Monday, July 13, 2015

Weekly Update #14

 Good day from Ireland! Hopefully all is well for all ya'll. This week has been busy; here's what I've been doing.

     The rest of Monday went well. This whole week was overcast, which is better than being hot. We got back to the flat just in time to head out again to keep working. I can't recall what all happened, but I do know it was good.

     Tuesday, we went and saw the fellow who we're trying to get back on track by getting confirmed. We did a bit more of family history and taught a few more lessons. He's doing well and he's getting off some of his problems. Hopefully we can keep him busy and working so good things will come! We didn't have District Meeting, because it's Moves Week. 

     The next day was Moves Day. We first went out for a wee bit and worked then we went to the Finglass Stake Centre where we met with other Elders for Moves Day. After that was all said and done, Elder Oldham and I temporarily gained a companion, Elder Arave. He was waiting for his companion to ship over from Scotland. We went back to the flat when we got an urgent call to go to the chapel and assist the Relief Society in cooking a barbecue. We went over, helped them grill the chicken, and was able to eat some of the chicken. We took a picture too, and it's the only picture this week because I've been lazy with the camera.

Elder Oldham also made a crack-shot when playing a bit of baseball. He hit the ball and it flew right threw an open window on a house next to the chapel. Us three were then assigned to recover the ball. After the grilling, we had to go pick up Elder Arave's companion from the bus station. We did so, took them back to our flat where they stayed the night before heading back down to Cork to continue their work. 

     On Thursday, we did what missionaries do: teach, preach, and work. The day was the warmest day of the week, but the sun didn't shine as much. Nevertheless, we did work. We also went to the Ward Council. That was neat.

     Friday was a jolly. We taught the hyper-intellect again and it was fantastic. He had been studying for a test the last week, and as he did he kept hearing something tell him "stop reading this book and read that other book!" The other book was The Book of Mormon we left with him. He didn't act on it at the time, but during the course of the lesson he told us that he would read it throughout the week. It was probably one of the best lessons we've taught. 

     Saturday was a Saturday. We finished up my 12 Week training and then headed out to find some people who needed the gospel. After that, we came back to the flat and planned for the next week. It was a usual day, especially when it came to weekly planning. Good day, too.

     On the Sabbath we traveled out to church, coordinated with the ward mission leader, then traveled back. We did a hefty bit of traveling this week and it was pretty time consuming. After traveling, we had dinner with our friends from the Philippines. That was incredible, as always. Then, one of them said they had taken a picture of a ghost. I got excited and wanted to see the picture. She got her camera and showed us a picture of a white hoodie hanging on a wall. There were some funky shadows in the hood, but nothing ghost-like. It was fun, though. Always fun. 

     Anywho, that's this week. We're looking forward to doing a lot of teaching this week and plenty of finding as well. This was also my last week as a trainee and as of this morning I am now just a Junior Companion. Whooooooo! It's good. I'm excited for what lies ahead.

     Have a fantastic week! Good luck in your dealings and stay safe!

God Speed

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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