Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Weekly Update #16

Dea-lá as Baile Átha Cliath! That's Irish for good day from Dublin! This week was smashing! Let me tell ya'll all about it.

     The rest of Monday went well, not a whole lot and whatnot. We did get some good time in finding this week, which is a good thing since there's always room for more people to teach!

     We went back to continue to work on the garden with that one gent. On our way there, I saw a downed line. Thanks to the training from my safety-minded father (and common sense), we took pictures then walked away. 

We had fun tearing up the nettles and thistles and finding more odd objects.  Always a jolly. We did some finding the rest of the day then had a fantastic meal appointment. 

     Wednesday was a Wednesday. And to celebrate it: we did more finding! Also, on a side note, during a lesson about the tree of life I was able to draw up the tree of life vision while he explained and read about it, which I thought was neato. I'm glad Elder Oldham finally let me do visual aids. Hopefully he'll let me do more.

     On Thursday we went to Zone Interview Training and received some incredibly fantastic training on teaching and how to create an atmosphere for the Holy Ghost whilst teaching. The application of it thus far is incredible! So good. So good. Afterwards, we went on exchanges and I got to go down to Bray again! Bray's a great town. Lovely.

     Friday was made for walking. I walked more than I would have liked to, but it was needed. We also got to see the fellow I mentioned earlier who plays video games and is about as old as my father. We were able to share with him an excellent allegory about life that got him thinking about the end goal and what he should be doing. It appeared so, at least. I hope I got that fellow thinking about his life.

     Saturday was a special day. It was the day WE GOT BIKES! WHOOOOOO!!!

There's a picture with us and the bikes attached for ya'll to see. Anywho, that was a grand time. We then returned to the garden and helped uncover a path and a small patio from the wilderness. With a bit more service we could actually find or create a garden, methinks.

     Sunday was usual. Instead of walking or partially walking to church we biked there. It's neat. Really is. We also biked around most of City Centre Dublin to visit our Filipino friend and the personal trainer because he's back in town and we wanted to have a chat! Anyways, that was great. Sunday was good. 

     This week was grand. From biking, to walking, to teaching, to learning, to sleeping it was a pretty good week. Hopefully everyone out there has a good week too! Go dtí go gcasfar le chéile sinn arís!

God Speed

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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  1. Hello! It has been a weird summer. Camp was interrupted for a week when we had to shut down because of a bear. I'm glad we did. Let me tell you a story:

    Let's call him 'Fred'. 'Fred' has been wandering off the path of righteousness for a while. He says he believes some points of the gospel but doesn't like the way the church gets so involved in all parts of his life. He likes to be rebellious and 'have fun' with his buddies. He is lonely a lot. He also feels like his ward ignores him. He said when he stopped going to church that no one contacted him to see what was up. He doesn't feel like they care about him as much as his not-so-good friends.

    He is almost 18 And I love him like a son. I have faith. If he can get around better friends, he will straighten up. He is at that stage where his friends mold who he is. Whatever they do, he eventually does.

    I basically swiped him from home to come to camp last week when it was closed for the bear problem to help our Rangers with projects (how that came to be was a very large rock hitting my windshield as I was heading to camp, causing me to stop in his home town to get it fixed and using his help to find the fixit man; randomly asking if he wanted to head up with me for the weekend to 'work his butt off' and it working out that he could).

    The first night (Friday), he slept out in the staff area alone because all other staff members were sent home or to other scout camps to help out the week before.

    That's when the bear decided to stroll through and sniff around at 1 AM. Fred said he could hear it outside his tent, huffing and grunting and pawing up the earth. Fred was as still as he could be, trying not to make a sound and even breathed into his sleeping bag so his breath wouldn't smell (he forgot to brush his teeth). His mind went through all the scenarios of what he should do. He remembered he had some 'smellables' in his backpack like deodorant, and some gum right by his sleeping bag. He realized he was basically helpless. If the bear came through the thin tent wall to investigate, he would get seriously hurt. He was terrified.

    Then he prayed. And prayed.

    The bear wandered off after a good long while without entering the tent. Fred fell asleep around 4 AM. Dan was awakened at 6 AM by a different man who said he saw the bear in his camp site. Dan and another adult tracked the bear for more than an hour until the forest service came with hounds. They lost it in Dale's Grove soon after. .

    I am thankful to that bear. It turned Fred's heart and probably many more boys' hearts to Heavenly Father while it lingered in camp for a few weeks. The 2 yr old black bear never actually broke into any bear boxes, tents or containers. Never approached a human or menaced anyone. He found a group of boys out on their Wilderness survival camp out but didn't do anything but caused a few pants to wet. He simply hung out, putting the fear of God in the hearts of little boys. If it's only purpose was that, then Heavenly Father is proud of that bear.

    I truly believe that Heavenly Father provides ways to help us get closer to him every day. He misses us and loves us and wants the best for us. If we are aware, we will recognize His hand in so many parts of our life and others'.

    As Mad Eye Moody says over and over again in Harry Potter, it takes 'CONSTANT VIGILANCE!' to protect and prepare against evil. I would suggest it also protects against niggling doubt.

    Know that we are trying and when you return, you will find us still your brethren and sisters in the gospel.
    You are in our thoughts often.
    Mom/aunt/your friend,
    Touk :)

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