Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekly Update #19

 Greetings to ye all from Dublin! Let's get the fun Jazz out of the way.

     This week was grand! Tuesday was a blast. Had the last District meeting of the transfer, had a barbecue, and Elder Oldham crashed on his bike. He's fine, but the bike can't change gears anymore. Just a wee problem. That slowed us down, but we continued to work the rest of the day, finding and whatnot.

     On Wednesday we went over and talked with the garden chap again, helped him out with cleaning a bit of his house. This Sunday, he'll be getting confirmed! Whooo! It's great to be able to see someone come from where he was to the point of getting the Gift of the Holy Ghost. It's magical. Marvelous. Splendid. 

     On Thursday we planned for most of the week then rode out to do some gardening service at another member's house. We do plenty of yard service. Anywho, I went into a shed, saw the swarm and masses of spiders on the ceiling, got a broom, and began the cleansing of the horde. It was nice. I thoroughly enjoyed it. We then went to Raynaldo's flat, had a nice dinner wherein I ate a chili that apparently was not supposed to be eaten alone. It was much less enjoyable than killing masses of spiders, and it was quite uncomfortable. Thankfully, he had plenty of milk to quench the flames. Anyways, that was Thursday.

     Friday, we hiked out and met with two former investigators, chatted with them for a bit, then went over to see another former investigator. He's from Brazil and the overall conversation went very nicely. He tried to bring up points of bashing, but me and Elder Oldham handled it, being collected as a cucumber, and avoided major conflict. We then walked around in the rain, check out the first attached image.

We then met with our hyper intelligent friend and played a lovely round of chess with him. Elder Oldham was quick to be foiled while I managed to last a bit longer and caused him a wee bit of grief. I felt accomplished. I still feel accomplished. I work better in smaller numbers, by the way. And I ate another kebab. They're the best.

     On Saturday we had to finish up weekly planning and then visited our Polish friend. It was a grueling time, but we enjoyed it. We then met with one of our new investigators. Now, I told you I'd tell you a bit about him, so I will. He studies metaphysics. Not like the theories, philosophies, or as a religion, but as a science. He's a pretty sharp cookie and asks fantastic questions. Not only that, but some of the points of the lost sciences of metaphysics relate to the gospel. Well, besides the fact that apparently there was a War of Energies that started Y2K and ended 2012. It's a great time, I enjoy it.

     Sunday was moves day. From the morning it was nervous and a build-up. We went to church, taught gospel principles and young men's, visited the hospital bound chap, then met with an investigator and read the first chapter in the Book of Mormon. Now, moves call can come anytime from 6:00 PM to 10:30 PM. The lesson was at 7, and whenever we got a text, our hearts stopped as did the lesson. Thankfully, it only happened twice as we were leaving and making idle chat. We also saw a young seagull! Here's a picture attached.

     The call came then. After serving for four and a half months with Elder Oldham, we will be parting ways. He'll be going up to Northern Ireland while I'll be leading the area under the direction of my new companion Elder Wynder. I know nothing about him, but apparently he was in the same English class as Elder Oldham in college. That's neat. It's been a blast serving with Elder Oldham. He's a champ. Truly is. And that means I'll have served in Dublin for six months! Whooo! Dublin's grand.

     Today, we visited with our Polish friend, and he invited us to come and teach his family and kids about why families are good, important, how to be nice, etc. That's just great! The workouts have paid off! Whoooo! Plus I've lost a few inches around the waist while doing it. Worth it? Totes. I look forward to working with that family.

     Anywho, that's my fantastic week. Take care, ya'll! Don't do crazy things and make sure to share the gospel with friends.

God Speed

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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