Monday, November 23, 2015

Weekly Update #33

   From the land of the brave and home of the brave, greetings! It's getting cold and Christmas is coming.
     The rest of Monday was alright, sorta. Just got a kilt. Nothing too spiffy. Jack was alright with the kilt, he and his wife approved, so I'm satisfied.

     It is important to note here that Elder Roylance is a boss. He truly is. Me and Elder Tarbet walked to quite a few places. Elder Roylance devised a method in which we have minimal walking and mainly use buses. Truly a master-mind. He's the best.
     Tuesday was a Scotland East meeting. It was great. Saw Elder Wynder from two transfers back! 

He's doing great. We had a good meeting, and a lovely travel back. Insert District selfie, too. While traveling back, we got lost and it was pretty exciting. After, we met with the mother and daughter and had a great lesson.
     Wednesday was a miracle day. We travelled out to Tranent to do some finding. While knocking on doors, we had zero success. I was tired, a bit hungry, a tiny (very small) bit discouraged, and quite cold. We were knocking about when this one fellow opened the door and said 'come in'. First thing he said, even before I could show him The Book of Mormon. I was stunned, I didn't know what to do. Elder Roylance was in the same boat. So we walked in, sat down in his living room, taught a lesson, got a return appointment, gave him a copy of The Book of Mormon, and left; all the while I was still confused. After, me and Elder Roylance both questioned if it actually happened. It was honestly a huge blessing to have found him. It was grand.
     Thursday we weekly planned and had a lovely lunch at Jack's. He makes the best spaghetti ever. Kid you not. After Jack's, we went out, travelled a bit to visit another family, they fed us spaghetti too, we shared a message, travelled back, and had an overall nice day.
     Friday was a day of much finding as well. We knocked on doors, had a lunch appointment, knocked on more doors, taught a less active, knocked on a few more doors, then came back to the flat for a good end of the day.
     Saturday was full of travel and finding and doing all other good jazz. It was a good day. Nothing too notable happened on this day, unfortunately.

      Sunday was great, though! We went to church, I taught elder's quorum, had a lesson, had delicious dinner, called people, and set up appointments for this upcoming week. It was a good day.
     Probably my favourite is the fact that everything has an order to it. Everything also works better if you get it in order. It's fantastic to see investigators, members, less actives, and all in-between find out that life ends up better as you prioritize and make order of it. It's grand.
     Have a great week, ya'll! 

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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