Monday, October 12, 2015

Weekly Update #27

From the adventurous land of Dalkeith, hallo! Let's get this rolling!
     Last Monday was a grand ending. I had a true Scottish kebab and it was lovely! I couldn't even tell the meat was supposed to be a lamb donner! Fun times, fun times. We also did some tracting to close out the day.
     Tuesday was the first District meeting. The district here is pretty chill. We've got Elders Crowe, Lampropulous, Stevens, his companion, Tarbet and Kinville. I can't remember Elder Stevens' companion's name. Shame. Elder Stevens was in the same MTC group as me though! That's fun! It was a lovely meeting and we then got bus passes, then went to go knock doors in a town, then had a meal appointment with the Ross', then went to ward council and introduced ourselves, and then we got to meet the young men and do an activity with them! That was swell. I enjoyed it. The Scottish accent is grand, too!
     Wednesday we went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. I was with Elder Campbell. We were in Edinburgh for a wee bit and did some lovely GQing out there before we could go back to Dalkeith. Once back in Dalkeith, we did more finding, had fajitas, went to visit a less active member, then more finding! This was a week full of finding. It was very enjoyable. Dalkeith is not a place to stop people on the street, mainly because there's a limited number of folks on the street. I'll be really good at knocking doors by the end of my service here.
     Thursday, we unexchanged and my planner got spray-painted. Well, at least the cover did. It's kinda golden and kinda sparkly now, so that's neat. Anywho, we then weekly planned, visited Jack and his wife and had a capital lunch of spaghetti, then did more finding. We ended the day by teaching a lesson and visiting this mother and daughter who are investigating. The daughter has a date for baptism, too! All should go well, methinks. They're solid. They were unsure about us at first, but by the end of the lesson they were opening up and we were having a grand ol' time! The mother has seen 'The District' and they asked if they could look through our white handbooks for a bit. Well golly! 'Course! They're solid. We're seeing them again this week. So solid.
     Friday we did what we do best... Finding... And meal appointments! This ward is epic with their meal appointments. We shall never go hungry. I might gain weight. I'll have to do the zuu to work it off. Anywho, we did that fun jazz and then visited another investigator. It was a grand visit with her. We also knocked on the door of a friendly neighbourhood pastor. He was very friendly and did not happen to have a copy of The Book of Mormon, so we provided him with one after he asked. It was a very nonconfrontational talk and we'll be dropping by this Friday to see what he thinks of the Book thus far. Pretty nifty. Friday was also my six month mark from when I entered the MTC. Six months down. I have a sister's mission left. Piece of cake, mate. The selfie describes how I feel about it.

     Saturday we had another meal appointment with a member who goes around most of southern Scotland and feeds the missionaries. She's grand! Her name is Anne and the whole appointment was a fantastic time. She showed us pictures of other elders who she's met with and lo and behold I saw Elder Oldham and his trainer, Elder Walker! Whaaat?! It's like, tradition! Anywho, she also met with Elder Wynder at one point in time, so that's neat. I'm a fan, totally a fan. After her, we went out and knocked more doors. Our last door, the person was rather chatty and contentious and we almost missed the bus to go back to the flat in time. Thankfully, we made it.
     Sunday, we got to meet most of the ward. They are the best. Plenty of older folks, but everyone has a solid testimony. There's two young men in the ward who recently were ordained elders and they've either sent in or are soon to send in their mission papers. Church was great. We went back to the flat, broke out fast with some cookies, and then worked on the area book and calling folks. We didn't knock a lot of doors on Sunday. We then went to a meal appointment and then to a less active family to teach. There's a seven year-old boy who the father wants to get baptised, and the boy has some of the most interesting questions! They're really good ones. He also asked his dad when they can go to church. They'll come back. They will. We also learned that five of the seven days this week we have meal appointments. Wow. Just, wow. That's crazy.

     Today, we were going to go to this chapel that was in 'The da Vinci Code', but instead we went on a fun walk through this local country park. We'll be back there. It was so neat. Here's a picture of me on a tree.

     Anywho, that was this week! It's been great in Scotland. I am so excited for what's to come in the next few weeks and after. Whoooooo! Everyone, I love ya'll. Have a fantastic week and keep strong and hold true to what you believe. Never give up, never surrender!

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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