Monday, July 20, 2015

Weekly Update #15

The craic be mighty this week in the Terenure Area! Let me tell you all about it.

     Last Monday was a jolly. We taught an investigator up at one of the local colleges because our joint-teach worked up there. It was a great lesson. The only problem is that the investigator is an enigma wrapped in a puzzle. It's difficult, but after a calling and gathering of The Council, me and Elder Oldham have a pretty good idea set up for how to help them out. We also had kebabs because we both needed a good kebab in the bloodstream.

     Tuesday was District Meeting and exchanges! I went down yonder to Bray with Elder Holman where people talked to us. On the Dart ride down, this older lady started to talk with us. She was a missionary for some other church, and the conversation was very interesting. Later, two gentlemen stopped us and asked if we were Jehovah's Witnesses. We said no, and they asked if we were Quakers. We had to say no again. We then explained who we were and they asked questions and we were able to explain it reasonably enough. After eating a bit and walking, we ran into one of Bray's former investigators. They chatted for a bit and towards the evening a group of five or so teens came up and asked us what we did. It was an excellent chance to explain and we did so. Then, as we were walking back to the flat, this fellow in an orange hoodie called out to us. In days of past, the Bray Elders have ran into him now and then. It is important to note that Elder Holman and Beveridge are not American. I am. So is this fellow. As we approached, he called out to us and asked if I was a Yankee. I nodded and responded with telling him I am red, white, and blue all the way through. After he explained his thoughts on politics in America and how Elder Romney (Not Mitt Romney, Elder Romney) should have won, boxing matches between world leaders, and other remarks, he was called off by some of his friends. I was grateful and then had to explain what it all meant to Elder Holman, who is Canadian. It was a grand day. 

     We unexchanged the next day and had several appointments fall through. However, in the evening we were able to GQ with one of the deaf members in the ward. Last Monday, while emailing, we got a text from Brother Ryan, the deaf member. He asked us how we were and then asked if we knew what pass along cards were. We replied and said yes to which he said that he would like to serve with us on Wednesday sharing the gospel. It was an incredible half-an-hour. Certainly a moment to remember. He's a great member and a fantastic chap. 

     Thursday we had more appointments fall through. Not a lot happened on Thursday. It was one of those days. I think we had fajitas for dinner. I can't remember.

     On Friday I used a scythe and sickle to cut down some nettles in one of our investigator's back gardens! It was great. I enjoyed mowing down nettles and finding old bicycles, shovel heads, spade heads, fork heads, couches, chairs, methane tanks, tombstones, bones, hoses, bottles, and whatnot. We got an American flag too. It's up in our flat and we salute it every morning now. God bless America.

     Saturday was a loaded day. We taught three lessons and had a dinner appointment. Without a car and relying on public transit, it was a miracle we made every appointment and did so with time to spare! It was a great day, again. Lots of great days this week. This week was great. Yews can be great.

     Sunday was a Sunday. Our friend from the Philippines, though. We met with him and another one of his friends and he shared some great insights. He also has a knack to give a short message before our lessons that tie in with our lessons, and we don't even plan it. Is it the Spirit? Yes. Can it be something else? Nah. No chance. He's solid, which is great considering he was less active a month and a half ago. He's probably my favorite person in the ward. 

     I'm also gonna show ya'll Steve. He's a pirate. I use him to help me with weekly planning.

     I've noticed this week, more than others, that when we do what's right, rather than doing what we think should be right, we are blessed. When talking with the members on Saturday about certain ideologies that have risen in the Church dealing with the Church becoming more "progressive" then they do not understand. Me and Elder Oldham ran into a person who said that the Prophet and the Quorum of the Twelve should reconsider calling same-sex attraction a sin. First: it's not President Monson or anyone else who is human who calls it a sin. It's Heavenly Father. He's not going to mess up and be all 'Yeah, I guess I could be more progressive. I guess I was wrong.' That would make Him not God. Anywho, the end. Had a wee bit too many folks who thought that. I'm pow.

     Have a great week, everyone! Do what's right and do some incredible things! Share the gospel, too. Every member should be a missionary.

God Speed

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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