Monday, November 2, 2015

Weekly Update #30

A cheery day to you all from Dalkeith! This week is full of excitement and fun (for me at least) so let's get the craic rolling!
     The rest of Monday was what a Monday is like. The usual, you know. Fireworks have been going off around the flat all this week as we approach November 5th. I like the fireworks.
     On Tuesday, we had a District meeting where we talked about our areas and whatnot and I then had the blessing to go on an exchange with Elder Lampropulous, which was a blast. Elder Lampropulous is a champion. For reals. Turns out that he knew the Elder that was my MTC District leader! What connections! We had a great time. We knocked on some doors, talked with an old Italian woman, an anti-nuclear reactor chap, and some others. It was fun. We then had a lesson with one of their investigators, which is always a fun time. It was a good exchange.
     Wednesday we exchanged back and entered on a quest of finding. It was a good day. Doors were knocked, doors were closed, questions were asked, answers were sometimes given, and a pass-along card was put into a spider web.

Neat time. We then visited a less active and had a great lesson with him.
     Thursday was a day of running about. We started off with some planning, then had to run over to Jack's for lunch, an excellent meal of spaghetti, and then we had a lesson with a less active, fantastic lesson. After that, we had a dinner appointment as well with Andrew. We did a wee bit of tracting before we went by and the best thing happened. Elder Tarbet had heard rumours of people calling their neighbours after the Mormons knocked on their doors to warn them. Welp, it happened to us. As we knocked on this one door, the lady answered, her phone rang, we heard her say "yes, they're here right now", then came back to the door to tell us no thanks. It was great. We laughed about it. We then had dinner, ate a Swiss roll, and returned to the flat.
     On Friday we started off doing some knocking before our usual Friday lunch appointment. Nothing much came from it, but we went to the meal appointment and had a lovely meal. After, we went to Woodburn to try-by some potentials and we came by one fellow who used to be a member. We talked with him for a good forty-five minutes at his door. He is a fantastic man. I look forward to working with him. We're due back in two weeks, so I'll keep ya'll posted on what's what with that. After, we went over to another less active and talked with her for a while. It was great!
     We started Saturday with travel up to North Berwick at the request of doing some finding up there by the bishop. We went up and knocked around. It's a lovely little town and it was really great to see the ocean and stuff. 

We got mistaken for early trick-or-treaters, too. We also found the best name for a road ever. Lord President Road. 

How grand is that? Incredibly grand. We then went back to Dalkeith, and did some calls and area book work at our flat. We're supposed to be in our flat by 6:00 PM on Halloween. It's scary and stuff on that night, y'know. It was a great night, ordered a kebab by delivery. Great kebab. Great night. Zombies.
     Sunday was cold. The church's heating system was gammy so it wasn't as warm as it should have been. It was a good meeting, though. I enjoyed what was taught and talked about. We then went out and had a great meal appointment after making a few calls. The Middleton's are the best. Brother Middleton is a total gent. He's great. We then dropped cookies off at a family, knocked on some doors, and had a great night.
     This morning, thus far, I've gotten a hair-cut and that's it! Beautiful preparation day! I'm a fan.
     I really loved this week. There were a lot of other things that happened, but one can only type so fast and remember so much in a set amount of time. Anywho, it's grand.
     I love you all, have a safe and blessed week! Do what is right, let the consequences follow. They can't be bad if you've truly done right.

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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