Monday, February 29, 2016

Weekly Update #47

 Curveball today, I'm in Inverness right now! Right next to Loch Ness! Wow! The reason? Our car needs to be fixed. So, today from Nessy's home, bueno dias! Sorry if this one seems a bit shorter this week, I can't remember much from some of the days. Let's get the craic rolling!

     Anywho, the rest of Monday was fabulous! We went out, did some shopping, cleaned the car, and then ran about to the Old Wick Castle where we took some incredible pictures! Pretty sweet. We then did a wee bit of finding to close out the night.
     Tuesday we ran about and did more finding, chatting with people and returning to the village we found. It was a good day, I must say.
     Wednesday we did finding. But, we also weekly planned! This was because we thought we would be in Inverness on Thursday, not today. Welp, that was that. It was pretty good, good time finding!
     Thursday we went about and did finding to start off the day. In the evening, we visited a less active and then also visited Lee, a recent convert, and his family. That was fun, we had a good lesson there as well. Always fun, always fun.

     Friday we did what we did best: finding. To say the least, it is monotonous. Thankfully, though, on Saturday the Assistants to the President came up.
     We started by heading to the high street in Thurso, I've walked it a few times not doing much GQing. It was incredible. I was with Elder Haller and we had a blast going about and chatting with all these folks. Pretty swell. Also, selfie with a mustang, not common in Scotland let alone Thurso. We then had lunch and went over to Wick where we did the same thing. We swapped, though, and I went with Elder Ilori and did some finding. We knocked on a door at one point and got let in to talk a bit with this fellow from India. It was good. They then gave us some excellent advice and went on their way. It was also my birthday, or something, so I had a kebab.

     Sunday was a good Sunday! It was also the day we got moves call. We went to church, had good lessons all around, and then went for lunch. After lunch, we went about and talked to a few people on the streets. Then, the waiting began. At six, moves call began and Elder Thueson was freaking out, kid you not. We got back to the flat for dinner when we got our call. Elder Thueson is leaving me and in his place I'll be getting Elder Wynder. Yep. Remember him? I do. It's crazy, I laughed when I heard that. Wow! It's funny, too, because Elder Wynder said we needed to serve together again and look at this! Wow! What a blast!
     That was this week! This boy is now 20, and there's good times ahead! To all of you, have a marvellous week! Do incredible things!

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Happy Birthday Elder Kinville!

Elder Kinville is a half a world away celebrating his 20th birthday today!
Jake, we are so proud of you and love you so much!
Thank you for setting an amazing example for not only us, but also for our children!

Can you believe that it's already been 11 months?
13 months until we get to celebrate with you!
We will celebrate you today with cupcakes and the theater,
the way we know that you would if you were here!


Monday, February 22, 2016

Weekly Update #46

 The number at the top just keeps getting smaller and smaller, doesn't it? I hope that's good! Anywho, howdy! Thurso has been a magical, marvelous, splendid land of winter and ever-changing seasons! 

     The rest of Monday was a magical preparation day. After, we went to a small town and chapped out there, where we looked at the awe-inspiring night sky and then kept on going. 

     On Tuesday we had our first District Meeting! That was fun, seeing that we had to Skype into the meeting. A new experience  and sort of exciting! That was grand. Afterwards, we went off to knock on some doors, have lunch, go knock on more doors, find villages, and then find a peculiar thing. I enjoy this thing.

I have named him Oma. Me and Oma are pals. That was neat. We just kept on finding until dinner.

     Wednesday we rocked and rolled with more finding! While knocking on doors, this fellow was walking about, talking rather loudly, to someone about how it was Wednesday and 'you cannae be out on a Wednesday!' He wasn't looking at us, he was down the street a ways, we have no clue what he was talking about. But remember, don't do it on a Wednesday. We then just kept chapping that night.

     Thursday we ran about and did more finding! Wow! After, we chapped out this village and then had a lesson with the recent convert and chatted with his family. The family is fantastic! Truly incredible. Such a fun family. 

     Friday we went out and about and did what we did best: find!  After that and some lunch, we went to a less-active member and had a chat with her as well as a lesson. It was good, very good. We then did more chapping, tried to find more people, then it was the end of the night.

