Monday, November 30, 2015

Weekly Update #34

From the land of Dalkeith, I wish you all a happy late Thanksgiving. Our Thanksgiving was grand, and I'm sure it was for everyone. I'll tell you about that later; now here's how our week was.
     This week was a blast. Monday started well and ended well. It was bueno.
     Tuesday we had a Zone Meeting at Edinburgh. The Zone Meeting was excellent; we received superior training and fantastic instruction from our Zone Leaders. After, we had a quick lunch then made haste to Bonnyrigg to do some finding. We knocked on doors and talked to some people. After, we had a marvelous meal appointment and then a teaching appointment with the mother and daughter.
     Wednesday, I was on exchanges with Elder Crowe out in Dumfries. We had a good time finding some people and then having a meal appointment with one of the families there. The food was excellent and the couple was fantastic. Also selfie.

     Then we come to Thanksgiving. We started the day by exchanging back and then starting our weekly planning. We then went over to Jack's house for a good lunch of spaghetti. The Assistants to the President were there too, so it was a grand time. Jack also invited a friend over and we chatted with him, had a quick lesson with Jack, then his friend started to ask questions. Before we knew it, we were in a first discussion type lesson and he had a Book of Mormon and we were inviting him to church. Wow. Incredible. What a blessing! After that, we visited a less active member, shared a grand message with him, then went back to our flat to finish up weekly planning and to prepare a Thanksgiving meal whilst doing so. The meal was great. I cooked a bit of turkey, the stuffing, and gravy. Elder Roylance made some absolutely fantastic bread-things and mashed potatoes. We also found some root beer at Tesco, so we had that as a drink. It was a marvelous meal.

     Friday, we knocked doors, had a lunch appointment at the Johnston's, knocked more doors, talked with a less active, then knocked a few more doors and called it a day! Pretty fun!
     Saturday we started it with a lesson with a jolly fellow. It was a great lesson. Then we took a selfie with cows. 

After, we met with another chap for a lesson, but while we traveled over, Anne gave us a text and wanted to meet with us (Anne being the incredible member who always takes us to eating places and whatnot). We accepted and after the lesson we went over there and chatted with her a bit. It was a good time. After, we went back to the flat and had the day done with.
     Sunday was the best day. On Sunday, we went to church, had two of our investigators show up (which made it the best), had a grand time chatting with members and being invited over to eat food next week (also a good factor), mapped out where members were so we could try-by them when we were finding in the area, and had an overall good day.
     Probably the biggest thing I would emphasize is missionary work. Most people would say, 'you don't need to be a missionary with a tag to do work. You just share the gospel with your friends.' That's true, but my favorite part of missionary work is the work done with less-active members. When I work with them, it's like working with an investigator. You get them curious, you bring members along, you take them to church, you teach them the gospel, and then they are reactivated. It's a grand feeling when it happens. I'm grateful that we all have the blessing to go about and do good while working with our friends, neighbors, families, and everyone in strengthening or introducing the gospel with them.
     Have a grand week!

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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