Monday, August 31, 2015

Weekly Update #21

 Hey, it's me from Dublin. Here's what's been going on:

     The rest of Monday was grand. We saw a top-notch street performance on Grafton Street and then went home and called most of the world to schedule appointments. We got a fair number scheduled, but a fair number of that fair number fell through in the end. 

     Tuesday was the first district meeting of the transfer, and I met the new Elders in Bray: Elder McFarlane and Elder Stoker. They're great Elders, both from the UK. In a game of chair football, I started to chant "USA" at Elder McFarlane prior to me knowing his origin and him. It was great, he remembered. We then went on exchanges and I took Elder Stoker to Terenure. It was grand. We met with the Polish trainer and with Vincent. Great day, I think.

     On Wednesday, we unexchanged and visited a former less-active member. Elder Oldham and I were responsible for reactivating him, so I figured we could have a pleasant chat with him. The chat certainly was interesting. After, we met with the metaphysics fellow and had a grand lesson on the plan of salvation. It took plenty of time, but it was a lesson. Definitely worth it.

     The next day, Thursday as it is called, we weekly planned and taught a lesson. We then were invited by Raynaldo for dinner, which we were happy to oblige. It was a great time, not a whole lot went on. Elder Wynder enjoys Raynaldo. Words cannot describe it. We then went to Ward Council to finish off the night. 

     Friday we did some service by trimming a garden a bit and then met with our Polish friend again. We visited him several times this week. We then did some good finding and determined we needed to find new placed to find. That is the current quest. 

     The next morning we went to Raynaldo's for a breakfast appointment! He's great, he's definitely my favorite member. The breakfast was grand, too. After, we met with our Polish friend again and had a pretty nice chat with him. After, we read some scriptures with Vincent and had a lovely talk with him. He's doing well since being baptised. I'm impressed by his growth even since I've started to meet with him. We then went home, cooked some great pasta, and visited our hyper-intelligent friend. That was a great conversation and a greater lesson. Lessons with him are the best.

     Sunday was grand. We biked to church, went to church, Elder Wynder taught a great lesson at church, church was neat. We then visited the fellow in the hospital and then went to a member's house for dinner. On the way we passed through a sketchy tunnel. The tunnel doesn't look to bad in the picture, but it was sketchy, trust me. 

I also took a selfie on his balcony with the Irish Sea in the background.

After that, we had the opportunity to teach our Polish friend and his family. We focused on the kids, showing the first animated Book of Mormon cartoon and talking about family and why it was good to be nice to people, especially your siblings. The Spirit was there and I felt like the lesson was a massive success. It's grand. Every day has been grand!

     We tallied our travel time this week, and it was insanely high. Me and Elder Wynder are working on better logistics to cut that time down so we can maximize our effectiveness in finding and teaching. Should be a good week. I'm a fan of what this week has in store. We have an all Ireland Conference tomorrow with President Donaldson and it'll be grand. 

     Anywho, that's this week. Hopefully ya'll are having a great time! Serve well, love well, live well!  

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekly Update #20

 Cheers from Dublin! It's crazy to think, first off, that I've been in Dublin for about four and a half months and at the end of this transfer it would've been six months! Madness! Anywho, this week in review.

     The rest of Monday we ran about and said bye to folks because Elder Oldham was leaving. It was a good day.

     Tuesday we got the details of where we were going, where we needed to be, and what we needed to do for the next day. We also ran around and met with our Polish friend and his family, said goodbye, and then continued on to complete the rest of our tasks. In the evening, we had a meal with the Harnoss' who are a great family. They have two top-notch kids. Check out the selfie we took with them. We then ran over to Clondalkin's flat to stay for the night. It was a grand evening.

     Wednesday started off well. We woke up, shuttled everyone to the bus station, then waited for the arrivals to arrive. Watched most of the Bible videos, Mormon messages, and other LDS videos while waiting. They finally arrived and I met Elder Wynder, a top-notch Elder from Salt Lake City. He's done tonnes of drama and acting, so I have no fear for this next transfer. It's going to be a blast.

     Thursday, we jumped into action. We weekly planned and taught a few lessons. My old planner is back at the flat, so I'm using my own memory, which is a bit difficult. Planner's are good, the save lives. Mission amnesia is real, too. True story. I'm sure we taught people.