     On Saturday, with in the space of ten minutes it went from sunny and pretty nice to dark, snowy, and sort of miserable. 

Nevertheless, we went out and we did service. At the charity shop, there was an accordion brought in, so I was able to toot a few notes out on it to make sure it worked. After, we went to the croft and did service there. Wonderful, it was. Such a blast. We had haggis, then returned to our flat.

     Sunday was a Sunday. It was hailing in the morning, so we went to church. After church, we had lunch and then went out to find. We did some finding, chatted with some people, and it was sunny. Then the sun left and it began to snow. Then we went out in the snow to do more finding. Then, while we were at a door, the snow turned to ice bullets of death. That was a blast. The roads were super slick and it was fun driving back home. Bueno, bueno.

     Anywho, that was this week! Hopefully you all have had equally incredible weeks, hopefully with a wee bit better weather! Cheers!

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

Monday, February 15, 2016

Weekly Update #45

Again from Thurso, bueno dias! Hopefully you all have had a great week, because I did!

     The rest of Monday, we did some finding! It's always fun to find in Thurso, let me say. There's plenty of small villages that you go from and can tract out in about two hours. When there's outlying houses, though, then it'll take a wee bit more time. 

     Tuesday, we started off heading out and found out someone who Elder Thueson had found wasn't there anymore. Pretty neat, let me say. After, we continued going around, met another fellow who invited us back later, kept going around, and kept knocking on doors! Whoo!

     Wednesday was much the same. Heading around, revisited that fellow who told us to come back, and then driving around finding small villages to see who was in and whatnot. In the evening, we met with our branch mission leader and had a lovely coordination and dinner. Good times.

     On Thursday, we did some more knocking and good times. Like we always do. We had lunch, kept knocking, went to Churchill, kept knocking, and then visited a recent convert, Theoden. That was a blast! His father, who's also a member, then gave me a spoonful of English Mustard and Marmite, which is apparently a rite of passage in Thurso. It was... Alright. The mustard cleared my nasal passages, and the marmite just had a terrible bite on the end. Pretty good.

     Friday we kept doing work. We tried by a past fellow, he was in but on the drink. And we found Highland cows! We also knocked on more doors and then closed the evening by having a meal appointment with the Jones, an American family! They're fun.

     Service Saturday! You can sort of copy and paste what I did last Saturday and it would be the same, except in the evening we were fed haggis! Whoo! 

     Then on Sunday we went to church, went to branch choir, knocked on some doors and found some sheep. Ten minutes later, it snowed and got really dark, and had an overall great Sunday! Also, Valentine's Day, for those of you who celebrate it. We found Lover's Lane and took pictures by it, because Valentine's Day. Whoop!

That was my week! Short, but we did plenty of work, knocking on all those doors. Plenty of fun, plenty of good, plenty of knocking! You all have a great week, okay? Okay. Cheers!

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

Monday, February 8, 2016

Weekly Update #44

From the tippy top of Scotland, howdy! Let's get the good times rolling!

     Monday was me and Elder Roylance getting ready. Packing, last minute details, getting craic done. It was grand, methinks. We also went over to Jack's to say goodbye. It was bitter-sweet. I enjoyed it, though. It was good to say bye.

     Tuesday we kept working at packing and doing a wee bit of work in the afternoon. After that, we boogied out to Bonnyrig to say goodbye to the Ross' with a final farewell meal. That was grand. After, we went to Annette's house and said bye there with a final lesson.It was marvelous. 

     Wednesday was a bunch of travel. I parted with Elder Roylance, took a final selfie, 

then took a train to Aberdeen to meet with Elder Thueson. After a train ride, we met up with the Aberdeen Zone Leaders, I found my companion, and then we drove out to the Zone Leader's flat to drop off some people and stuff. After that, though, the fun begins! I got the keys to the car, got in, and started on the five hour drive from Aberdeen to Thurso, with a wee stop in Inverness to drop off supplies to the elders there. We got back to the flat, and that was that!

     Thursday, we kicked it off by letting me get to know the town of Thurso by Gqing around it. 

