Monday, May 2, 2016

Weekly Update #56

   Hello, and welcome to the show! Let's get the craic rolling right proper for this week.

     This week was grand. Monday was kicked off heading out to a member's house for a Family Home Evening, which was fun. It was also fun as we walked for shopping, because it decided to wind a lot and hail a lot. There's plenty of that this week, you'll find out.

     Tuesday we had a District Meeting and it was grand, like always. Afterwards, we went about and did some work out in Wick. It started to hail there, so we found refuge in a bus shelter. 

After travelling back, we had dinner with our Branch Mission Leader, which was a blast as always. Afterwards, we did a little bit more work and closed out the night.

     Wednesday was when we had a good time. We did some GQing about in the morning, and then we had a wonderful lunch. After, we did some more work around town and found a log on the beach, so we pulled a Jean Valjean and retrieved the flag. It was grand. My face got red from lifting the 300+ pound log with Elder Wynder and then solo-holding it while he took a picture. 

Elder Wynder was epic in his picture, though. Took both of us to lift it. After that and a bit more GQing, we called it a night.

     On Thursday we did a little bit of weekly planning. After that, we had a quick lunch and shot out to Wick to meet with several less-actives. It was a grand time there. Afterwards, we went to Castletown to meet with the recent convert and his family. Times only were good there. That was Thursday.

     Friday we finished weekly planning. Then, we did some work around Thurso. After that, we went to a croft and did some service on an extension they're making, helping with their roof. It was fun. Rained and hailed while we were there, but it was fun. 

After that, we had Branch Council and it was the end of another good day.

     Service Saturday! We got into the charity shop, I sorted through 7,000 pieces of a 12,000 piece puzzle. It was fun. I almost lost a piece, but thankfully I found it. Effort not wasted there. After, we went to another croft and did out bit of service there, which is always fun. You can't go wrong with croft service, even when it's hailing.

     Sunday was grand, too. We went to church, had an awesome time there, set up some things for this week, and then the Branch President invited us over for a lunch and some talking. We agreed and went with him, helped him walk his dog, and then visited some folks. Overall, grand day! 

     Today it has been fun and travel. The Invergordon elders were up to take us down there so we could exchange with Elder Hornburger and his crew before we had an All-Scotland confrerence this Wednesday. It's gonna be a blast. So, in Invergordon right now, emailing, having fun. Who could ask for anything more? I can't.

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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