Monday, November 16, 2015

Weekly Update #32

Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail, nor gloom of night shall keep these messengers from their appointed rounds. A phrase often given to postal workers, but it applied to us on Friday. And Thursday... And Saturday... And Sunday... Everyday it was applicable. So let's have ya'll hear all about it!
     The rest of Monday got pretty hectic. We were packing, saying goodbye, cleaning, packing, little bit of tracting too. It was a great time. Also, mini-me. 

     Tuesday was spent with Elder Tarbet baking a cake for the success of one of our investigators completing the 15 Step Stop Smoking program, packing, lessons, saying goodbye, and travel. We had some great lessons and a wonderful meal appointment with the Ross'. Certainly a good day.
     Wednesday started with us packing up and heading to Edinburgh to pick up Elder Roylance. We picked him up, got Elder Tarbet with Elder Gullion, got a lift back to our flat, unloaded Elder Roylance's stuff, loaded Elder Tarbet's stuff, said bye, took a selfie, and began the new day with a new companion. 

Elder Roylance is a legend. He has just finished being trained and came to Dalkeith from the suburbs of Glasgow. He's American, but has lived most of his life in Europe. Crazy, let me say. It was good, though. I figured it was going to be a blast with him, thus far it has been so. We had kebabs to kick off the transfer, then did some area book work to close off the night.
     We started Thursday by weekly planning. It was a good time. We then had a delicious lunch with Jack, which happened to be spaghetti. Jack was alright with Elder Roylance, he didn't seem to disprove. We then met with a less active, had a good lesson there, then went about to do some finding. While we were finding, the rain decided to come. It did not come in a little sprinkle, but a furious downpour in combination with the wind. It was really neat. I was impressed. I was also cold. This was my first glance at a Scottish winter, and I am excited for it.
     On Friday, we experienced all elements of winter, and the year in general, within an hour. We were knocking on some doors, when I was feeling cold. It was cold. It started to rain a bit. I knocked on this door, turned around, and saw little white flakes occasionally among the rain. I was shocked as was Elder Roylance. After a few minutes,  we were walking in a rain/snow storm. The wind picked up and the rain became just snow. Something happened, and it became just hail. Then, weather changed again and it was sleet. Then, the wind and rain and snow stopped and it was just stillness. That lasted a minute or so before it quickly resumed to dump snow. After a good five minutes, the snow changed to rain and we decided to travel back towards a lunch appointment. As we walked past this bus stop, the sun came out. It was an interesting hour, to say the least. The rest of Friday was grand. It was a good meal at the Johnston's, found some investigators who were lost after the whitewash, then knocked doors in the dark as it dumped rain again. It's dark by 5:00 PM here. I like being able to see the stars at 5.
     Saturday we went about for try-bys and finding. We ran into a jolly fellow to chat with, met a few other fun folks, and tracted most of the rest of the night. It was a blast.
     Sunday, we met with our Ward Mission Leader for the first time. He's been on holiday and finally got back. We had a good chat, talked about focuses, and got focused for the work to move on in Dalkeith. It was a great way to start off a transfer. We then had a good church meeting, went to a member's house for some delicious dinner, and met with a new friend who invited us over for hot chocolate. He has met with elders in the past, and it was a great lesson. We then went over to a less active family, then got back to the flat to call it a night.
     Today, we shopped. The end. Also 1st class stamps in Scotland are absolutely fantastic!

     This week has been a blast. I'm excited for what new ideas Elder Roylance will bring into the work for Dalkeith and how it will improve our work. I'm thrilled to have this privilege and this chance to set aside two years of my life to serve others. What a blessing! Take some time each day to look for blessings in your day. It'll surprise you what you've gotten.

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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