     Friday started off great by meeting a nice Jewish American! He was grand to chat with as we did some finding around Dundrum. Anywho, we then ran around town teaching people, including Vincent, the fellow who wasn't confirmed and we worked on his garden for a good time and will still be working on his garden for a long time, and we prepared him for his confirmation on Sunday! :D That's an emoticon, I don't use those a lot, but that was my face. Friday was grand, Elder Wynder met with our Polish friend, and the hyper-intellect too. We also chatted with the metaphysics fellow, who apparently says that me and Elder Wynder are level-1 indigo type children... 
     There's some rough spots we need to clear out before he's baptised, but we'll get him there.

     Saturday we continued to run around and teach many people! Seriously, this week we did an insane amount of teaching. Eleven total lessons. Madness. Elder Wynder was impressed. We met with a Brazilian, who we invited to church and she came! We also met with another Brazilian investigator and then had a good dinner with Raynaldo. He's great. An example: while teaching repentance in gospel principles on Sunday, we do this ABCDE steps of repentance. A, acknowledge you've done something wrong; B, be sorry for doing that wrong; C, confess; D, don't do it again; E, endure to the end. He added F, which he said is free. After we endure to the end, we're free. So true. Raynaldo is a boss, a spiritual boss.

     Sunday was good too! We went to church, taught gospel principles, and had a grand time. Vincent also asked me to confirm him in sacrament. This was a highlight of my mission and stands as THE highlight of my mission, thus far. I'm grateful that I was able to perform that ordinance. So grand. We got lost too. Elder Oldham nabbed the map before he left, and while walking to a member's flat, we got lost but somehow we found the building! To say the least, the Holy Spirit did guide. Of that, I am certain. 

     This week is grand, Elder Wynder is grand, Elder Oldham was and is grand. I am so excited to teach, to serve, to be taught, and to invite. It's such an honor to be here and an incredible honor to serve with these great ward members!

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekly Update #19

 Greetings to ye all from Dublin! Let's get the fun Jazz out of the way.

     This week was grand! Tuesday was a blast. Had the last District meeting of the transfer, had a barbecue, and Elder Oldham crashed on his bike. He's fine, but the bike can't change gears anymore. Just a wee problem. That slowed us down, but we continued to work the rest of the day, finding and whatnot.

     On Wednesday we went over and talked with the garden chap again, helped him out with cleaning a bit of his house. This Sunday, he'll be getting confirmed! Whooo! It's great to be able to see someone come from where he was to the point of getting the Gift of the Holy Ghost. It's magical. Marvelous. Splendid. 

     On Thursday we planned for most of the week then rode out to do some gardening service at another member's house. We do plenty of yard service. Anywho, I went into a shed, saw the swarm and masses of spiders on the ceiling, got a broom, and began the cleansing of the horde. It was nice. I thoroughly enjoyed it. We then went to Raynaldo's flat, had a nice dinner wherein I ate a chili that apparently was not supposed to be eaten alone. It was much less enjoyable than killing masses of spiders, and it was quite uncomfortable. Thankfully, he had plenty of milk to quench the flames. Anyways, that was Thursday.

     Friday, we hiked out and met with two former investigators, chatted with them for a bit, then went over to see another former investigator. He's from Brazil and the overall conversation went very nicely. He tried to bring up points of bashing, but me and Elder Oldham handled it, being collected as a cucumber, and avoided major conflict. We then walked around in the rain, check out the first attached image.

We then met with our hyper intelligent friend and played a lovely round of chess with him. Elder Oldham was quick to be foiled while I managed to last a bit longer and caused him a wee bit of grief. I felt accomplished. I still feel accomplished. I work better in smaller numbers, by the way. And I ate another kebab. They're the best.

     On Saturday we had to finish up weekly planning and then visited our Polish friend. It was a grueling time, but we enjoyed it. We then met with one of our new investigators. Now, I told you I'd tell you a bit about him, so I will. He studies metaphysics. Not like the theories, philosophies, or as a religion, but as a science. He's a pretty sharp cookie and asks fantastic questions. Not only that, but some of the points of the lost sciences of metaphysics relate to the gospel. Well, besides the fact that apparently there was a War of Energies that started Y2K and ended 2012. It's a great time, I enjoy it.

