Monday, October 26, 2015

Weekly Update #29

From the magical land of Dalkeith, hello! A warmish, windy, pretty chilly Scottish greeting!
     Last Monday ended magically with a meal appointment and kicked off our week of having a meal appointment every day of the week. Really. It's too neat how much they feed us. It's fantastic.
     Tuesday came next and it started off with a District Meeting and some interesting news. Elder Stevens got moved out of the area to Leith because an Elder there went home due to health. It was sad to see him go, but we waved him on and parted temporary ways. We then did some finding and knocking on some doors, to where we found a fellow twice in a day. We ran into him street contacting and then knocked on his house. Pretty neat. He didn't want to learn more despite the obvious sign, but I'll forgive him. As we were traveling to catch a bus, and older gent called out to us as he was sitting having a rest. He called us over and asked us about how we were doing, then said "Good, now sit down and have a cup of hot chocolate." We couldn't refuse. We quickly learned this fellow's name was Joe and he is a member. Less active, but a member nonetheless! We had an enjoyable cup of hot chocolate and a chat with good ol' Joe. It was an interesting experience and I am fond of Joe. He's swell. We then had a meal appointment at the Ross' and then knocked some more doors where we were mistaken for police. The usual life of missionaries.
     For Wednesday we did some knocking and tried by Joe. He was in but only gave us a bag of canned food. Blessing? Debatable, but I'll leave it for ya'll to decide. We then went out and knocked and knocked doors. We talked with some fun folks, but they weren't too interested. We then had a meal with the senior couple in the area at Gigi's. That was grand.
     On Thursday I left Dalkeith and went to Edinburgh with Elder Tang for an incredible exchange. Whilst on exchange, I GQ'd into one of their investigators and had lovely talks with other folks who we found. It was blustery on this day. Very blustery. Elder Tang and I found like beasts, though, and then we went to a baptismal service. It was a lovely service. Those in Dalkeith had a double meal appointments, both lunch and dinner. Here's a selfie of me with glasses and Elder Tang kinda blurry.

      For Friday I was returned to Dalkeith and we began to weekly plan and organize ourselves. It was on this day, let it be marked in history, that at our lunch appointment I partook of haggis! That's right! Leftover sheep bits! It was divine! I loved it! Whooo! So that was great. We then knocked some doors, planned a bit more, travelled and visited a less active. Jolly day.
     Saturday we had a lunch appointment with Anne, which is always a fantastic go. We then went out and knocked on a neighbourhood and found Snow White and all seven dwarves. It's dark in the picture, but they were there. Elder Tarbet was concerned.

     Sunday arrived an hour later than usual and we went to church, chatted with them, had a lovely time, and tried by a family that turned out to be a former investigator for another area in the mission. Those coincidences, y'know. We then had a lunch/dinner at the Campbell's and it was great. We had a grand time with them. Anywho, we then went out and did a bit of finding to close the day up.
     Today, we explored the Rosslyn Chapel, made famous in 'The Da Vinci Code'. Was it incredible? Heck yeah. The workmanship was stunning, and the masonic symbols were grand! We found masonic symbols on the inside, it was neat. Couldn't take pictures of them, though. Still fun!

     That was this week, full of fun, walking, cold, forests, masons, and all that good stuff. Did you know that we found three masonic lodges in our area thus far? Are there more? I'm certain. It's really neat, everyday I'm grateful to be here out and serving those who I run into and getting to let people know us and the Church and Christ. It's a blessing.
     Cheers! Have a fantastic week! 

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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