

     The rest of Monday was great! We went to an old fort in Lerwick after shopping. But then, we went into this music store, and in the back was a saxophone. An alto saxophone. I inquired about it, the fellow took it down, handed it to me, asked if I played it, I said of course, and then he gave me a reed and away I went! It was so, so, so, so, soooooooooooooooo good! I loved it. After that, we had a grand meal with some members. Always good, always epic.

     Tuesday we went out and about, did some work and what not. We went by and visited some friends. At one of their houses, we were asked to play some music. Sadly, there was no saxophone there, but I derped about on the piano and this recorder thing. We ended up singing some Christmas songs and killing some baby reindeer in the process. For those who don't know, I (personally, partially as a joke) hold a belief that when Christmas music is played before Thanksgiving, a baby reindeer dies. Just for fun. We then had a decent rest of the evening doing a wee bit of service and whatnot.

     Wednesday we went to a quilting club as per request of a member. It was held at the church and it was pretty fun! I was taught how to knit, just like the vikings. To say the least, I think I'm pretty decent at it so far. I don't know a whole lot of it, but I know enough to know I'm not totally failing at it! Anywho, after that, we got on the ferry early to go down to Aberdeen for a Zone Interview Training meeting. We found an old boat on the way.

 We had to get on early because it was supposed to be stormy. And it was. The ferry ride was pretty turbulent and pretty fun! I enjoyed the few hours I was awake for it. 

     Then Thursday morning we docked in Aberdeen, met with the elders in the Orkney Islands, and got a lift to the meeting. The meeting was great! I still felt like there was a gentle rocking motion going on from the ferry. Elder Stevens and Arave from my MTC group were there, so picture.

 We had to leave right as it was over so we could get back on the ferry to Shetland. We barely caught the ferry and then we were off. The ferry ride up was incredibly smooth! No rocking! What a blessing.

     Friday morning we docked back in Lerwick. I still felt like I was on the ferry most of the day. But we got right back to work. We visited one of our friends, had a nice time there, then visited another of our friends. Also, a nice time. We invited him and his two kids to a class the next day at the church, they came and it was neat. To close it out, we had  a wonderful meal at a member's house. So grand.

     Saturday was also a grand day. Granted, I still felt like I was on the ferry, but this was the last day I did! In the morning, Elder Giles taught a karate/tai-kwan-do class. That was neat. I participated. After that, we had some service we went out and did in town, then in the evening we went to the youth club for volunteering. That was great. Good day.

     Sunday was good, too. We went to church, Elder Giles gave a talk, and then we had a pot-luck after meetings. That was great. I got more familiar with most of the members, which is always a good thing. After that, we did a wee bit of work, some planning for the week, and then visited a friend who had us by for most of the rest of the evening. Great craic, like. 

     This week was great! It is really, really crazy to think about that number at the top. It is fantastic, though. I have loved every minute of this. What a blessing!

     Thank you all for your support! Have a great week! Please do!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"
In the name of progress!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Elder Kinville's Mission Call

As of today, it has officially been 2 years since Elder Kinville opened his mission call.

For those of you who don't know, for his 18th birthday all he wanted was to have the title of Lord. So my parents bought him a tiny plot of land in Scotland which granted him that title. When Elder Kinville opened his mission call, we were all shocked at how perfectly fitting it was for him!

Elder Kinville LOVES the people of Scotland and Ireland and only has positive things to say about his mission experience. We can;t wait to see him in 4 short months, but are so thankful to the good people of Scotland and Ireland who have taken such great care of our missionary while he's been gone!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Weekly Update #84

     A good lovely morning from Lerwick, Shetland! Wow, wow, wow, wow is there a lot to cover!

     The rest of Tuesday was grand, we ran around Aberdeen with some of the other elders, giving lifts, being professional, eating food, all the good stuff until the evening.

     Wednesday we were still in Aberdeen to catch our ferry that evening. After taking care of some business, doing the shopping that cannot be done in Shetland, we got on the car and onto the ferry to the Shetland Isles. On the ferry, we had dinner and then things got a wee bit bumpy due to the nature of taking a ferry across open waters in winter-like weather. It was pretty neat, we just slept most of the ferry, thankfully.

     Thursday morning we arrived in Lerwick, the main town in Shetland. From there, we went to our flat, which is a new flat for the elders up here. Elder Giles partially moved flats before coming down to Aberdeen with his companion, so it was our job to unpack and reorganize. We did some of that, then we visited a less-active fellow, had a chat and lunch with him, the continued to unpack, dropped by a member, visited another less-active fellow, then had dinner at a member's house. It was a busy first day, but an epic one. I can't complain about it. 

