Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Weekly Update #17

 A quick, windy, Irish greeting from Dublin! Let's get down to the meat this week.

     Monday was grand. We continued to bike about for shopping and whatnot. I'm a fan of Fergal Cannondale. That's the name of my bike, by the way. Fergal Cannondale. I named him shortly after I got a flat tire and I declared that it's name was Fergal. Inspired? Probably not. I also made salsa! Whooo! We don't have a chopper, so I used a blender. It turned out somewhat soupy, but it was spicy as I can get at. Perfect with fajitas or burritos.

      Tuesday was a district meeting and we discussed. It was this day that I got the flat, not Monday. We were biking out to the mad garden to trim it up a bit. Fortunately, we live a short walk from a bike store that was able to repair the tire in no time! Unfortunately, it was time enough to where we could not assist him in the garden. The rest of the day went well, though. We had a lovely meal appointment with the Allaman's, which was grand as could be. So glad they were in the ward while I was here.

     The Polish trainer was back in town and on Wednesday my legs felt it. It was glorious, to say the least. Biking back home was fun too. After some frogs and Joey's and explodes you suffer much when you try to pedal up hills. I'm grateful for low gears. We also were able to sit down with him and talk about the Book of Mormon and also began to talk about how it has helped me and Elder Oldham. It was the best discussion we could've had. He's now reading it and looking for how it can apply to his life. I'm so glad he's reading. 

     On Thursday we met with our friend from the Philippines, Raynaldo. He gets it. We also had flat checks and some dropped appointments, but this day was all about him. It was while we met that I understood how much he really knows and how much he knows about making it apply. He told Elder Oldham on the phone "we're Mormons, we're not supposed to get angry" and he's completely right! Mind = exploded! Not only that, but the missionary work he's doing. We're teaching three people because of him and on Thursday he asked us how he can get in touch with missionaries in the Philippines so he could get his family taking the discussions. He bears simple, but honest testimonies and he is great! When he has a question, he asks. He'll ask us if what he's doing is right and then how to do it to be more in line with LDS beliefs and whatnot. I am a fan of Raynaldo. Probably my favorite person I've met, debatably in my life. He also got us some neat Irish hats. He's great. I want to be a missionary like Raynaldo.

     Friday was a Friday. We found, we tried-by, we knocked a few doors. Nothing big happened. Worked in the chap's garden and found a knife. That was neat.

     Saturday we weekly planned and discussed our teaching method. Elder Oldham and I have been evaluating our time together and we began to decide that we need to step up our game these last few weeks. We spent plenty of time on point 13 of weekly planning, and I'm grateful we did. 

     On Sunday we went to church and brought the sacrament to two hospital bound members. At first, it was only one member, but we discovered that a member from another ward was in the hospital when we got a call from the Elders in that ward. We went over, visited with the sister, and gave her the sacrament. It was a grand experience. It's been a while since I've taken the sacrament to shut-ins. Glad I had the opportunity. We also met with Raynaldo's friends and had a grand discussion. Raynaldo is my fav.

     Monday was a bank holiday! So we went shopping, went over to the Polish chap, and cleaned the flat. It was a good day. And today, we visited by the Polish chap again just to talk a bit and check on his reading. I also was able to give a bit of learnings from my study in District Meeting as asked by the District Leader. It was a good discussion, I feel. You'll have to ask the others to know the truth.

     Overall, this week was fabulous. I'm glad it went the way it did. I've learned plenty and I'll be applying plenty as well. I'm thrilled to be serving in Dublin and I'm so grateful for the prayers and blessings from everyone out there. Have a great week!

God Speed

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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