Monday, September 21, 2015

Weekly Update #24

 To ya'll from Dublin, hey. How's it going? Let's get this thing done.

     Monday was another Monday, like it should be. It was a grand day, plenty of rest and preparation.

     Tuesday we had a district meeting and then Elders MacFarlane and Stoker came up to Terenure for a blitz! It was crazy. We met with Vincent, the personal trainer, GQed, and had a grand time! There be two district selfies and a picture of Elder MacFarlane trying to JW it to Elder Stoker. I feel like talking to them tends to work a bit better. Anywho, it was a grand night. We GQed into a drunk fellow who kissed my hand after I shook hands goodbye with him. Jolly. Jolly.

     The next morning we had to wake up early to obtain the car and use it to get Elder Wynder's bike fixed! It's fixed now, so we be biking everywhere! I also got to drive the car a fair bit. Driving in Ireland is fun. We then dropped off the two elders and started to do some finding. We started to use a survey with family history and we got one potential. That's swell. Very swell. We then had a meal appointment with the Harnoss', which was grand.

     Thursday was the second to last weekly planning day of the transfer and whatnot. It was nice. We then drove back to pick up the repaired bike and dropped it off in City Centre, getting sort of lost on the way. But the Holy Spirit did guide and we found our way. 

     Friday started off well and ended well. We saw Vincent again, talked with our hyper-intelligent friend, and had an appointment fall through. It's never a good week unless an appointment falls through. Then it is a good week. It ended well with pasta and all the joy that comes with it. We then called and GQed a wee bit post pasta.

     Saturday was grand. We saw our Polish friend, had a lovely time with him, shared thoughts, walked a long ways (Elder Wynder didn't want to bike, so we walked), taught a lesson, and was getting ready to go to Raynaldo's when we got a call. Raynaldo called us to let us know that he was cancelling a meal appointment with him that night so he could work due to the fact that he was told that if he didn't work Saturday he would have to work Sunday. We couldn't let Raynaldo break the Sabbath, so we understood and let it happen. We made dinner, but still! RAYNALDO! HE IS SOLID! WHOOOOOO! It was great, fantastic to have him say that.

     Sunday we went to church, taught young men, and traveled around. We had two people at church, a Brazilian friend and our dear metaphysics friend. It was a good time. We went to Raynaldo's for dinner, then went to teach our Polish friend's family. We asked his daughter to say a prayer, and she did and it was great! It was honestly one of the coolest things to have experienced. 

     I enjoyed this week. There was still plenty of learning to be done, and we learned plenty. We worked, worked out, taught, discussed, and had a fun time doing it. Missionary work is tough, don't get me wrong, but it can be loads of fun. Have fun with missionary work. Don't be a robot, be you. You're funner than a robot. 


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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