     Friday, we continued to unpack. I was then showed the church building, we weekly planned, visited a few other folks, and cell service was totally out, too. That was the worst part. We eventually found this place called The Knab where we had some reception. That was great. Had a good view, too. 

     Saturday we did a lot of things. We started off finalizing the unpack of the flat then went to the church to help out with a class that was to be taught there after branch mission coordination. Certainly a blast. After, we took part in several community activities and it was grand. After, we went off and met with one of our friends, then had dinner and volunteered at this Youth Cafe. That was pretty great, the Youth Cafe is pretty fun and missionaries have been doing it up here forever. It's a blast. 

     Sunday was Remembrance Sunday. It celebrates those who died in World War I and in the wars since, and it was epic. We went to church, but near eleven, we went to a memorial in town to watch a small parade and participate in the memorial services. That was fantastic to watch. At church, I met most of the members in the branch. After, we had a soup lunch with this one family, which was grand. We then went out and about and did a bit of work. It's fun doing work in Shetland, because it gets dark around 4:00 or so. Pretty neat. We had dinner at a member's house that night, too. Lamb is grand, so it is.

     That was this week. So far, it's pretty neat. There's plenty of wind up here and plenty of rain. I think, it's going to be a great time!

     Thank you all for the support and whatnot! Hopefully you all have a fantastic week and you all enjoy what comes! That's what we ought to do, take life as it comes and deal with it. 


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"
In the name of progress!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Weekly Update #83

     A day late, but from the Granite City of Aberdeen, hello! Terribly sorry about that, you'll hear about why that was so in just a wee bit!

     Monday was good! We had dinner at a member's house and watched some fireworks! Pretty fun, pretty neat! That was Monday. I also had a pretty good costume. The picture says it all.

     Tuesday was our final District Meeting. It was nice. Elder Gibb and Keim were grand and it was a good meeting. We then got a call from some missionaries about some members who are moving to Dundalk! That was neat, so we chatted with them and got some things worked out there. It was grand. After the meeting and into the evening, we had a study class at the Church and that was that.

     Wednesday we had a decent time just doing finding about Dundalk and whatnot. It was good, pretty good.

     Thursday were going in from town when Elder Plewe's tire exploded, so we had to do some walking. We went down to Drogheda again, had a blast finding down there, then returned to Dundalk for Branch Council. Short, sweet, to the point!

     Friday we were out for exchanges to Finglas to do some work there. I was with Elder Keim and we had a blast! I also got a Boojum's shirt! This is great! I am so, so, so happy about this shirt, you have no idea. So that was great.

     Saturday we got a text saying moves call was coming that evening. I was kinda taken back, but we went for it, did some work, visited some folks around Dundalk's area, and was having dinner with an investigator when we got the call. It was then that I was told I was going to be transferred to Lerwick! Now, Lerwick is also known as the Shetland Islands. I. Am. So. Excited. You. Have. No. Idea. Chances are, that will be my final area and I am so, so, so excited.

     Sunday we went to chuch, told members I was heading off to Lerwick when I got a call from the Mission Home saying I had to leave Monday morning at 7:00 to start my travel. So, we packed and got a train down to Dublin that night.

     Monday, we woke up early and got on the bus. I travelled with two other missionaries who will be in my District. We bused to Belfast, got a ferry to Strenrar, got a bus to Edinburgh, where I met Elder Arave again (who's going to be my District Leader!) and then I got a train to Aberdeen. I was the only Elder on the train. It was fun. Monday night, 9:15ish I rolled into Aberdeen and spent the night. That's why I couldn't email, I was traveling all day.

     Today, I've woken up and gone a wee bit around Aberdeen. My new companion is Elder Giles and it should be a blast! We catch the fourteen hour ferry to the Shetland Isles Wednesday night and it is going to be fun!

     This week, especially this weekend, has been a blast! I am so, so, so excited. You don't even know!

     Thank you all for your support and help! I wish you all a grand week and safety in what you do! Choose the right and be the very best!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"
In the name of progress!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Weekly Update #82

     What a grand, spooky morning it is! Good afternoon! My week was neato, frito.

     Monday was good. We went to try by those folks we met on Sunday, but they weren't in. Their neighbor, on the other hand, was and he let us in! That was crazy good. 

     Tuesday we had exchanges in Dublin as well as District Meeting! I was with our fearless Canadian leader, Elder Gibb. We ate Boojum's for lunch and took a selfie. 

It was grand. Dublin was great, too. It's always nice to have a throw back to a familiar place. We also had kebabs at night.

