Monday, May 30, 2016

Weekly Update #60

    After a spectacular week in Thurso, hello! Good to see you all! Sort of. Anywho, let's rock out with this week.

     The rest of Monday was good. We did some shopping, a bit of fun, and some work to close out the night. Also, America and Scotland!

     Tuesday was District Meeting. It was the last District Meeting of the transfer and it was a grand meeting. After that, we did some work about Thurso and then headed off to Castletown to visit with the recent convert and his family. That was a good lesson.

     Wednesday we had the blessing of doing some service in the afternoon. After lunch, we went to the Winkle's and helped Brother Winkle with someone's garden. After that, we went to the church and did some yard-work for the church building. That was grand. After that, it was time to head back, so we had dinner and that was the night. On the way, he showed us the place where he worked. It's called Olrig house, and it is neat. Totally different atmosphere than the rest of Thurso, it's crazy.

     Thursday we went out to Wick after doing some work about Thurso in the morning. At Wick, we met with a less-active and had an enjoyable lesson with her. After catching the bus back to Thurso, we did some work out and about in Thurso. 

     Friday we did mainly GQing and whatnot throughout the entire day. That was it. Lots of talking to folks. It was grand. We met this one fellow who was interesting. He thought we were police at first, but then started to talk to us a bit more. He was a decent chap. After that, we went to the Jones' for a dinner and then back to Thurso for Branch Council. Always grand, let me say.

     Service Saturday! We went to the charity shop, had a grand time doing volunteer work there. After that, we went to the croft and did some epic work out there. Fixed a roof, did some mucking out, were champions. Pretty much it. 

     Sunday was the day of moves call. We were on edge most of the day. After church, we did some work about Thurso and then returned to the flat in the evening. After waiting most of the night, we got the call. I have been reassigned to Livingston, just south of Edinburgh, to serve with Elder Arave. I am so excited for this! One, Elder Arave is in my MTC group and it's going to be a blast there! Two, back to Edinburgh. I think one of the other moves that could've trumped that would've been back to Ireland, but Edinburgh is close enough! I am so excited! Like, yes! 

     That is this week! We've got a lot to do, so that is that. Thank you all, have a grand week!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

Monday, May 23, 2016

Weekly Update #59

 Well, this week wasn't as sun-shiny as last week, but we still got craic done! Oh yeah! Let's cover it.

     Monday was a grand Monday. We went off and had a good P-day. After, we went to a member's home for FHE and a lesson. Both were grand. 

     Tuesday was a District Meeting. There were decorators in the Church repainting a bit, but we were able to still Skype in! After that, we went about and did some service on a croft, power-washing the dirt and stuff off the side of the house before it's going to be painted. It's grand. After, we were invited to the Youth activity, so we went and went inside of an old ruin. It was pretty flippin' neat. I enjoyed it.

     Wednesday we started off with some GQing and a bit of work around town. We then went to Wick after lunch and met with a less-active lady there, had some fantastic conversations, found a circle to sit in, and then had a dinner with the Branch President and his family. It was a spectacular meal, and we shared a spectacular spiritual thought. 

     Thursday we went and did more GQing and then went back to Wick to visit another less-active. She was fun to meet with, we had a good lesson, too. After, we visited with a member in the Branch to talk about service activities. After that, we caught the bus to Thurso, and had a dinner with our Branch Mission leader. It was a good dinner and we had a good conversation as well. Good times all around!

     Friday we had some weekly planning and then croft service! Croft service is so much fun! This day, we mucked out a sheep house/stall/thing. It was tough work, but we got it done like a pair of champions. Because that's what we are! 

     Saturday was service Saturday! At the charity shop, we had a good time doing the work. At the croft, we helped with some of the tending of the animals, a wee bit of mucking out, and other miscellaneous tasks. It was grand! I was also a pirate with a chicken. Plot twist from the cat.

     Sunday was a Sunday. I gave a talk in sacrament meeting and overall it was pretty grand. After, we did some GQing and work about Thurso. Then that was the day!

     It's been grand, thus far. A good time, for sure! Next week is moves call, so next time I chat I'll be able to tell ya'll if I'm going or staying. Who knows? Shhhhh.