     Sunday was moves day. From the morning it was nervous and a build-up. We went to church, taught gospel principles and young men's, visited the hospital bound chap, then met with an investigator and read the first chapter in the Book of Mormon. Now, moves call can come anytime from 6:00 PM to 10:30 PM. The lesson was at 7, and whenever we got a text, our hearts stopped as did the lesson. Thankfully, it only happened twice as we were leaving and making idle chat. We also saw a young seagull! Here's a picture attached.

     The call came then. After serving for four and a half months with Elder Oldham, we will be parting ways. He'll be going up to Northern Ireland while I'll be leading the area under the direction of my new companion Elder Wynder. I know nothing about him, but apparently he was in the same English class as Elder Oldham in college. That's neat. It's been a blast serving with Elder Oldham. He's a champ. Truly is. And that means I'll have served in Dublin for six months! Whooo! Dublin's grand.

     Today, we visited with our Polish friend, and he invited us to come and teach his family and kids about why families are good, important, how to be nice, etc. That's just great! The workouts have paid off! Whoooo! Plus I've lost a few inches around the waist while doing it. Worth it? Totes. I look forward to working with that family.

     Anywho, that's my fantastic week. Take care, ya'll! Don't do crazy things and make sure to share the gospel with friends.

God Speed

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Weekly Update #18

From the promised land of Dublin, Elder Kinville is here to tell you all about his week! Let's rock and roll, y'know.

     The rest of Tuesday was fantastic, nothing to complain about there. 

     Wednesday we headed out went trying to find those ready to teach! Unfortunately, everyone was listening to some other voice, but we still tried our best. We then popped over and helped out a bit with the gent's garden/jungle, which looks a whole lot nicer now than it did three weeks back. It's grand.

     The next day, we went over and did more gardening for another member for a bit then dropped by and had a lovely talk with the Polish fellow. He's still reading the Book of Mormon, and we're trying hard to get him to church. Hopefully he'll feel inclined to come. We then weekly planned and had an overall cheery evening. There exists in Dundrum, near where we live, a time warp. When we go to Dundrum, no matter how quickly we try to get in and get out, even if we're only buying postage, it takes an hour. Absolutely crazy, let me say. However, Fergal is grand in assisting us to avoid the time warp. I forgot the name of Elder Oldham's bike.

     On Friday we got craic done! We helped prepare the church for a baptism the Sister's had coming and then taught some folks. We went up to Trinity college, where we had a YSA member provide a room for us and we taught a recent convert then taught another lesson. Both lessons went great. Before, while travelling past Grafton Street, we say a bagpipe brigade from Canada performing! That was neato frito. I deeply enjoyed it and Friday was a great day for me and Elder Oldham.

     On Saturday we had to be up bright an early for a breakfast meal appointment with Raynaldo. It was great, the whole meeting and all. We had an excellent chat and we helped him with working with his family back in the Philippines to help get them baptised. It's great fun to work with him. We then boogied over to help get the gent's garden ready to be dug up by a Rotavator and then ran to the church to teach another lesson. This fellow is grand, I'll have to tell you about him later. He studies metaphysics, and it is grand to hear about. We then had a ward cook-out and a baptism! I was able to be a witness for it, and it was a marvellous experience. 

     Sunday was also a good day. I assisted in the confirmation of the Sister's convert and then was able to go to Raynaldo's again for a dinner. After, we went to the Alleman's (I still don't know how it's spelt) house and helped them clean up to help move them back to the States. They left this morning. They were a fantastic family, I love them. They were great helps with member missionary work in the ward.

     Do you see the first picture I have attached? That's a pretty schnazzy bunch of fellows. This picture is for my brother, Ryan, because that statue on the rock is none other than Oscar Wilde. For a few weeks, we've been asked while finding in St. Stephen's Green where this statue of Oscar was. We had no clue until while biking we saw it. Being inclined to show my brother, I had us pull over and snap a photo. At least now, we can tell them where the statue is.

     And today we had a marvellous experience. At Trinity College, they have a copy of the Book of Mormon printed in 1830. Now, our YSA friend was able to get me and Elder Oldham in to see the copy! It was so neat to see it and to look at how it was formatted! It's great I've been able to serve in Dublin and get a chance to see this. The best, by far. 

