Monday, October 19, 2015

Weekly Update #28

Good day! Hopefully ya'll are having a wonderful time! My week was pretty good, just like yours.
     The rest of Monday went on. Elder Tarbet baked his incredibly incredible cookies and we went knocking on some doors! Whoo! Monday!
     We then come to Tuesday. Tuesday was pretty great as a day. It was the day we had Zone Interview Training, which is always a blast. We had some excellent trainings, tips, words of wisdom, knowledge, and all that good Jazz. President Donaldson gave some excellent advice and it was a grand experience. Took up most of the day, but it was a wonderful day of learning and mental preparation. We then had a meal appointment and then went to go teach the mother and the daughter. It was good. As we were going back into the flat, we met a calico cat. It almost followed us into the flat, but we repelled it. Close call, there.
     On Wednesday was pretty good. We did some lovely finding in the morning and afternoon. In the evening, we again had a meal appointment, which was fabulous. After, we went to the church because we were invited by good old Jack to the ARP (Addiction Recovery Program). It was a pretty neat meeting. The 12 Step program is pretty nifty too. Check it out. There's videos on the Mormon Channel for each step.
     Thursday we were going to go out when we were interrupted by huge spider. It was massive. We had to capture it and keep it as a prisoner. 

We then went out and knocked more doors then we had a lunch appointment with Jack. Jack is a fantastic recent convert. We had another capital meal of spaghetti. I think I'm sensing a trend here, but there's still plenty of time to be proven otherwise. We then knocked on some more doors and then went to a less active member's house for an incredible dinner! The lesson was bueno, as was the food. He's a fairly solid fellow and working with him should be fun!
     When it came to Friday, we did what we do best. Meal appointments, weekly planning, and knocking on doors. We're so good at knocking on doors. I have a nifty little pattern that I like to knock. We then had a lunch at the Johnston's which is always a good time. 'Tis tasty, too. We then planned for our week and then had the privilege to go on exchanges with our District leader! That was fun. Me and Elder Crowe were in Dalkeith while Elder Tarbet went with Elder Lampropulous to Dumfries. That was the night.
     The next day, we packed up and heading out to knock on doors and walk and talk and get to have a good time. It was a good time, too. Elder Crowe is a pretty neat elder. He's pretty musical and has been out a month and a half longer than I have. We did some nice work, and met some neat people! No one wanted to talk to us again and one woman actually shouted at us. It was made up, though, when I tried to place a Book of Mormon to a cat. Unfortunately, this Scottish feline was not interested. 

Evening came, and we unexchanged, had a kebab, and it was the end of a good day.
     The Sabbath started off with a breakfast appointment followed by church! Church is always fun. Elder Tarbet gave a talk and we had a grand chat with the bishop after the meeting. After, we went to the flat to make cookie dough for more of Elder Tarbet's grand Nutella cookies, and then went to a meal appointment with the Middletons. They're a lovely family. Brother Middleton is great. After a fantastic meal and a good spiritual thought, we went back to the flat, backed a batch of cookies, and then went to teach the less active and his very hyper-active children. We talked about God's plan for us and I drew some pretty pictures for visual aide. After, we retired to the flat.
     Thus far, today, we went back to the park where I climbed on that tree again and climbed other trees!

 There was also a spooky part of the woods that we walked through. #3spooky5u but it was a great time! Should be a good rest of the preparation day!
     There's a fact I've learned from a brother in the church. That is the fact that there are two types of testimonies one can gain: a testimony of the church, or a testimony of Christ. If one were to gain a testimony of the church, when that one is offended by someone in the church, the testimony is lost and they fall away. However, when one gains a testimony of Christ, when that one is offended by someone they'll only forgive and remain strong. It's good to see people who've gained testimonies of the church and stay strong, but it's better when they've gained one of Christ.
     Have a great week, ya'll! Going to be a grand week for everyone! Cheers!

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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