     Hey, you all have a great week! Cheers!

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

Monday, May 16, 2016

Weekly Update #58

   From the extremely sunny land of Thurso, hello!
     This week was a blast. It started off right proper with some service on Monday. While doing service, this lady asked us if we could do some service for her. So we said yes, of course. That was Monday. We were on a roof most of the day. It was sunny. I got a little bit sunburnt.
     Tuesday we rocked and rolled with a District Meeting followed by yet more service! Crazy! We did some gluing on the roof and also visited the lady we met on Monday. She's nice. We helped her a bit with her lawn mower and some of her front garden issues. We got them sorted out, because we know how to do work. Anywho, that was Tuesday.
     Wednesday was looking to be a bit of a slower day. We went out to Wick, visited a less-active lady out there, and then went to another less-active's house to do some measurements for a fence they would like in their garden. We got it measured up when we did some more service! So, we mowed their garden and they were so pleased that they fed us. Marvelous exchange, methinks. Good deal for them.
     Thursday we went back to the lady's house because her mower was broken again. It turned out to be a battery issue. Anywho, we had to borrow some tools to do a bit of landscaping in her garden as well, and as we were returning them, we were blessed to do some service at a croft! We rocked it. Totally did. Unplanned service to the max.

     Friday we did some GQing around Thurso. That was neat. We then looked for a mower battery and wood prices. We eventually found them at a lumberyard in Wick, so we were able to do an estimate of what it would cost, because Wynder's a pro at building things for stage stuff and I was taught in learning after the manner of my father to a degree. It was epic. We did a great job. We also GQed a bit around Wick, too. Foudn R2-D2. Pretty neat.

     Saturday was service Saturday! At the charity shop, we did some incredible work. We were also invited to a volunteer's meeting get-together thingme in June! Whaaaat?! Spectacular. Elder Wynder also became the awkward avoidance viking for a bit. Anywho, after we went to the croft and power-washed their barn. We did it like we were the best. Because we are. After that, we did a bit more small, odd jobs on the croft and then that was that.

     Sunday was incredible, too. Saying this week was incredible is an incredibly large understatement. Words cannot describe the incredibility of this week, that's how it was! It was the best! I loved it! Church was grand, too. Elder Wynder spoke, we met with some folks, and then we had a coordination meeting, ate some foodstuffs, GQed a bit, and that was our Sabbath.
     Wow. This week. F'reals. It was crazy.
     With someone we're working with, I learned a bit of a lesson I would love to share. Often, people will do things that might offend you, might damage your view of them, or do some other negative thing. There's a less-active lady we're working with who has had such problems and it is keeping her from progressing. What I learned, is that when someone apologizes, for anything, you better forgive them and not remind them or anyone else of that wrong again. We've all done things that are 'stupid'. I am definitely not blameless, but I will say I am sorry for what wrongs I have done.
     The end. Cheers!

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day Call

It's always the best days when we get to Skype with our missionary!
The best part about this Skype session is that it happened on Mother's Day which also happened to be Mom's birthday.
What a great birthday present!

Elder Kinville is doing great!
We learned that only rich people have dryers in Scotland.
Always a good time.

Only 1 more phone call left before our Elder returns home!

Weekly Update #57

From a marvelous, sunny land in Thurso, hello! It's a lovely day here today, I hope it's lovely for you all. My week was lovely, too! Here we go!
     The rest of Monday we did some things with the Invergordon elders and then got dropped off in Inverness for an exchange with those elders. Elder Wynder and I GQed Inverness and had an overall good time there!
     Tuesday we started off right proper. I was on exchanges with Elder Clay and we went out and about and GQed Inverness for most of the morning. That was grand and all, and then we had lunch and went right back to GQing. During that, Elder Clay and I taught a lesson on the spot and it was marvelous. After that bit, we went about to pick up a youth, visit a member's brother, and get me and Elder Wynder to a member's house for a meal. That was grand. The whole day was grand. I can't even complain about it.
     Wednesday, though. That. That was the best. We went down to Edinburgh and I found most of my old companions like Elder Roylance, Elder Thueson, Elder Wynder (He was an old companion), and Elder Oldham. Elder Oldham is going home at the end of this transfer. It was a blast to be able to see him and get instruction on missionary work. I loved it. Also, my whole MTC group was present at the meeting! Crazy! Like, really crazy! I also saw the whole of Inverness District, so there's going to be plenty of pictures from Wednesday alone. It was a fabulous meeting. Loved it.

