Monday, October 5, 2015

Weekly Update #26

From the lovely country of Scotland, greetings! Dalkeith, fun fact, is about as much like Edinburgh as Archer is to Rexburg. It's about as far off and pretty country-like. Pleasant, though! I just was expecting another big city type environment.
     To kick things off, this week me and Elder Wynder ran around saying goodbye, since we both were leaving, and leaving sticky-notes and other items all over the flat to assist those elders who were to come. It was grand. Tuesday was the same, running around, saying goodbye, sticky noting, eating with Raynaldo for the last time, and then catching a lift with the Zone Leaders to Finglas' flat to spend the night for the bus ride that was to follow in the morning.
     Dublin was grand. I loved it. It was wonderful to be able to spend six months in such a lovely city. The people were great and there were characters all about. From the burnt-out lecturer, to a metaphysicist, to a Philippine friend, to a Polish trainer, to a born-again who loved to chat with us in the park, and to a hyper-intelligent Sherlock Holmes chap, it was grand. I've loved serving in Dublin and I've loved being able to spend time in the Terenure ward. Adios, amigos. Adios.
     Wednesday was a day of travel. Elder Wynder and I travelled by bus to Belfast, ferried over to some place on the western Scottish coast, bussed to Glasgow, then bussed to Edinburgh where we parted. Insert final selfie with me and Elder Wynder. 

Cheers. It was there that I was led to my new companion, Elder Tarbet. Elder Tarbet is a jolly fellow! He's from Delaware and Utah and he is a good missionary.

I am excited. Anywho, we met, got our car that we would have stewardship over for a few days, then drove to the area. As we drove out of Edinburgh, I quickly realized how far away I was from Edinburgh. I was told it was in Edinburgh, not at Edinburgh. Oh well. Still was jolly!
     Thursday, we visited with a recent convert, Jack, who is grand! He is the ward assistant mission leader and he knows the white-handbook like the back of his hand. It's crazy. He's super swell too. We then got familiarized with the area a wee bit, hunted for a SatNav, and then did a bit of finding. Finding here is all going to be tracting. It's going to be a blast. Whoooooooooooooooooooooo. We also weekly planned. Yay.
     Friday we had a lunch appointment with the Johnstons, a member family who always feeds the missionaries lunch on Friday. Grand! We did more finding, more looking, and all that good stuff. Drove a lot. Driving was fun in the UK.
     Saturday we did more finding, try-by's and calls. We then went into Edinburgh to watch General Conference! Now, due to time having to be different across the globe, we saw the Saturday Morning Session live at 5 PM, the Priesthood Session recorded at 10 AM, the Saturday Afternoon Sessions recorded at 1 PM, and then the Sunday Morning Sessions live at 5 PM. This, of course, bled over into Sunday. We got to meet the bishop and a few of the ward members too! It's fun. Plenty of fun.

     Welp, I don't have much else to say. This week has been tiring, but fun. I've loved it. I loved General Conference and I'm looking forward to hearing the three new apostles speak in the future. Going to be bueno! Anywho, cheers! Have a fantastic week! 

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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