Monday, January 25, 2016

Weekly Update #42

  (Insert terrible attempt at copy Robert Burns' poetry for a welcoming address. Please see for a proper address) Here's this week!

     Monday was a usual Monday. I was lazy with my camera this week, so I really only took pictures on Saturday, but I'll include a picture from Wednesday, too. Anywho, Monday was grand!

     Tuesday we rocked and rolled out for some work. We did some good stuff Tuesday. While we consumed lunch, we got a call that our exchanges, which were scheduled for Tuesday, were not going to happen in the morning, but more so in the evening. So, we went on our merry way! We had a fantastic dinner and then a marvellous lesson with Annette and her daughter. After, we ran out, got Elder Crowe and Lampropoulus, and returned to the flat to drink much soda.

     Wednesday, we did dealings for the morning (except for a picture) until 1 when we had a magical spaghetti lunch with Jack. It was magical, let me say. After, Elder Lampropoulus and I got a lift from Elder Tarbet and Gullion and we went to Edinburgh for the world-wide missionary broadcast. That was great, but before then we went to this restaurant called Nandos, which serves mainly chicken. It was very pleasing. After, the missionary broadcast was a blast. It was. Wow! I recommend it to all.

     Thursday we had some planning then a lunch with Anne! That, as always, was great. We had a grand time. Then, we had some time to do some work before flat inspections, so we cleaned a little bit. After, we had flat inspections, we passed, and ate at this really neat place in Dalkeith that we've never been to but we're going to return because we might have a potential investigator over there now. Woooo!

     Friday, we went about working before our lunch at the Johnston's, which is always great, let me say. After the lunch, we did a touch of service, then ran into Newtongrange for a lesson with a wonderful woman, who happened to have gotten held up in the hospital so we rescheduled. After, we had another lesson with a chap and then we called it a night!

     Saturday was indeed a special day. In the morning, we produced some Biscoff Blondes for the legendary BBP (Biscoff Blonde Principle). 

We then had steak bakes for lunch. Please note: in the picture with the steak bakes, the Coke is not mine. Mine is the bottle of Irn Bru. In the afternoon, we went about and delivered them. All the folks we wanted to see were home and it was great. We get really lucky, because two of the families were either just getting home or had just gotten in. It was grand, though. In the evening, we had some venison because it was on sale at Tesco on Monday. It was great!

     What am I to say about Sunday other than it was another fantastic Sunday? It was grand! We went to church, had a good meeting, got back from church, finished up some planning we didn't quite get to, visited a less-active, and had an overall good day.

     What a blessing it is! Today is Robert Burns Day, hence why I tried to create poetry but ended up saying 'Nah, I don't need that.' It's going to be a great week! I've got one week 'till moves call, so we'll see what happens next week!

     When setting goals, remember Alma 32:28. Change a bit, though. Instead of comparing the word to a seed, compare a goal to a seed. I know that as we do allow the Spirit to work with us as we set goals and as we give it room in our hearts, not casting it out because of a lack of confidence, but having full faith that the goal is good and will work, we will achieve great things.

     Thank you so much for your letters! I love you all! F'reals! 

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

Monday, January 18, 2016

Weekly Update #41

 From the magical winter wonderland known as Dalkeith, howdy! It's been snowing here, and it has been magical! So grand!

     But the rest of Monday was grand, too. We went about, checked some things, did good stuff, and had a kebab! Woo!

     Tuesday we went into Edinburgh for a District Meeting. That meeting was grand. We practised a wide range of finding and other tools to do missionary work. It was nice to get that refreshing course. Later, we did some work, went to the Ross' for a fabulous meal, and then had a lesson with Annette and her daughter. It was good!

     Wednesday we got up and went about to do good. And we did. After a day full of fun, we went to the Campbell's for a nice dinner. It was a nice dinner, too. We then went to an ARP meeting to support some folks and called it a night.

     Thursday we did a weekly thing known as weekly planning. It was good. After, we had ward mission coordination at Jack's place. In true Jack fashion, we had spaghetti. That was marvellous. After, we had a good chat about the 2016 goals for Dalkeith and whatnot. It was good. 

     Thursday night, it snew! And Friday, we walked around in it! We went out to chap this neighbourhood and then had lunch at the Johnston's. It was lovely. After, we went to another place and kept chapping out there, hoping to find some folks. We didn't really find anyone, but we had some good conversations! We then had a lesson with a less active, then we travelled back to our flat to feast upon the words of Christ and call it a night.

     Saturday, the winter magic continued. We did some work in the morning, had a good lunch, then went out to have another less active lesson, then we went out to try-by some folks to see if they still wanted the Gospel. We met with most of them and we scheduled several appointments for this next week! Exciting! Then... Magic! It decided to snow. It wasn't the wet, lame snow that folks often think of, nor was it sleet. It was the good, fluffy, movie-esque snow! It was great! So we kept knocking doors! After, we went back to the flat and called it a night and had dinner.

     Sunday, we got out early and took the forest path to church because we were feeling adventurous! It was a good thing we did, too, because it was a beautiful walk. We then went out, shovelled snow from the church drive and walk ways, then had church. President Donaldson decided to come to our church meeting, which was a fantastic surprise. I enjoyed it. After church, we had lunch, did some work, met with a less active, and walked back to our flat where it snew again! Wow! It was super magical, let me say. If we were being filmed, folks would've thought it was a Disney film.

