Monday, February 29, 2016

Weekly Update #47

 Curveball today, I'm in Inverness right now! Right next to Loch Ness! Wow! The reason? Our car needs to be fixed. So, today from Nessy's home, bueno dias! Sorry if this one seems a bit shorter this week, I can't remember much from some of the days. Let's get the craic rolling!

     Anywho, the rest of Monday was fabulous! We went out, did some shopping, cleaned the car, and then ran about to the Old Wick Castle where we took some incredible pictures! Pretty sweet. We then did a wee bit of finding to close out the night.
     Tuesday we ran about and did more finding, chatting with people and returning to the village we found. It was a good day, I must say.
     Wednesday we did finding. But, we also weekly planned! This was because we thought we would be in Inverness on Thursday, not today. Welp, that was that. It was pretty good, good time finding!
     Thursday we went about and did finding to start off the day. In the evening, we visited a less active and then also visited Lee, a recent convert, and his family. That was fun, we had a good lesson there as well. Always fun, always fun.

     Friday we did what we did best: finding. To say the least, it is monotonous. Thankfully, though, on Saturday the Assistants to the President came up.
     We started by heading to the high street in Thurso, I've walked it a few times not doing much GQing. It was incredible. I was with Elder Haller and we had a blast going about and chatting with all these folks. Pretty swell. Also, selfie with a mustang, not common in Scotland let alone Thurso. We then had lunch and went over to Wick where we did the same thing. We swapped, though, and I went with Elder Ilori and did some finding. We knocked on a door at one point and got let in to talk a bit with this fellow from India. It was good. They then gave us some excellent advice and went on their way. It was also my birthday, or something, so I had a kebab.

     Sunday was a good Sunday! It was also the day we got moves call. We went to church, had good lessons all around, and then went for lunch. After lunch, we went about and talked to a few people on the streets. Then, the waiting began. At six, moves call began and Elder Thueson was freaking out, kid you not. We got back to the flat for dinner when we got our call. Elder Thueson is leaving me and in his place I'll be getting Elder Wynder. Yep. Remember him? I do. It's crazy, I laughed when I heard that. Wow! It's funny, too, because Elder Wynder said we needed to serve together again and look at this! Wow! What a blast!
     That was this week! This boy is now 20, and there's good times ahead! To all of you, have a marvellous week! Do incredible things!

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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