Monday, February 8, 2016

Weekly Update #44

From the tippy top of Scotland, howdy! Let's get the good times rolling!

     Monday was me and Elder Roylance getting ready. Packing, last minute details, getting craic done. It was grand, methinks. We also went over to Jack's to say goodbye. It was bitter-sweet. I enjoyed it, though. It was good to say bye.

     Tuesday we kept working at packing and doing a wee bit of work in the afternoon. After that, we boogied out to Bonnyrig to say goodbye to the Ross' with a final farewell meal. That was grand. After, we went to Annette's house and said bye there with a final lesson.It was marvelous. 

     Wednesday was a bunch of travel. I parted with Elder Roylance, took a final selfie, 

then took a train to Aberdeen to meet with Elder Thueson. After a train ride, we met up with the Aberdeen Zone Leaders, I found my companion, and then we drove out to the Zone Leader's flat to drop off some people and stuff. After that, though, the fun begins! I got the keys to the car, got in, and started on the five hour drive from Aberdeen to Thurso, with a wee stop in Inverness to drop off supplies to the elders there. We got back to the flat, and that was that!

     Thursday, we kicked it off by letting me get to know the town of Thurso by Gqing around it. 

     That was grand. We then knocked doors. This continued on to most of the night, with a small break for lunch and a bit of respite whilst travelling. We then weekly planned, had dinner, called it a wonderful night.

     Then came Friday. Friday was another day of knocking at doors. It was a blast! Let me say. There were some pretty neat folks we ran into, none of which wanted us to come back, but oh well. That's the way the cookie crumbles. 

     Service Saturday. That is what we have at Thurso. On Saturday, we start off by offering service to a charity shop, counting puzzles and whatnot. It was pretty fun. I felt like counting everything after that. After a lunch, we then went to a member's house to help out with their farm/croft! It was so fun! We mucked out a barn, did a lot of lifting and whatnot, and there were cows and horses and chickens! Sheep were also there, but sheep are everywhere in Thurso. I took a picture of Elder Thueson next to two of the cows. 

Pretty great, let me say. They then fed us, and we returned to the flat to shower and get ready for bed.

     Sunday was a good Sunday! We went to church, had a less active member show up, I met most of the branch, we sang in the branch choir, and then we went out to knock more doors! We knock so many doors. So many. 

     This week has been a flash. It's started and then was over pretty quick, let me say. I'm loving Thurso so far. It's up in the Highlands, so there's nothing and it is gorgeous! Truly incredible. Elder Thueson is also a champion. We're going to do great craic there! 

     Anywho, that is that! Thank you all for the prayers and support! I wish each and everyone of you an incredible week!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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