Monday, September 7, 2015

Weekly Update #22

Well, this is embarrassing. Seems I've sent two emails called "Weekly Update 87". My bad. Maybe it's because 86 was too swell for us. I don't know. Maybe.

     Anywho, cheers from Dublin! This week was great. Almost too great.

     Monday came and went. We traveled around a bit, had a lovely member meal appointment, then returned to the flat. 

     Tuesday we did not have a district meeting because of the All Ireland Conference on Wednesday. Tuesday, we did some finding and some service, like missionaries like to do. That's all I can recall, my planner is currently AWAL. I'll hunt it down. I think we met with our Polish friend and Vincent. It was bueno.

     Wednesday was All Ireland and it was a blast to see President and Sister Donaldson again. We had an enjoyable meeting involving the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the five main points that are taught. My personal favorite is repentance because of Raynaldo. I'll have to tell ya'll about Raynaldo a wee bit later. After the conference, we took a District selfie (The Sisters aren't there, they had to drive away). It was grand.

     Thursday we exchanged and I took Elder MacFarlane to Terenure. He said he wanted to meet with our Polish friend, so I scheduled it in and we met with him. To say the least, I am impressed at where I am physically compared to a soccer player. It's crazy, totally crazy. Elder MacFarlane enjoyed it, too. We then had a kebab, met with the former less active again, got his birth date, then went to the church so Elder MacFarlane could perform a baptismal interview for the Sisters. That was a grand night. We then had fajitas. The fajitas were great! It was like the cherry on top of the sundae. 

     Friday we unexchanged and while waiting for the other Elders, me and Elder MacFarlane went to look at the beach near the Dart station. It was neat. I found a seashell and a glass. 

Elder Wynder then returned and we ran off to Terenure to meet with folks and get work done! We taught a grand lesson, then scheduled a few other lessons for the following days. It's tough to remember things without looking at my planner. 

     Saturday was a grand day. We had an epic joint teach with the metaphysics chap and that went down exceptionally well. I was impressed. We then prepared the font for baptism and went out for yet another epic joint teach! Whaaat? Madness! This one was grand too and we taught the plan of salvation. Lovely lesson. We then boogied back to the church to continue preparations. Raynaldo, that fine gent, arrived and told us "Elders, after the baptism you follow me." We had only dinner planned so we agreed. The baptism was grand. Anywho, we followed Raynaldo and he took us to this excellent Asian buffet! Surprise meal with a member! Took a selfie of that, too. I tried sushi there, it was grand. I don't know why I didn't eat sushi when I lived in Hawaii. Seafood is great. Asian food is great. Raynaldo is incredible!

     Sunday we went to church, taught gospel principles, met with a less-active, then had a meal appointment with Raynaldo. He loves supplying meals to the Elders. He also asks us questions about the gospel! He gets it! It's what Elder Nelson said in his talk linked to here: Ask the missionaries! We can help you! He gets it. We then went over and taught our Polish friend and his family. It was a great lessons. The Zone Leaders then stole us so Elder Wynder could get his GARDA card. That leaked over onto today.

     This morning, bright and early, we woke to get the GARDA card. I didn't have to wait, so we went on temporary exchanges while the new Ireland Elders got their cards. It was a nice day, I enjoyed it.

     This week was great. It was full of learning opportunities and other fun stuff. Next week should be great too! I'll tell ya'll all about it! Have a grand week! Cheers!

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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