     Wednesday we traveled back to Dundalk, had a grand time at it as well, and then tried our best to meet with some folks. It didn't quite turn out, but we still had a blast at it! Always a blast with Kinville and Plewe.

     Thursday we did some finding in the morning and then hit it up with some grand chapping a bit later on. It was nice. We also met with one of our friends who had an accident and broke his hip, so we had a nice chat with him, shared some gospel with him, and went off. After that, we had dinner at a member's house and then weekly planned and that was pretty much the evening.

     Friday was also a great day. We started off GQing Dundalk, then we went to Drogheda again because we were invited back by the member to have venison again! Wow! But while we were there, we found some people who we're gonna try by in the future. That's fun! There was also an old thing, and you should never pass up the chance to take a selfie by an old thing.

     Saturday was a day full of finding folks. We went out and about, GQed the town, talked to some people, and just overall had a day full of finding. It was grand, except in the evening where my bike tire blew out and we had to walk back to the flat for a flat inspection. Still good, though!

     Sunday was also good! It was a fifth Sunday, but because President Nesbitt was feeling ill, the combined lesson ended up being mine? I don't know how, but we had a lovely lesson. It was great. After, we went back to the flat, had lunch, and then went into town to close out the evening with a bit of chapping. It was good, very good.

     Today, I'm emailing a bit later because it's Halloween and our usual internet shop (as well as half the town) is closed. But hey, I'm here and emailing! It's all grand!

     Thank you all so much for the support! I hope you all have a great week! Thank you! Happy Halloween, ya'll!



Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"
In the name of progress!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Weekly Update #81

 Great week this week! Been a fun week, been a good week, I'm satisfied with this week.

     The rest of Monday we went out and about and closed up our P-day by doing some finding, which is always fun.

     On Tuesday we woke up extra-early to be in Dublin early for a Zone Meeting. This was me on the train at 6 in the morning. That was neat, it was fun, and we learned some good things. After that, Elder Plewe and I had to boost off to Dundalk. We did and we finished up the day with some more finding and going to a little Branch study night. It was pretty great.

     Wednesday we went out and about to GQ the town in the morning and then headed to this part of town we thought would also be good for GQing. It wasn't as promising, so we started chapping and my goodness, it was pure gold! Turns out it's a housing estate for college people and a ton of solid people were there. To say the least, most of our finding this week was in that estate. In the evening, we visited this fellow who we chapped into and had a nice discussion with him to close out the evening.

     Thursday was good, too! We GQed the town and then went back to the neighborhood to do some more finding, which turned out to be insane again. After, we tried by this less-active fellow, met with him, and had a nice discussion with him. Then, we closed the evening out by weekly planning. Good and safe evening.

     On Friday we GQed the town then went down to Drogheda to meet with a member. Selfie from Drogheda. 

That was fantastic because he cooked up some incredible venison! It was great, I was a fan. After that, we bused back, did some more finding around the town, and then went back home for the rest of the evening.

     Saturday was a special day. On Saturday, we did more finding in that blessed neighborhood, set up several appointments, and then headed out and around to visit some people we had met with earlier, but sadly they misled us and missed out on getting the gospel by giving us false addresses. Shame, shame.

     Sunday was great! We had a fantastic lesson during church with one of our friends and had a pretty grand time. After, we did some great work around with administrative work and then closed out the evening by heading back to that estate and were let in to teach a lesson to some folks who are having us back today! Grand!

     This week has been grand, let me say! Good times, nice times, I'm ready for what's to come! Thank you all for what you've done! Hey, you all need to have a great day and a great week!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"
In the name of progress!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Weekly Update #80

  Good lovely morning from Dundalk! What a lovely morning it is, too! The week wasn't as lovely weather wise, but who cares? It's Ireland.

     The rest of Monday was good. We took it slow and relaxed a bit, having a good time there.  We traveled down in the evening to Dublin so we can get heading to an All-Ireland Conference the next day. It was grand.

     Tuesday we went to the conference! It was excellent! I loved every moment of it. Plus, I got to see Elder Roylance! I missed out on a selfie with him, though. On the way back, we got Boojums and had a grand time with it!

     Wednesday we heading out and we chapped like some mad bosses, after GQing in the morning. It was a long day of chapping, but we did it and it was grand and all.

     Thursday was much the same. In the evening, we weekly planned and it was neat. That was good as we did. And night-time selfie just because it's getting dark at like six now.

     Friday was grand, too. We did a ton of finding in the morning and then in the evening we taught some of our friends. After that, we left and met another one of our friends on the street who invited us over for dinner! That was great, let me say. Good time there.

