Monday, March 14, 2016

Weekly Update #49

     What a wonderful week! 

     Monday was a Monday; pretty usual, I know. We went about in the evening and did some GQing and chatted with a few folks after emailing, shopping, and eating food.

     Tuesday we had a District Meeting, so we Skyped in there and it was a jolly meeting! Elder Perkins, our new District Leader, is in the same group as Elder Oldham and will be going home in two transfers (about 12 weeks). That is insane! Anywho, after we tried by some folks, chatted with some of them, went about, and then did some knocking to close out the night. It was pretty good, I'd say. But what made it better was that we created pretzel bites for dinner. 

Now, that was good! It was like, science had a child and it's name was Clarence! That's how good it was! 

     Wednesday we rocked and rolled out with some GQing right in the morning. We did that, chatted with a few people, nothing too interesting. We then went out and about and did some service for members, moving some muck about and helping them on their croft. We got to groom their horses, which was incredible. They have this large Clydesdale and a little Shetland pony. Elder Wynder, being six foot whatever, got the Clydesdale and I got to groom the pony. It was grand.

     On Thursday we weekly planned and talked about the branch. It was a good session, plenty of jolly discussion. After, we had lunch and then boogied off to Wick to do some try-bys and finding! Always fun, always fun. While out, we were walking through a park, chatting with folks there when we found a bunch of foam. 

Now, you can't see it in the picture, but when we first saw it, bits of the foam were flying about because of the wind. It was magical! F'reals! We then went over to the recent convert and had a lesson with him.

     Friday we started by GQing some more. People know us pretty well. It's fun. Anywho, we then visited two less active folks, both of which are fantastic people. After that, we continued our quest in finding and then closed the night with kebabs. It was marvelous, and it was also Elder Wynder's 18 month mark. Crazy! I remember celebrating his year mark when I was last with him. Bueno, bueno.

     Saturday was a service Saturday! We rocked it out at the charity shop, sorting some items and just being incredible. We talked with a few of the people there who asked some questions, but nothing big came from it. After, we did some more muck service on the croft, which is always fun. We're almost done clearing out this pen, and hopefully this week it'll be done! Then we can do other things on the croft! Like serve more! Whoo!

     Sunday was a kicker, though! We went to church, had a grand time there, and then after went to the Winkle's for a lunch. They are a fantastic family! It was a grand time being able to chat with them and all that. So worth it. Also, we may end up doing service there, too. Serve, serve, serve! Gonna be great! We did some GQing for the rest of the night and then had fajitas for dinner. What a blast.

     Mosiah 4:11-12. What a wonderful verse! Read it, right now. And with that I shall paraphrase Hugh Nibley in saying that this is a wonderful verse in that we are to remember our own nothingness, so we have nothing to worry about. But then, we are to remember God's greatness so we have everything to rejoice about! Not only does this apply to missionaries, but it ought to apply to each and every one of us. 

     That was this week! Thank you all so much for the support and prayers! May ya'll have a grand ol' time this week! Cheers!

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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