Monday, August 31, 2015

Weekly Update #21

 Hey, it's me from Dublin. Here's what's been going on:

     The rest of Monday was grand. We saw a top-notch street performance on Grafton Street and then went home and called most of the world to schedule appointments. We got a fair number scheduled, but a fair number of that fair number fell through in the end. 

     Tuesday was the first district meeting of the transfer, and I met the new Elders in Bray: Elder McFarlane and Elder Stoker. They're great Elders, both from the UK. In a game of chair football, I started to chant "USA" at Elder McFarlane prior to me knowing his origin and him. It was great, he remembered. We then went on exchanges and I took Elder Stoker to Terenure. It was grand. We met with the Polish trainer and with Vincent. Great day, I think.

     On Wednesday, we unexchanged and visited a former less-active member. Elder Oldham and I were responsible for reactivating him, so I figured we could have a pleasant chat with him. The chat certainly was interesting. After, we met with the metaphysics fellow and had a grand lesson on the plan of salvation. It took plenty of time, but it was a lesson. Definitely worth it.

     The next day, Thursday as it is called, we weekly planned and taught a lesson. We then were invited by Raynaldo for dinner, which we were happy to oblige. It was a great time, not a whole lot went on. Elder Wynder enjoys Raynaldo. Words cannot describe it. We then went to Ward Council to finish off the night. 

     Friday we did some service by trimming a garden a bit and then met with our Polish friend again. We visited him several times this week. We then did some good finding and determined we needed to find new placed to find. That is the current quest. 

     The next morning we went to Raynaldo's for a breakfast appointment! He's great, he's definitely my favorite member. The breakfast was grand, too. After, we met with our Polish friend again and had a pretty nice chat with him. After, we read some scriptures with Vincent and had a lovely talk with him. He's doing well since being baptised. I'm impressed by his growth even since I've started to meet with him. We then went home, cooked some great pasta, and visited our hyper-intelligent friend. That was a great conversation and a greater lesson. Lessons with him are the best.

     Sunday was grand. We biked to church, went to church, Elder Wynder taught a great lesson at church, church was neat. We then visited the fellow in the hospital and then went to a member's house for dinner. On the way we passed through a sketchy tunnel. The tunnel doesn't look to bad in the picture, but it was sketchy, trust me. 

I also took a selfie on his balcony with the Irish Sea in the background.

After that, we had the opportunity to teach our Polish friend and his family. We focused on the kids, showing the first animated Book of Mormon cartoon and talking about family and why it was good to be nice to people, especially your siblings. The Spirit was there and I felt like the lesson was a massive success. It's grand. Every day has been grand!

     We tallied our travel time this week, and it was insanely high. Me and Elder Wynder are working on better logistics to cut that time down so we can maximize our effectiveness in finding and teaching. Should be a good week. I'm a fan of what this week has in store. We have an all Ireland Conference tomorrow with President Donaldson and it'll be grand. 

     Anywho, that's this week. Hopefully ya'll are having a great time! Serve well, love well, live well!  

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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