Monday, March 7, 2016

Weekly Update #48

     The dynamic duo! The devastating duet! The... D-adjective dudes are back together again! Hooo-yeah! Elder Wynder and Elder Kinville are back in action! Watch out Thurso! Here's what we did this week:

     Monday we started by travelling to Inverness, as many already know. We spent the day there, getting the car fixed, finding, chatting with folks, doing things that can't be done in Thurso (like eating at Subway). It was grand.

     Tuesday me and Elder Thueson were told to keep Inverness pretty for the day. So we did finding. It was alright. We got the car back, had lunch, did some finding, and then drove down to Aberdeen. It was a lovely drive. After, we had a meal with a member down in Aberdeen and then met another chap and called it a night. We stayed the night at some other elder's flat. I can't remember the other elder, but one of them was Elder Tullis. He's a champion.

     Wednesday we got up early, dropped off Elder Thueson and Elder Tullis' companion, and then I got Elder Wynder back! Hooo-yeah! That was grand and all. We instantly kicked back on old jokes and began the supposed-to-be-five-but-turned-to-six-because-of-weather drive. That was great. We then got some foodstuffs and called it a night.

     Thursday we kicked it off by GQing around Thurso to show Elder Wynder what's what. We did that for the morning, had lunch, helped Lee with some rubbish, did weekly planning, and then went to Wick to GQ around there. It was fun. We talked to some folks. It was grand.

     Friday we went off to call/text/contact folks and GQ. That was good. After lunch, we did more finding, try-bys, and whatnot. In the evening, we met with Lee and his son (who's a recent convert) and had a grand lesson there. It's such a blast. After, we had dinner and that was the night. 

     Saturday was a service Saturday! We worked at the charity shop for a good while and then had some lunch and then went to the Tolworthy's croft for some more mucking. That was fun! We cleared out a horse pen thing and it was pretty fun. We then ate some good haggis and that was the night.

     Sunday we went to church, had a blast there, and then had lunch and then went about to do some finding in some villages. We found a breath-taking place. Thurso is so pretty sometimes! 

     That was this week! Short, but we did a ton of travelling and a ton of good things hit the floor. The same should be happening this week! What a blessing it is! Never underestimate the power of service and example! Wow!

     Cheers, folks! Have a great week and keep being who you are.

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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