     Thursday we traveled back to Thurso, stopping off for a wee while to help Invergordon with a service project. After, we got back to Thurso and did our shopping. After that, we went to a less-active's house and had a grand lesson. We then had a barbeque, which was the best. Like, totally the best. This week was fantastic, and it only got better.
     Friday we did a lot of work at the church. We put together some administrative information and then we cleaned the church and did bits and pieces of service about Thurso along with some work. In the evening, we had a dinner with the American family in the branch. That was the best.
     Saturday was another service Saturday. I finished the 12,000 piece puzzle. Fun fact: the puzzle actually had 12,096 pieces and in the end I had 12,095. I was freaking out, worried that I would have to end two days of work because one piece was missing. I found the piece, though. It was hidden in the box. Tender mercy, right there folks. Anywho, after that we did service at the croft, which is always grand. After that, we went to a missionary farewell from a member in the branch. That was grand.
     Sunday was American's Mother's Day! I had the blessing of Skyping my mother this day, which was special because it was her birthday, too! So, I drew a special Mother's Day picture. It was grand. Church was good, too.

     This week was incredible. I'm a fan of how it went. There's so many things about this week that made it so good. The greatest of which was all the tender mercies and the little bits that just made me smile. I can't complain.
     Hey, you all have a great week, alright? It's going to be a fun week! Take care and choose the right!

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

Monday, May 2, 2016

Weekly Update #56

   Hello, and welcome to the show! Let's get the craic rolling right proper for this week.

     This week was grand. Monday was kicked off heading out to a member's house for a Family Home Evening, which was fun. It was also fun as we walked for shopping, because it decided to wind a lot and hail a lot. There's plenty of that this week, you'll find out.

     Tuesday we had a District Meeting and it was grand, like always. Afterwards, we went about and did some work out in Wick. It started to hail there, so we found refuge in a bus shelter. 

After travelling back, we had dinner with our Branch Mission Leader, which was a blast as always. Afterwards, we did a little bit more work and closed out the night.

     Wednesday was when we had a good time. We did some GQing about in the morning, and then we had a wonderful lunch. After, we did some more work around town and found a log on the beach, so we pulled a Jean Valjean and retrieved the flag. It was grand. My face got red from lifting the 300+ pound log with Elder Wynder and then solo-holding it while he took a picture. 

Elder Wynder was epic in his picture, though. Took both of us to lift it. After that and a bit more GQing, we called it a night.

     On Thursday we did a little bit of weekly planning. After that, we had a quick lunch and shot out to Wick to meet with several less-actives. It was a grand time there. Afterwards, we went to Castletown to meet with the recent convert and his family. Times only were good there. That was Thursday.

     Friday we finished weekly planning. Then, we did some work around Thurso. After that, we went to a croft and did some service on an extension they're making, helping with their roof. It was fun. Rained and hailed while we were there, but it was fun. 

After that, we had Branch Council and it was the end of another good day.

     Service Saturday! We got into the charity shop, I sorted through 7,000 pieces of a 12,000 piece puzzle. It was fun. I almost lost a piece, but thankfully I found it. Effort not wasted there. After, we went to another croft and did out bit of service there, which is always fun. You can't go wrong with croft service, even when it's hailing.

     Sunday was grand, too. We went to church, had an awesome time there, set up some things for this week, and then the Branch President invited us over for a lunch and some talking. We agreed and went with him, helped him walk his dog, and then visited some folks. Overall, grand day! 

     Today it has been fun and travel. The Invergordon elders were up to take us down there so we could exchange with Elder Hornburger and his crew before we had an All-Scotland confrerence this Wednesday. It's gonna be a blast. So, in Invergordon right now, emailing, having fun. Who could ask for anything more? I can't.

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"