     That was grand. We then knocked doors. This continued on to most of the night, with a small break for lunch and a bit of respite whilst travelling. We then weekly planned, had dinner, called it a wonderful night.

     Then came Friday. Friday was another day of knocking at doors. It was a blast! Let me say. There were some pretty neat folks we ran into, none of which wanted us to come back, but oh well. That's the way the cookie crumbles. 

     Service Saturday. That is what we have at Thurso. On Saturday, we start off by offering service to a charity shop, counting puzzles and whatnot. It was pretty fun. I felt like counting everything after that. After a lunch, we then went to a member's house to help out with their farm/croft! It was so fun! We mucked out a barn, did a lot of lifting and whatnot, and there were cows and horses and chickens! Sheep were also there, but sheep are everywhere in Thurso. I took a picture of Elder Thueson next to two of the cows. 

Pretty great, let me say. They then fed us, and we returned to the flat to shower and get ready for bed.

     Sunday was a good Sunday! We went to church, had a less active member show up, I met most of the branch, we sang in the branch choir, and then we went out to knock more doors! We knock so many doors. So many. 

     This week has been a flash. It's started and then was over pretty quick, let me say. I'm loving Thurso so far. It's up in the Highlands, so there's nothing and it is gorgeous! Truly incredible. Elder Thueson is also a champion. We're going to do great craic there! 

     Anywho, that is that! Thank you all for the prayers and support! I wish each and everyone of you an incredible week!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Weekly Update #43

For the last time from Dalkeith, greetings friends!

     This week has been spectacular. The rest of Monday was a usual P-day, nothing big to report.

     Tuesday we had our final District Meeting before moves and moves call. It was a grand District Meeting. Afterwards, Elder Gullion and Tarbet came over and we ate a lunch together for the last time. A lot of last times in this email. We then went out, did some work, went to the Ross' for a marvellous meal, and then visited Annette and her family. Always a grand way to end a day!

     Wednesday we rocked and rolled out strong, taking care of some business then heading out and about to find. We did some decent finding, going out to a town we don't go to often and found a lovely subdivision to find in. Also, found a perfectly good CD on the ground from the 80's. 

We left it, missionaries shouldn't listen to 80's music. We then went to a meeting and called it a night.

     Thursday was the day of a marvellous spaghetti lunch with Jack and Anna. Ben, our ward mission leader, also showed up. That was fun, fun! Anywho, we had a good time there, and came back to do some work and weekly plan. Weekly planning is always fun.

     Friday was a busy day and the day we had a Burn's Night Supper at the church! But before we get to that, the rest of the day. We went into a town to see what type of finding we could do there. It was a good place to find, with a lot more folks than Dalkeith and some better places to talk with them on the street. Then, we went to visit with a less-active fellow. Like always, a lovely chat. Then, we went to the Burn's Night Supper! It was grand. I wore my kilt, Jack had his, there was haggis, it was a blast!

     Saturday was an incredible day. We went out and did some finding, went out and visited a less active, having another good chat. We then went out, got off on the wrong stop because Americans were distracting us, had to wait for a bus back into Dalkeith, and then caught it and had a quick bit of food. After, we went into another town, visited another less-active fellow and his family, and then we could call it a night. Busy, busy, busy.

     On Sunday we went to church first. That was good. At church, we had one of the less-active people show up, which is always great. We chatted with him, Jack gave a good talk, and then me and Elder Roylance taught combined Preisthood/Relief Society. That was good! After, we met with one of our investigators and he wants to be baptised! Wow! That was great. After, we had dinner at a member's home and then we went to another member's house for a cottage evening with Annette, Jack, and Anna. It was great.

     While at the member's home eating dinner, we got our moves call. Elder Roylance will be staying and I'll be replaced by Elder Tarbet. Yup. He's coming back. It's odd. Anywho, I'll be heading up, up, up, up, up, up to Thurso to be companions with Elder Thueson (Might be spelt wrong). I've met him back in Dublin. He's grand! It's going to be great! Dalkeith has been a blast, from Irish Joe to Jack, to the people we worked with and the work we got done! Wow! I'm excited but Dalkeith will hold a very special place in my heart.

     Take care! Thank you for the support! Keep being great. You'll do great if you are great. And you all are!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"