Monday, December 7, 2015

Weekly Update #35

Fun things are out and about in Dalkeith this week! Let's get ya'll in on this.
     Monday, we went to a store called Dobbies with Jack and his wife. Jack is a blast to be with! We had a good time looking at all the Christmas stuff and taking fun pictures. 

After, we had a bit of a fright when we were told that we had to travel down to Dumfries (a 110 minute or so car ride) for Disctrict Meeting the next day and we learned that train tickets there were about £80. Fortunately, we STP (Solved The Problem) and asked the elders in Galashiels to give us a lift.
     Tuesday, we went down to Dumfries and had a grand District Meeting. We had District lunch, seeing that it was the last District Meeting before moves and unfortunately until January. After, we travelled back, got lost, and then shared a lesson with the mother and the daughter. It was a marvellous way to end an evening.
     Wednesday we got up and got to work! We went about, talked to some folks, met with Jack on this day and had spaghetti because he was going to be busy on Thursday, and continued to find folks. While waiting for a bus to take us back to the flat, this gent was sort of walking around us. He eventually came up and asked us for the time. We told him the time and he asked if we were Mormons. We said we were indeed the Mormon missionaries and had a good conversation. We set up a return appointment with him the next day in Dalkeith Town Centre, and we considered it a grand way to end the day!
     Thursday, we went out and about to weekly plan, then meet with the gent from the night previous. He wasn't there, unfortunately, but we weren't discouraged and returned to the flat for weekly planning. We did so, had a lovely time, saw the snowing and raining and wind outside, then went out into the weather to catch a bus. The busses were all delayed this night. We waited for the bus, finally caught it, got delayed while on the bus, then finally got off the bus to have a dinner with our ward mission leader, Ben. Much had not been said about Dalkeith's ward mission leader because he was on holiday in Peru and only recently got back. He's a swell chap, though. He served in the Dublin, Ireland Mission back when it was it's own mission. We had a good conversation with him and a lovely dinner as well.
     Friday was a usual Friday. We went out to catch some busses and hopefully try-by some people before a lunch appointment. The busses were still a wee bit slow, but we got to the appointment with the Johnstons and had a grand time. We then helped get their Christmas decorations out of the attic. That was fun. After, we travelled back to meet with a less-active. We did so and then travelled about to meet with the senior couple for a flat inspection and a dinner to go along with it. The inspection went grand, very few problems were found with the flat. The dinner was good, too.
     Saturday was busy. We prepared a crock pot meal for that night in the morning a bit before heading out to meet with another less-active. After, we travelled back to Dalkeith to meet with another fellow and then we boogied back to the flat for the marvellous beef stroganoff that Elder Roylance and I prepared that morning. It was grand. We had to eat quickly because we had another appointment with another gent that evening. That lesson went well and we then returned to the flat for the end of a day.
     Sunday was fantastic! We met with Ben, had the mother and daughter at church, and I had the blessing to sit through what was probably the best fast and testimony meeting I've experienced. The daughter was nervous about coming to church. She was under the impression that everyone there was born into the church. She learned it was not the case. Every member who bore their testimony mentioned their conversion story. How incredible is that?! We then had a meal appointment and I took a picture with me, myself and I.

     It's amazing how when you work you are blessed. I feel privileged to be able to go around and share the gospel with people. It's a blessing for myself and a blessing for others.
     Thank you all for the support! I wish you a happy start to your Christmas season!

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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