     That was this marvellous week! Hopefully you all had a great week as well!

     Probably the driving force of us doing good craic is the fact that time is the most limited resource to us. We don't have all the time in the world, we only have a set number of days. Do we know how much time that is? No, we don't. So we better do our best. It's such a blessing to be able to get up and work every day and to talk to people, have fun while doing it, and to become legendary.

     Happy Chinese New Year, this week! Year of the monkey! Whooooo! Make it good!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

Monday, January 11, 2016

Weekly Update #40

From the epic land of Dalkeith, let the review of the week begin!

     The rest of Monday was a grand ol' time. Not a lot got done.

     Tuesday was Zone Interview Training! Yay! It was a blast. We went there, had some fabulous instruction on teaching more personal like lessons and getting folks to come out to church. It was grand in all aspects. After, we went back to the flat, ate food, and had Ward Council. Always fun.

     Wednesday we went about and did a bit of work. After doing some good work and having lunch and working a bit more, we had dinner at the Ross' and then met with some people at the church.  Overall, good day.

     Thursday was weekly planning and spaghetti! Whoo! Jack is still a champion, let me say. After, we tried by a few people and then went over to Annette and had a marvellous lesson with her. It's so neat. I'm a fan of missionary work, let me say. After, we missed the bus heading back to Dalkeith, so we had a bit of time to walk about and chat with some people. Bueno.

     On Friday we travelled about, did some work, had a fantastic lunch at the Johnston's, gave an elderly sister a blessing, travelled again to Dalkeith to meet with a less active, travelled again to another place in Dalkeith for another meeting with a woman in a caring home and gave her a blessing too, then we went out and met with another less active. It was a busy day. It also snowed a bit. 

For dinner, we made nachos. Those nachos were good, let me say.

     Saturday we did a lot of try-bys. We made biscoff blondes, two batches, and they looked totally different from each other. I have no clue why, but they did. 

Anywho, we went out, went to a less active fellow and gave him blondes, went to a member family and gave them blondes, went to another member family and gave them blondes, went to another less active family and gave them blondes, and finally went to a final member and gave them blondes. Overall, a lot of bus travel, but it was good. We've been having trouble getting in contact with the less actives, and when we delivered our blondes they were at their houses and we were able to have neat little chats! It was good!

     Sunday was a usual Sunday. Church was grand. After church was grand. Had food at the Middleton's. Bob is still the best. Did a bit of work to close out.

     Overall, this week was a bit slow, but good. I enjoyed being able to get out and giving folks the biscoff blondes were the best. 9/10, I'd say.

     I hope you all have a great week! Do many good things and keep being the incredible people you are! All ya'll are incredible. Do good, be good, love God.

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

Monday, January 4, 2016

Weekly Update #39

  Bueno dias from Dalkeith! A Prosperous New Year to everyone as well! Let's get the ball rolling on what I did.

     Monday was a good day. We did the usual P-day activities and then did some work and returned to the flat for the evening.

     We had a District Meeting on Tuesday, which was fantastic! I enjoyed being able to see Elder Crowe, Lapropolous, Gullion, and Tarbet in the same room. It was a lovely meeting. Elder Tarbet and Gullion joined us for some IKEA Swedish meatballs afterwards. After, we boosted back to Dalkeith to take care of some business, have a delicious meal at the Ross', then taught Annette and her daughter. It was good.

     On Wednesday we did a bit of work, visited Jack and had a delicious meal of spaghetti, paired with a spiritual thought. Also while there, Elder Roylance and I decided we would look good with glasses.

Then did some travelling and finding, then we visited a less active fellow and had a fantastic time. The name that shall be given for him is Kevbot. No  other name shall be given for him other than Kevbot. Kevbot is his name. Kevbot is a great person! 

     New Year's Eve was pretty fun, let me say. We woke up, studied, did some work, visited a less active, did some more finding, ate dinner, and then spent the rest of the evening inside enjoying the night. Fireworks went off a wee bit, too. It was enjoyable. 

     New Years was great! We spent most of that day in the flat enjoying life, cheese balls, and lava lamps. That was it. We had kebabs for dinner. That's pretty important to note.

     On Saturday we had a lunch with Anne, which was fantastic as always. She had just gone on a trip to the States and she, being the incredible woman she is, got me a can of cheddar cheese Pringles! 

It was so good! I miss the fake cheddar flavour in the States. Anywho, that was a grand visit. After, we did a bit of work to close out the day.

     Sunday we went to church and had an overall grand time. After church, there was a boy who was being baptised so we stayed for support and it was a nice time. I got a wooden tie.

After that, we went back to the flat, did some lunch to break the fast, and then visited a less active fellow and had a wonderful lesson on the ABC's of repentance. 

     This week was great. We weren't able to do as much as we would have liked, but me and Elder Roylance have plans to get plenty of work done. We're gonna do great, let me say. 

     Remember, this is the time of the year to make big decisions about life and to stick to them! Too many people just let their dreams be dreams. They dream about success, but they don't get up to work hard at it. Missionary work is all about setting these goals or dreams, then just doing it. Remember this, and have a Prosperous New Year!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

Pictures from last week! 
Us at Star Wars, see out lightsabers at the bottom.

We did an incredible Matrix picture shoot.

And the Christmas Eve full moon!