Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Weekly Update #16

Dea-lá as Baile Átha Cliath! That's Irish for good day from Dublin! This week was smashing! Let me tell ya'll all about it.

     The rest of Monday went well, not a whole lot and whatnot. We did get some good time in finding this week, which is a good thing since there's always room for more people to teach!

     We went back to continue to work on the garden with that one gent. On our way there, I saw a downed line. Thanks to the training from my safety-minded father (and common sense), we took pictures then walked away. 

We had fun tearing up the nettles and thistles and finding more odd objects.  Always a jolly. We did some finding the rest of the day then had a fantastic meal appointment. 

     Wednesday was a Wednesday. And to celebrate it: we did more finding! Also, on a side note, during a lesson about the tree of life I was able to draw up the tree of life vision while he explained and read about it, which I thought was neato. I'm glad Elder Oldham finally let me do visual aids. Hopefully he'll let me do more.

     On Thursday we went to Zone Interview Training and received some incredibly fantastic training on teaching and how to create an atmosphere for the Holy Ghost whilst teaching. The application of it thus far is incredible! So good. So good. Afterwards, we went on exchanges and I got to go down to Bray again! Bray's a great town. Lovely.

     Friday was made for walking. I walked more than I would have liked to, but it was needed. We also got to see the fellow I mentioned earlier who plays video games and is about as old as my father. We were able to share with him an excellent allegory about life that got him thinking about the end goal and what he should be doing. It appeared so, at least. I hope I got that fellow thinking about his life.

     Saturday was a special day. It was the day WE GOT BIKES! WHOOOOOO!!!

There's a picture with us and the bikes attached for ya'll to see. Anywho, that was a grand time. We then returned to the garden and helped uncover a path and a small patio from the wilderness. With a bit more service we could actually find or create a garden, methinks.

     Sunday was usual. Instead of walking or partially walking to church we biked there. It's neat. Really is. We also biked around most of City Centre Dublin to visit our Filipino friend and the personal trainer because he's back in town and we wanted to have a chat! Anyways, that was great. Sunday was good. 

     This week was grand. From biking, to walking, to teaching, to learning, to sleeping it was a pretty good week. Hopefully everyone out there has a good week too! Go dtí go gcasfar le chéile sinn arís!

God Speed

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

Monday, July 20, 2015

Weekly Update #15

The craic be mighty this week in the Terenure Area! Let me tell you all about it.

     Last Monday was a jolly. We taught an investigator up at one of the local colleges because our joint-teach worked up there. It was a great lesson. The only problem is that the investigator is an enigma wrapped in a puzzle. It's difficult, but after a calling and gathering of The Council, me and Elder Oldham have a pretty good idea set up for how to help them out. We also had kebabs because we both needed a good kebab in the bloodstream.

     Tuesday was District Meeting and exchanges! I went down yonder to Bray with Elder Holman where people talked to us. On the Dart ride down, this older lady started to talk with us. She was a missionary for some other church, and the conversation was very interesting. Later, two gentlemen stopped us and asked if we were Jehovah's Witnesses. We said no, and they asked if we were Quakers. We had to say no again. We then explained who we were and they asked questions and we were able to explain it reasonably enough. After eating a bit and walking, we ran into one of Bray's former investigators. They chatted for a bit and towards the evening a group of five or so teens came up and asked us what we did. It was an excellent chance to explain and we did so. Then, as we were walking back to the flat, this fellow in an orange hoodie called out to us. In days of past, the Bray Elders have ran into him now and then. It is important to note that Elder Holman and Beveridge are not American. I am. So is this fellow. As we approached, he called out to us and asked if I was a Yankee. I nodded and responded with telling him I am red, white, and blue all the way through. After he explained his thoughts on politics in America and how Elder Romney (Not Mitt Romney, Elder Romney) should have won, boxing matches between world leaders, and other remarks, he was called off by some of his friends. I was grateful and then had to explain what it all meant to Elder Holman, who is Canadian. It was a grand day. 

     We unexchanged the next day and had several appointments fall through. However, in the evening we were able to GQ with one of the deaf members in the ward. Last Monday, while emailing, we got a text from Brother Ryan, the deaf member. He asked us how we were and then asked if we knew what pass along cards were. We replied and said yes to which he said that he would like to serve with us on Wednesday sharing the gospel. It was an incredible half-an-hour. Certainly a moment to remember. He's a great member and a fantastic chap. 

     Thursday we had more appointments fall through. Not a lot happened on Thursday. It was one of those days. I think we had fajitas for dinner. I can't remember.