     Saturday, finding, finding, finding, finding! And some more finding. That was Saturday. Night-time picture of Dundalk, too.

     Church on Sunday was great, too. We went out and about and did some finding afterwards, which was excellent. Good times, overall.

     That was this week! Plenty of finding, plenty of talking to people, hopefully all goes good in this lovely town. That's the dream, that's the goal. Hopefully!

     Hopefully you all have a great week! Thank you all for the support and whatnot, take care!

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"
In the name of progress!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Weekly Update #79

 Good morning on this lovely Monday morning! It's been a good week and I'm excited to tell ya'll all about it!

     Monday was a good rest of the P-day. We taught one of our friends and had a good time doing some craic around town. It was nice, yep.

     Tuesday we started down to Dublin to go to District Meeting, always a blast, and we had a good time there! After, we got on the train back, got lunch, tried by this one person, and did some finding throughout the evening. In the evening, we were asked to teach the New Testament class at the church because the Branch President couldn't get there. Now that, that was grand.

     Wednesday we went out and GQed the town before we did some service at a member's house, installing a lock on her door and getting part of it ready for renovations and stuff. That was fun! We then GQed the town a bit and there was this intoxicated fellow who told us he was a healer and in the middle of conversations had us shake his hand and then he'd wink at us and laugh and keep talking about Jesus. It was good, except we're pretty sure he won't remember any of it. After that, we did some knocking like usual, and it was grand. Good times always when you go out and knock.

     Thursday we weekly planned, did the progress record, and then had a good time heading about and did some finding. We also met with a friend, had a nice discussion with him and then continued finding into the night until it was done and dusted. Then for dinner, because we felt like it, we got Chinese. Chow mien is the best, ever, of all time.

     On Friday we had a grand day lined up. We got up and out and met with a friend, GQed the town, and then as we were knocking on this one estate, we were let into two houses and taught lessons there. Whaaaat? That's insane. That's only happened to me once before, but then twice, with the distance of ten doors, we get let in twice. Flippin' crazy! It was grand, though. Met some good folks and whatnot.

     On Saturday, we did the usual in the morning with GQing, but there were ducks. Tons of rubber ducks in the town! EVERYWHERE! 

It was kinda spooky, but we handled it and went on being champions. After, we tried by several of our friends, met with one of them, and had a pretty grand night. It was good. Then, of course because of ducks, we had kebabs. But we also got a duck. His name is Steffan. Steffan the Duck.

     Sunday was Stake Conference! We got a lift down with our Branch President and had a grand time! I saw some people from Terenure there, and it was a blast! Good times, for sure. After, we came back, did some work about the town, met with a friend, and that was the night. It was a pretty nice night, let me say.

     Today, we've got a good day lined up. Should be fun! Anywho, that's that, folks! Thanks for the letters, support, prayers, and all that good craic. Hopefully you all have a great week, too! Cheers!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"
In the name of progress!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Weekly Update #78

Another week, another lovely morning!

     Monday was grand, like. We biked out and about to Carlingford to see this castle, but it was being fixed up so it was closed. That was a shame. But, we found a Leprechaun  place in the town and also, I found my favorite rock of all time. 

What a great rock, picture attached. Anyways, we biked back from there and it took a good while and it was grand!

     Tuesday was moves day, so we had a normal day. We tried to meet with this friend in town, it was good, and then we also did some good finding. Good time, I'd say. Anywho, that was Tuesday.

     Wednesday we rocked it out with a usual day of finding, GQing, chapping, and all that good craic. We had a good time, too. It was nice. In the evening, we taught one of our friends and had a good conversation with him there.

     Thursday was especially epic. We had some fun with fruit in the morning and the fruit was cut up by the end of companionship study. We may or may not have played fruit ninja.

Anywho, after that we GQed town, went to the bus station, went up to Newry to do some finding and to meet with some members there, who were all fantastic, let me say. After that wonderful day, the day was done and it was good. Good day.

     Friday we weekly planned, heading into town and got some good craic done. We met with one of our friends, had a nice time, and then did the usual rounds of finding. Lots and lots and lots of finding to be done. That was the day.

     Saturday we rocked out with some finding in the morning and another meeting with a friend. After, we had a good lunch, went about town, and watched the first hour of General Conference, which was fantastic! After the hour, we taught another lesson and by then the day was done.

     Sunday was a day of conference. We watched some 7 hours of conference and did finding inbetween. It was a blast. I loved conference this year, President Utchdorf's first talk was marvelous, Elder Juan Uceda's talk was excellent as well, and then I loved what President Monson had to say about the Word of Wisdom. Isn't it great that there's a prophet on the earth today? I think so!