     Anywho, that's this week. Teaching, a baptism, Oscar Wilde, old Book of Mormon. It's been a great time. This Sunday is moves call, so I'll find out if I'm going to get moved to another area or stick around Dublin for another transfer. Who knows? Hopefully you all are having a great week! Cheers!

God Speed

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tender Mercies Take 4

I cannot get over the kindness of strangers. My mom got another text on Sunday that simply said, "Was visiting Dublin today and went to the Terenure ward. Saw your son. He looked healthy and happy. As a mother of a missionary myself, thought you might appreciate knowing that."

The amazing thing about this text is that she received it at the exact moment that she asked herself,"I wonder how Jake is doing today." 



I really want to start paying it forward and taking p[picture of every single missionary I see and send it to their Mom's.

Weekly Update #17

 A quick, windy, Irish greeting from Dublin! Let's get down to the meat this week.

     Monday was grand. We continued to bike about for shopping and whatnot. I'm a fan of Fergal Cannondale. That's the name of my bike, by the way. Fergal Cannondale. I named him shortly after I got a flat tire and I declared that it's name was Fergal. Inspired? Probably not. I also made salsa! Whooo! We don't have a chopper, so I used a blender. It turned out somewhat soupy, but it was spicy as I can get at. Perfect with fajitas or burritos.

      Tuesday was a district meeting and we discussed. It was this day that I got the flat, not Monday. We were biking out to the mad garden to trim it up a bit. Fortunately, we live a short walk from a bike store that was able to repair the tire in no time! Unfortunately, it was time enough to where we could not assist him in the garden. The rest of the day went well, though. We had a lovely meal appointment with the Allaman's, which was grand as could be. So glad they were in the ward while I was here.

     The Polish trainer was back in town and on Wednesday my legs felt it. It was glorious, to say the least. Biking back home was fun too. After some frogs and Joey's and explodes you suffer much when you try to pedal up hills. I'm grateful for low gears. We also were able to sit down with him and talk about the Book of Mormon and also began to talk about how it has helped me and Elder Oldham. It was the best discussion we could've had. He's now reading it and looking for how it can apply to his life. I'm so glad he's reading. 

     On Thursday we met with our friend from the Philippines, Raynaldo. He gets it. We also had flat checks and some dropped appointments, but this day was all about him. It was while we met that I understood how much he really knows and how much he knows about making it apply. He told Elder Oldham on the phone "we're Mormons, we're not supposed to get angry" and he's completely right! Mind = exploded! Not only that, but the missionary work he's doing. We're teaching three people because of him and on Thursday he asked us how he can get in touch with missionaries in the Philippines so he could get his family taking the discussions. He bears simple, but honest testimonies and he is great! When he has a question, he asks. He'll ask us if what he's doing is right and then how to do it to be more in line with LDS beliefs and whatnot. I am a fan of Raynaldo. Probably my favorite person I've met, debatably in my life. He also got us some neat Irish hats. He's great. I want to be a missionary like Raynaldo.

     Friday was a Friday. We found, we tried-by, we knocked a few doors. Nothing big happened. Worked in the chap's garden and found a knife. That was neat.

     Saturday we weekly planned and discussed our teaching method. Elder Oldham and I have been evaluating our time together and we began to decide that we need to step up our game these last few weeks. We spent plenty of time on point 13 of weekly planning, and I'm grateful we did. 

     On Sunday we went to church and brought the sacrament to two hospital bound members. At first, it was only one member, but we discovered that a member from another ward was in the hospital when we got a call from the Elders in that ward. We went over, visited with the sister, and gave her the sacrament. It was a grand experience. It's been a while since I've taken the sacrament to shut-ins. Glad I had the opportunity. We also met with Raynaldo's friends and had a grand discussion. Raynaldo is my fav.

     Monday was a bank holiday! So we went shopping, went over to the Polish chap, and cleaned the flat. It was a good day. And today, we visited by the Polish chap again just to talk a bit and check on his reading. I also was able to give a bit of learnings from my study in District Meeting as asked by the District Leader. It was a good discussion, I feel. You'll have to ask the others to know the truth.

     Overall, this week was fabulous. I'm glad it went the way it did. I've learned plenty and I'll be applying plenty as well. I'm thrilled to be serving in Dublin and I'm so grateful for the prayers and blessings from everyone out there. Have a great week!

God Speed

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"