Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekly Update #23

  This week was grand. If anything, it was a time of learning and of lessons. Not for our investigators, but for us. Permit me to explain now.

     The rest of Monday was grand. We went shopping only to discover that our reimbursements were not quite in yet. So, we went easy on the groceries. We mainly bought some tortillas and Nutella. 

We had plenty of those this week. We had a grand night and a good chat with the hyper-intelligent chap after. Good way to end Monday.

     Tuesday started off like usual. We went to district meeting and had a blast learning about family history and finding using family history. Anywho, we headed out, visited Vincent, read some of the Book of Mormon, had a short lesson as well with him. We then went into town for one of the greatest lessons I had experienced ever. I've shared information about our metaphysics friend and I believe I shared information about our former-lecturer who is intelligent, but suffers from a hay-wired mind. What happens when you put the two together? In the first five minutes of the lesson you end up talking about crystals, feminist poetry, the writings of Nostradamus, applied theory, quantum physics, and the Book of Abraham. To say the least, our lecturer is a perfect joint-teach for the metaphysics chap. 

     On Wednesday I got my planner back! Turned out I left it at the church on Sunday. Whooo! Life was good. We met with our Polish friend, had a good time, went finding, worked on family history finding, and overall it was a good day. As we were walking back to the flat, we found a hub-cap in our bin. So we cleaned it and put it on the wall. I think it looks good. 

     The goodness was to end. On Thursday, we learned that the local Pizza Hut, who has an excellent buffet in the afternoons, is closing. Much sorrow followed that discovery. But we weekly planned. It was a good planning session, I enjoyed it. We then did some more finding and then went to ward council. That was a blast. 

     Friday, we visited with Vincent again, did a bit more finding, started to get worried because our reimbursements were still not in, and had round two of the metaphysics chap and the lecturer. That lesson was a bit more relaxed and more focused, but it still had interesting plot twists. 

     Saturday we got surprised blitzed by the Zone Leaders! We were finding for the morning, so that's fine. We did some good finding and had a blast scouting out the area near a college. I think it'll be good to find there. We then had one lesson fall through, but we had a wonderful backup plan so we had not need to fear. We then went for a meal appointment and had a lovely time.

     Sunday it rained. Washed everything away. Quite so. Both of our lessons on Sunday dropped and we had a good time walking and GQing into the city. It takes an hour and a half to walk from Dun Drum to Portebello, by the way. It was grand, didn't rain while we walked. We then had the usual Sunday dinner with Raynaldo. It was a good way to close the week. 

     So, one may ask, what does that week have to do about learning for me? It had plenty to do. Patience, temperance, long-suffering, charity, optimism, hope, faith, quick-thinking, and all the rest. Gave me a good opportunity to practice and improve! It was good, for me. I learned what I felt like I needed to learn. Anywho, that was my week. Hopefully ya'll have a grand week! Cheers!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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