Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekly Update #25

  From the last time from Dublin, howdy ya'll! Let's get going.

     The rest of Monday was good! We looked for a hurling stick for Elder Wynder and then had a meal appointment with some members! It was bueno.

     Tuesday, we had a District Meeting and exchange. I went with Elder MacFarlane to Bray where we went and we saw the gent I've always seen in Bray. He was doing well. We taught some good lessons too and it was most excellent. 

     On Wednesday, we weekly planned because Thursday was supposed to be filled with Raynaldo following us around, but that fell through. It was also the last lunch we would have at Pizza Hut, see the sad picture to get the feels.

We then went out and did some finding and preparation for a presentation at Trinity College, Dublin to be held next Monday. That was fun. Power points are fun, too.

     Thursday we went to our Polish friend's house and worked out and had a lovely chat with him after, which turned into a surprise discussion. After, we had lunch, did more power point, did finding, called folks, and had an overall enjoyable Thursday. Mucho bueno.

     Raynaldo was going to follow us around on Thursday, but he changed the day to Friday! On Friday, we had Raynaldo with us to teach a friend, visit Vincent, and do some finding! It was grand. We took selfies too.

Raynaldo is a great member and an excellent resource for teaching. He's the best. Total legend. It was also on Friday that the GARDA asked us not to talk to people in St. Stephen's Green. Welp. That's neat. We decided on walking around the outside of the park to find instead of the inside. 

     Saturday, wasn't in the park nor was it the Fourth of July. We had a Zone blitz on the north side of the Liffey though! That was a blast. We talked to some folks, gave out cards, copies of The Book of Mormon, all that fun Jazz. We also had a lesson with one of our Brazillian friends, which was a good lesson. Our district then went and ate at a restaraunt for dinner. Bueno.

     Sunday was full of anxiety and anticipation. It was moves call that night, and I felt for certain I was going to be sent off somewhere. We went through the day, helped teach a primary class, visited friends, visited our Polish friend too, and arrived back at the flat after taking a selfie with the moon. 

It was then that we got a call, first from our District leader asking for numbers, then from the Assistant to the President. When you get a call from them on moves night, you know at least one person is leaving. Elder Haller first informed us that me and Elder Wynder were going to be seperated, that he was to go somewhere in Dundee Zone, and I was being shipped off to Dalkeith in Edinburgh! Whaaaaat?! Crazy! Been in Dublin for a good six months, now off to Scotland. I am excited and thrilled for what is in store for me out there. I'll be white-washing in, meaning both me and my companion are new to the area. Crazy, for sure. 

     Anywho, that's our week! The next email will be from Scotland! Cheers to you all, I pray you all have a good week and a fabulous time! Work good, live good, be good!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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