Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekly Update #20

 Cheers from Dublin! It's crazy to think, first off, that I've been in Dublin for about four and a half months and at the end of this transfer it would've been six months! Madness! Anywho, this week in review.

     The rest of Monday we ran about and said bye to folks because Elder Oldham was leaving. It was a good day.

     Tuesday we got the details of where we were going, where we needed to be, and what we needed to do for the next day. We also ran around and met with our Polish friend and his family, said goodbye, and then continued on to complete the rest of our tasks. In the evening, we had a meal with the Harnoss' who are a great family. They have two top-notch kids. Check out the selfie we took with them. We then ran over to Clondalkin's flat to stay for the night. It was a grand evening.

     Wednesday started off well. We woke up, shuttled everyone to the bus station, then waited for the arrivals to arrive. Watched most of the Bible videos, Mormon messages, and other LDS videos while waiting. They finally arrived and I met Elder Wynder, a top-notch Elder from Salt Lake City. He's done tonnes of drama and acting, so I have no fear for this next transfer. It's going to be a blast.

     Thursday, we jumped into action. We weekly planned and taught a few lessons. My old planner is back at the flat, so I'm using my own memory, which is a bit difficult. Planner's are good, the save lives. Mission amnesia is real, too. True story. I'm sure we taught people.

     Friday started off great by meeting a nice Jewish American! He was grand to chat with as we did some finding around Dundrum. Anywho, we then ran around town teaching people, including Vincent, the fellow who wasn't confirmed and we worked on his garden for a good time and will still be working on his garden for a long time, and we prepared him for his confirmation on Sunday! :D That's an emoticon, I don't use those a lot, but that was my face. Friday was grand, Elder Wynder met with our Polish friend, and the hyper-intellect too. We also chatted with the metaphysics fellow, who apparently says that me and Elder Wynder are level-1 indigo type children... 
     There's some rough spots we need to clear out before he's baptised, but we'll get him there.

     Saturday we continued to run around and teach many people! Seriously, this week we did an insane amount of teaching. Eleven total lessons. Madness. Elder Wynder was impressed. We met with a Brazilian, who we invited to church and she came! We also met with another Brazilian investigator and then had a good dinner with Raynaldo. He's great. An example: while teaching repentance in gospel principles on Sunday, we do this ABCDE steps of repentance. A, acknowledge you've done something wrong; B, be sorry for doing that wrong; C, confess; D, don't do it again; E, endure to the end. He added F, which he said is free. After we endure to the end, we're free. So true. Raynaldo is a boss, a spiritual boss.

     Sunday was good too! We went to church, taught gospel principles, and had a grand time. Vincent also asked me to confirm him in sacrament. This was a highlight of my mission and stands as THE highlight of my mission, thus far. I'm grateful that I was able to perform that ordinance. So grand. We got lost too. Elder Oldham nabbed the map before he left, and while walking to a member's flat, we got lost but somehow we found the building! To say the least, the Holy Spirit did guide. Of that, I am certain. 

     This week is grand, Elder Wynder is grand, Elder Oldham was and is grand. I am so excited to teach, to serve, to be taught, and to invite. It's such an honor to be here and an incredible honor to serve with these great ward members!

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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