Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Weekly Update #18

From the promised land of Dublin, Elder Kinville is here to tell you all about his week! Let's rock and roll, y'know.

     The rest of Tuesday was fantastic, nothing to complain about there. 

     Wednesday we headed out went trying to find those ready to teach! Unfortunately, everyone was listening to some other voice, but we still tried our best. We then popped over and helped out a bit with the gent's garden/jungle, which looks a whole lot nicer now than it did three weeks back. It's grand.

     The next day, we went over and did more gardening for another member for a bit then dropped by and had a lovely talk with the Polish fellow. He's still reading the Book of Mormon, and we're trying hard to get him to church. Hopefully he'll feel inclined to come. We then weekly planned and had an overall cheery evening. There exists in Dundrum, near where we live, a time warp. When we go to Dundrum, no matter how quickly we try to get in and get out, even if we're only buying postage, it takes an hour. Absolutely crazy, let me say. However, Fergal is grand in assisting us to avoid the time warp. I forgot the name of Elder Oldham's bike.

     On Friday we got craic done! We helped prepare the church for a baptism the Sister's had coming and then taught some folks. We went up to Trinity college, where we had a YSA member provide a room for us and we taught a recent convert then taught another lesson. Both lessons went great. Before, while travelling past Grafton Street, we say a bagpipe brigade from Canada performing! That was neato frito. I deeply enjoyed it and Friday was a great day for me and Elder Oldham.

     On Saturday we had to be up bright an early for a breakfast meal appointment with Raynaldo. It was great, the whole meeting and all. We had an excellent chat and we helped him with working with his family back in the Philippines to help get them baptised. It's great fun to work with him. We then boogied over to help get the gent's garden ready to be dug up by a Rotavator and then ran to the church to teach another lesson. This fellow is grand, I'll have to tell you about him later. He studies metaphysics, and it is grand to hear about. We then had a ward cook-out and a baptism! I was able to be a witness for it, and it was a marvellous experience. 

     Sunday was also a good day. I assisted in the confirmation of the Sister's convert and then was able to go to Raynaldo's again for a dinner. After, we went to the Alleman's (I still don't know how it's spelt) house and helped them clean up to help move them back to the States. They left this morning. They were a fantastic family, I love them. They were great helps with member missionary work in the ward.

     Do you see the first picture I have attached? That's a pretty schnazzy bunch of fellows. This picture is for my brother, Ryan, because that statue on the rock is none other than Oscar Wilde. For a few weeks, we've been asked while finding in St. Stephen's Green where this statue of Oscar was. We had no clue until while biking we saw it. Being inclined to show my brother, I had us pull over and snap a photo. At least now, we can tell them where the statue is.

     And today we had a marvellous experience. At Trinity College, they have a copy of the Book of Mormon printed in 1830. Now, our YSA friend was able to get me and Elder Oldham in to see the copy! It was so neat to see it and to look at how it was formatted! It's great I've been able to serve in Dublin and get a chance to see this. The best, by far. 

     Anywho, that's this week. Teaching, a baptism, Oscar Wilde, old Book of Mormon. It's been a great time. This Sunday is moves call, so I'll find out if I'm going to get moved to another area or stick around Dublin for another transfer. Who knows? Hopefully you all are having a great week! Cheers!

God Speed

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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