Monday, December 28, 2015

Weekly Update #38

  Good day to you all from the bright and merry Dalkeith! Let's get the weekly update rolling and out of the way.
     This one is going to be a we bit short, mainly because I don't have a lot of time and my family already knows what is what.

     Monday was grand, we did good things. Ended the day with Chineese food.

     Tuesday we went out to go and chap on some doors. We enjoyed it and we even got a few people who wanted us back... After the holidays. Well, we'll go back after the holidays. We then had dinner with the Ross'. 

     Wednesday was grand, too. We rocked and rolled out to visit a family for lunch, then had another appointment with Jack and his wife after. Both of those were excellent and fun. Good food, too. After, we stopped by and shared a little Christmas message with Annette and her daughter. That was most excellent.

     Thursday was also a good day. We went about with a wee bit of work then had a lunch/dinner with the Campbell's. That was enjoyable, and then we went to the ward's Christmas carolling service. The music and Spirit was fantastic. It also did not feel like Christmas. Too much green and rain, methinks. 

     Friday was Christmas. We opened presents, I got a lot of socks and food, ate food at the Johnston's, ate more food at the Campbell's, Skyped with the family, talked with Andrew, then called it a night. Busy day, for certain.

     Saturday was when Galashiels came by and picked us up to take us to Sterling. Now, this was the best day, because it was the day we got permission from President Donaldson to go forth and see this film called 'Star Wars, The Force Awakens', or something. It was alright, they had the old guy from Indiana Jones in it and a few other folk. 


    Nah, IT WAS THE BEST FILM EVER!!! So good! I wa pumped and excited the whole time! Was exceedingly grand! We then sang more carols and had a pizza night with the Edinburgh stake president.

     Sunday was a typical Sunday. We weekly planned after church because we didn't during the week. Oops. It was good though, got done what needed to be done. ''Twas a good week, if I am to say.

     There are no pictures this week because I am not on a computer. The library is closed, so obtaining a computer was made difficult. Plus I forgot my camera chord in the flat, oops. Oh well, this week has been a blast. I have enjoyed Christmas and I'm looking forward to this week of a new beginning, a new year. Going to be grand!

     Cheers! Have a Prosperous New Year!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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