     That was this week. Pretty fun, pretty grand, can't complain! Saw a rainbow in Newry, so we've got some time to get some work done!

Let's get working, friends.

     Thank you all for the support and encouragement! Hopefully you all have a great week! Please do. 

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"
In the name of progress!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Weekly Update #77

A lovely week has passed in dear Dundalk, and what a lovely week it was! We had a blast and there were definitely the good, bad, and lovely of this week.

     On Monday we did a Spectacular Song Scavenger Search to finish off p-day. There's this song all about Dundalk, and we decided to take a selfie by all of the places named, and so we did. It was grand! After, we had a lovely dinner with the Murphy's to close out the evening.

     Tuesday was a District Meeting and after that there was a District blitz in Dundalk. For the blitz, Elder Peacock and Keim came up to Dundalk as well as Elder Jones and Salinas to help do some finding and Jazz around Dundalk. It was a blast! They all stayed the night, too and we had kebabs! Grand day.

     Wednesday we got started right proper by losing our keys for our bikes. Thankfully, we actually found one but the other went with Elder Peacock to Dublin. We still have to get it back. But the day was good! We taught this fellow, and had an enjoyable day, overall.

     Thursday was grand again. weekly planned and then did some area work and finding. After, we tried by some people the elders from a while back used to meet with and then we did some chapping to cap it all off. Good day, I'd say.

     Friday, we started off GQing town like usual and then doing some finding. After, we had a lesson with one of our friends and then went to the church to help set up for the Branch activity that night. It was a quiz night, which was super fun. So good times there.

     On Saturday, we met with a friend in the morning, did some work around town and whatnot, did some work in our area book to prepare it for possible transfers, and then had kebabs again. Kebabs are grand, so they are!

     Sunday was great! Elder Plewe gave a grand talk in sacrament and we had a good time after doing a bit of finding. We also met with another friend in the evening and as we did we got our moves call. We both will be staying, so good craic there! After meeting with that friend, we went back to our flat and while planning were ambushed by a flippin' huge spider that is not with us any longer. His life has expired, because no one just Shia surprises me like that. Good time.

     Pretty fun week, pretty fun time, I can't complain! It looks like it'll be yet another good week this week, so I'll be sure to tell you all all about it then! Thank you all and all have a good week!

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"
In the name of progress!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Weekly Update #76

    From the historic land of Dundalk, cheers! Here's what's what!

     Monday was the best. After emailing, we got on our bikes, got soaked by an Irish downpour, and then went to Castle Roche!

That was epic. Had a blast there. After, we got changed and did some chapping to close out the night.

     Tuesday we went to Dublin for District Meeting, had a grand time there, and then we went back to Dundalk, got our bike brakes fixed (may or may not have had no brakes going down a massive hill from Castle Roche) and then did finding to close out the rest of the evening. It was a blast. for lunch, we had this legendary thing called Star Pizza. It's pizza, chips, and a drink for five Euro! Five Euro for a meal! It was grand, let me say.

     Wednesday we got up, went out, and had a lunch with a member from Belfast who came down to visit us! That was incredibly nice. After, we took a bus down to Drogheda and did some finding there. That, as always, was a blast. After, we came back to Dundalk, did some finding and then had kebabs for dinner. Kebabs are the best, ever, of all time.

     Thursday we started off weekly planning and then got picked up by a member to visit some people in some of the smaller towns in our area. In Dundalk's area, we have two cities, one large town, and tons of smaller towns. We went by some of the smaller ones, had a visit with some folks, and then went back in time for a dinner with a member. It was a blessing.

     Friday we started off GQing the town, having a lunch, then heading to Blackrock to do some more finding out there. It was nice. In the evening, we had the opportunity to teach two lessons and meet some new people! That was grand!

     On Saturday, we popped up into Northern Ireland, because our area covers the city of Newry there, and did finding! Always fun, especially there. We had some good conversations and then in the evening met with some of our friends and had a fun lesson with them. BUT, on Saturday morning we were attacked by butterflies in the flat. It was somewhat terrifying, but we lived. So did the butterflies. I was singing the Reading Rainbow theme the whole time. It was grand-like.

     Sunday was good. We went to Church, taught a class there, and then met with another friend, and then did some finding and had a pretty good time. Found an Irish frog. 

That was it, for the most part.

     This week was grand, as hopefully you could tell. I hope all of your weeks were as well! Thank you all, have a grand time and hey, keep being yourselves. Take care, ya'll!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"
In the name of progress!