Monday, November 9, 2015

Weekly Update #31

 It has come... From the south the winter wind blows. Rain falls as the gales hiss around us while we walk and knock on doors, sharing a message about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We walk in darkness when it's only six o'clock in the afternoon. We can see the stars, if clouds aren't in the way, by half-five. Winter is starting in Scotland. But there's more than that. There's a weekly update to go along with it.
     Hello from Dalkeith! The rest of Monday was fantastic! We got Elder Tarbet his kilt and had an excellent meal appointment. Surely a start to a great week, right?
     Tuesday we had our final District Meeting before moves week. The Zone Leaders were there and we had a splendid time discussing how to encourage growth in our areas. After that, Elder Tarbet and I ran off to knock on some doors and tell some people about the Restoration. It was good. Afterwards, we had a meal appointment with the Ross', which is always a good time. We then went to Ward council, and then taught a lesson to the mother and daughter and started the mother on the 15-Step Stop Smoking program. It's tough, but it's going to work. Crazy day.
     On Wednesday, we started off giving a few people calls. We found someone who wanted to meet with us that day. To say the least, we were thrilled. After lunch and trying by a potential, we ran over to meet with this gent. He, unfortunately, was not home. It was predicted and anticipated, so we began to knock some doors around the neighbourhood. We then travelled, found a fantastic family to teach, met with a less active, and went to the ARP meeting to support Jack. Good day.
     Thursday was Guy (It's his name, not referring to him as a person) Fawkes Day and we had to be in our flat by 5:00 PM unless we were teaching or had a lesson. Fortunately, we had both! We started by knocking some doors and weekly planning. I found a four leaf clover! It's a shame I didn't find it in Ireland, but oh well.

Same old same old. We then had a beautiful spaghetti dinner with Jack and taught him about humility. We then went out and taught the mother and daughter again, reviewing the plan of salvation. It was a great lesson. After, we went back to the flat, fireworks going off all around. It was a great day, pretty grey in the sky, though.
     Friday it was still grey. We did some knocking, had a classic lunch at the Johnston's, and did some more knocking. In the evening, we travelled to visit a less active and had a wonderful lesson on families. His wife, also a less active, was present as well. We invited him to church, and he said he would come. She said he would make him. Pretty swell. We returned to the flat to end a good day.
     Saturday we started off by travelling. It took a good minute before the rain started. It didn't stop raining most of the day. We went about to Trenant, knocked some doors out there, had lunch, went to knock a few other doors closer to the flat, and then went out to have a lesson with a gent we found last Sunday. As we were, I found a frog! He was a classy fellow.

After, we had a delicious kebab and predicted what would happen for moves call, which was yesterday. We both thought we were going to stay. Were we right?
     Sunday was Remembrance Sunday, the Sunday closest to Armistice Day on November 11th. It was also raining pretty hard. I had the blessing to give a talk on remembrance and I thought it was pretty good. We were shocked when the less active showed up to church, not only by himself, but with his family! We weren't expecting that, but it was a pleasant surprise. We had a good day, went out after church, knocked on some doors, then got our moves call. Elder Tarbet, after serving a valiant six weeks in Dalkeith, will be moving to Galashiels, another area in the same district. I will be staying in Dalkeith for at least another six weeks and I will have the blessing to be with Elder Roylance, a grand elder who just finished his training. It was an excellent run and I know I'll keep the run up with Elder Roylance. Bueno.
     Thus far today, we've done the usual for missionaries. Packed a bit, studied, walked to the library in light rain, and emailed. It's been good.
     I am excited for the opportunity I'll have to be with Elder Roylance. It'll be a blast!
     Thank you all for your support. I love you all and I wish you all the best in this next week!

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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