     On Friday I used a scythe and sickle to cut down some nettles in one of our investigator's back gardens! It was great. I enjoyed mowing down nettles and finding old bicycles, shovel heads, spade heads, fork heads, couches, chairs, methane tanks, tombstones, bones, hoses, bottles, and whatnot. We got an American flag too. It's up in our flat and we salute it every morning now. God bless America.

     Saturday was a loaded day. We taught three lessons and had a dinner appointment. Without a car and relying on public transit, it was a miracle we made every appointment and did so with time to spare! It was a great day, again. Lots of great days this week. This week was great. Yews can be great.

     Sunday was a Sunday. Our friend from the Philippines, though. We met with him and another one of his friends and he shared some great insights. He also has a knack to give a short message before our lessons that tie in with our lessons, and we don't even plan it. Is it the Spirit? Yes. Can it be something else? Nah. No chance. He's solid, which is great considering he was less active a month and a half ago. He's probably my favorite person in the ward. 

     I'm also gonna show ya'll Steve. He's a pirate. I use him to help me with weekly planning.

     I've noticed this week, more than others, that when we do what's right, rather than doing what we think should be right, we are blessed. When talking with the members on Saturday about certain ideologies that have risen in the Church dealing with the Church becoming more "progressive" then they do not understand. Me and Elder Oldham ran into a person who said that the Prophet and the Quorum of the Twelve should reconsider calling same-sex attraction a sin. First: it's not President Monson or anyone else who is human who calls it a sin. It's Heavenly Father. He's not going to mess up and be all 'Yeah, I guess I could be more progressive. I guess I was wrong.' That would make Him not God. Anywho, the end. Had a wee bit too many folks who thought that. I'm pow.

     Have a great week, everyone! Do what's right and do some incredible things! Share the gospel, too. Every member should be a missionary.

God Speed

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

Monday, July 13, 2015

Weekly Update #14

 Good day from Ireland! Hopefully all is well for all ya'll. This week has been busy; here's what I've been doing.

     The rest of Monday went well. This whole week was overcast, which is better than being hot. We got back to the flat just in time to head out again to keep working. I can't recall what all happened, but I do know it was good.

     Tuesday, we went and saw the fellow who we're trying to get back on track by getting confirmed. We did a bit more of family history and taught a few more lessons. He's doing well and he's getting off some of his problems. Hopefully we can keep him busy and working so good things will come! We didn't have District Meeting, because it's Moves Week. 

     The next day was Moves Day. We first went out for a wee bit and worked then we went to the Finglass Stake Centre where we met with other Elders for Moves Day. After that was all said and done, Elder Oldham and I temporarily gained a companion, Elder Arave. He was waiting for his companion to ship over from Scotland. We went back to the flat when we got an urgent call to go to the chapel and assist the Relief Society in cooking a barbecue. We went over, helped them grill the chicken, and was able to eat some of the chicken. We took a picture too, and it's the only picture this week because I've been lazy with the camera.

Elder Oldham also made a crack-shot when playing a bit of baseball. He hit the ball and it flew right threw an open window on a house next to the chapel. Us three were then assigned to recover the ball. After the grilling, we had to go pick up Elder Arave's companion from the bus station. We did so, took them back to our flat where they stayed the night before heading back down to Cork to continue their work. 

     On Thursday, we did what missionaries do: teach, preach, and work. The day was the warmest day of the week, but the sun didn't shine as much. Nevertheless, we did work. We also went to the Ward Council. That was neat.

     Friday was a jolly. We taught the hyper-intellect again and it was fantastic. He had been studying for a test the last week, and as he did he kept hearing something tell him "stop reading this book and read that other book!" The other book was The Book of Mormon we left with him. He didn't act on it at the time, but during the course of the lesson he told us that he would read it throughout the week. It was probably one of the best lessons we've taught. 

     Saturday was a Saturday. We finished up my 12 Week training and then headed out to find some people who needed the gospel. After that, we came back to the flat and planned for the next week. It was a usual day, especially when it came to weekly planning. Good day, too.

     On the Sabbath we traveled out to church, coordinated with the ward mission leader, then traveled back. We did a hefty bit of traveling this week and it was pretty time consuming. After traveling, we had dinner with our friends from the Philippines. That was incredible, as always. Then, one of them said they had taken a picture of a ghost. I got excited and wanted to see the picture. She got her camera and showed us a picture of a white hoodie hanging on a wall. There were some funky shadows in the hood, but nothing ghost-like. It was fun, though. Always fun. 

