Monday, May 9, 2016

Weekly Update #57

From a marvelous, sunny land in Thurso, hello! It's a lovely day here today, I hope it's lovely for you all. My week was lovely, too! Here we go!
     The rest of Monday we did some things with the Invergordon elders and then got dropped off in Inverness for an exchange with those elders. Elder Wynder and I GQed Inverness and had an overall good time there!
     Tuesday we started off right proper. I was on exchanges with Elder Clay and we went out and about and GQed Inverness for most of the morning. That was grand and all, and then we had lunch and went right back to GQing. During that, Elder Clay and I taught a lesson on the spot and it was marvelous. After that bit, we went about to pick up a youth, visit a member's brother, and get me and Elder Wynder to a member's house for a meal. That was grand. The whole day was grand. I can't even complain about it.
     Wednesday, though. That. That was the best. We went down to Edinburgh and I found most of my old companions like Elder Roylance, Elder Thueson, Elder Wynder (He was an old companion), and Elder Oldham. Elder Oldham is going home at the end of this transfer. It was a blast to be able to see him and get instruction on missionary work. I loved it. Also, my whole MTC group was present at the meeting! Crazy! Like, really crazy! I also saw the whole of Inverness District, so there's going to be plenty of pictures from Wednesday alone. It was a fabulous meeting. Loved it.

     Thursday we traveled back to Thurso, stopping off for a wee while to help Invergordon with a service project. After, we got back to Thurso and did our shopping. After that, we went to a less-active's house and had a grand lesson. We then had a barbeque, which was the best. Like, totally the best. This week was fantastic, and it only got better.
     Friday we did a lot of work at the church. We put together some administrative information and then we cleaned the church and did bits and pieces of service about Thurso along with some work. In the evening, we had a dinner with the American family in the branch. That was the best.
     Saturday was another service Saturday. I finished the 12,000 piece puzzle. Fun fact: the puzzle actually had 12,096 pieces and in the end I had 12,095. I was freaking out, worried that I would have to end two days of work because one piece was missing. I found the piece, though. It was hidden in the box. Tender mercy, right there folks. Anywho, after that we did service at the croft, which is always grand. After that, we went to a missionary farewell from a member in the branch. That was grand.
     Sunday was American's Mother's Day! I had the blessing of Skyping my mother this day, which was special because it was her birthday, too! So, I drew a special Mother's Day picture. It was grand. Church was good, too.

     This week was incredible. I'm a fan of how it went. There's so many things about this week that made it so good. The greatest of which was all the tender mercies and the little bits that just made me smile. I can't complain.
     Hey, you all have a great week, alright? It's going to be a fun week! Take care and choose the right!

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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