Monday, July 6, 2015

Weekly Update #13

From Dublin, this is my weekly report.

     It was hot. This week was hot. Four of the hot days were the humid hot, one was a dry hot, which was fabulous compared to the humid hot. Today, however, it is nice and cool and rainy. Fantastic, methinks. 

     Tuesday was a District meeting followed by District lunch because transfer calls were later that week. We figured Elder Holman, Elder Oldham, and Sister Wilkin were due off or I was going to be shipped out instead and Elder Oldham was to train. Regardless, we had a lovely lunch. During the meeting we sang the Star-Spangled Banner, O Canada, and God Save the King(Queen). That was grand. We then went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. Unfortunately, due to a miscommunication, I was unable to exchange with Elder Walker, but me and Elder Thackery had a good enough time in Terenure. This day was a humid hot day.

     The next day was great! It was Canada day and so we started off right proper with O Canada. We unexchanged and went through the rest of the day lovely. It was the dry hot on this day.

     Thursday was sorta hot in the morning, but got cooled off in the evening as clouds rolled in. We got two great lessons in. In one of them, we were at a part-member's house teaching one of our investigators. The member's husband is Presbyterian. Whilst teaching, he decided to chime in and give his two cents about being saved, which wasn't what we were talking about. If it hadn't been for Elder Oldham and his remarkable skill, the lesson would have be binned right there, but fortunately he was there to save the lesson. Well done, me thinks. 

     Friday was hot hot hot. It was a terrible day to find, but we still did it. We also went to this gent who was baptized but not confirmed and we decided to talk about family history to keep him busy. At this lesson, I learned that the best passwords are Chinese-like names. He told us that nobody would ever guess a Chinese name for a password. It's an excellent idea, just be sure to be creative. We also met President Donaldson as he arrived for an all Ireland conference and talked with us on his vision for the mission and his thoughts. I am so excited to be serving with him as my mission president! 

     Saturday was THE FOURTH O F JULY!  'Murica, yeah! This paragraph is also going to be 
super patriotic with red, white and blue, so be ready for that, ya'll. We started this day off with the
good ol' Star-Spangled Banner and being s uper patriotic during morning work-outs (See the first  
picture). Now, in that picture you'll notice t hat fancy blue shirt. That's a shirt me and Elder
Oldham got because we thought it was a g reat idea! On the back of the shirt we have quotes that
we've said over the course of the last two transfers, and as I've said we thought we might 
be separated. It's fancy. I did a study of the United States of America in the Book of Mormon and
Doctrine and Covenants, which went grand. We weekly planned this day and went to an 
American family for a good ol' 'Merican meal. It was grand. They took some pictures, but I don't 
have them on my person at this time. Anywho, we also taught the hyper-intelligent guy. To say 
the least, it was marvelous. He is sharp as sharp can be. It'll be great to see his progress through
the Book of Mormon and through the gospel. It's really a blessing to be in Terenure and to be
able to teach these great people and to see them as they progress. I am very thankful.


    Sunday. Our friend from the Philippines gave his testimony. Perhaps one of the most challenging times to not laugh. He makes me smile any day, but his testimony was absolutely fantastic. He talked about how he lost weight, and at one point he said "look at me now. I'm skinny. I'm sexy." The congregation laughed and I tried my best not to laugh. He's such a great chap. He had us over for dinner as well and we taught his friends. We then got moves call and discovered that me and Elder Oldham are both staying in Terenure! Whooooooo! I was happy. It was mucho bueno.

     I sort of said this a wee bit before, but I am so grateful to be serving here. The ward is excellent and I've met some top-notch people. I've learned a ton from these people, but I know I have many tons more to learn. 

     Hope ya'll have a great week and a fantastic time. Stay strong and choose the right. Also, be wise. It's probably the most important thing we all can do.

God Speed

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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