     Anywho, that's this week. We're looking forward to doing a lot of teaching this week and plenty of finding as well. This was also my last week as a trainee and as of this morning I am now just a Junior Companion. Whooooooo! It's good. I'm excited for what lies ahead.

     Have a fantastic week! Good luck in your dealings and stay safe!

God Speed

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

Monday, July 6, 2015

Tender Mercies Take 3

Technology is AMAZING! I hopped on Instagram on the 4th of July, and saw this amazing picture,,,

We are so grateful for members of the church who are supporting and taking care of our missionary in Dublin, especially on American holidays like the 4th of July! What a blessing to be able to connect with members in his area who share pictures with us and reassure us that this work is true and amazing and is not only blessing our Elder while he is away, but also us, his family, during this time. 

Weekly Update #13

From Dublin, this is my weekly report.

     It was hot. This week was hot. Four of the hot days were the humid hot, one was a dry hot, which was fabulous compared to the humid hot. Today, however, it is nice and cool and rainy. Fantastic, methinks. 

     Tuesday was a District meeting followed by District lunch because transfer calls were later that week. We figured Elder Holman, Elder Oldham, and Sister Wilkin were due off or I was going to be shipped out instead and Elder Oldham was to train. Regardless, we had a lovely lunch. During the meeting we sang the Star-Spangled Banner, O Canada, and God Save the King(Queen). That was grand. We then went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. Unfortunately, due to a miscommunication, I was unable to exchange with Elder Walker, but me and Elder Thackery had a good enough time in Terenure. This day was a humid hot day.

     The next day was great! It was Canada day and so we started off right proper with O Canada. We unexchanged and went through the rest of the day lovely. It was the dry hot on this day.

     Thursday was sorta hot in the morning, but got cooled off in the evening as clouds rolled in. We got two great lessons in. In one of them, we were at a part-member's house teaching one of our investigators. The member's husband is Presbyterian. Whilst teaching, he decided to chime in and give his two cents about being saved, which wasn't what we were talking about. If it hadn't been for Elder Oldham and his remarkable skill, the lesson would have be binned right there, but fortunately he was there to save the lesson. Well done, me thinks. 

     Friday was hot hot hot. It was a terrible day to find, but we still did it. We also went to this gent who was baptized but not confirmed and we decided to talk about family history to keep him busy. At this lesson, I learned that the best passwords are Chinese-like names. He told us that nobody would ever guess a Chinese name for a password. It's an excellent idea, just be sure to be creative. We also met President Donaldson as he arrived for an all Ireland conference and talked with us on his vision for the mission and his thoughts. I am so excited to be serving with him as my mission president! 

     Saturday was THE FOURTH O F JULY!  'Murica, yeah! This paragraph is also going to be 
super patriotic with red, white and blue, so be ready for that, ya'll. We started this day off with the
good ol' Star-Spangled Banner and being s uper patriotic during morning work-outs (See the first  
picture). Now, in that picture you'll notice t hat fancy blue shirt. That's a shirt me and Elder
Oldham got because we thought it was a g reat idea! On the back of the shirt we have quotes that
we've said over the course of the last two transfers, and as I've said we thought we might 
be separated. It's fancy. I did a study of the United States of America in the Book of Mormon and
Doctrine and Covenants, which went grand. We weekly planned this day and went to an 
American family for a good ol' 'Merican meal. It was grand. They took some pictures, but I don't 
have them on my person at this time. Anywho, we also taught the hyper-intelligent guy. To say 
the least, it was marvelous. He is sharp as sharp can be. It'll be great to see his progress through
the Book of Mormon and through the gospel. It's really a blessing to be in Terenure and to be
able to teach these great people and to see them as they progress. I am very thankful.


    Sunday. Our friend from the Philippines gave his testimony. Perhaps one of the most challenging times to not laugh. He makes me smile any day, but his testimony was absolutely fantastic. He talked about how he lost weight, and at one point he said "look at me now. I'm skinny. I'm sexy." The congregation laughed and I tried my best not to laugh. He's such a great chap. He had us over for dinner as well and we taught his friends. We then got moves call and discovered that me and Elder Oldham are both staying in Terenure! Whooooooo! I was happy. It was mucho bueno.

     I sort of said this a wee bit before, but I am so grateful to be serving here. The ward is excellent and I've met some top-notch people. I've learned a ton from these people, but I know I have many tons more to learn. 

     Hope ya'll have a great week and a fantastic time. Stay strong and choose the right. Also, be wise. It's probably the most important thing we all can do.

God Speed

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"