Monday, February 22, 2016

Weekly Update #46

 The number at the top just keeps getting smaller and smaller, doesn't it? I hope that's good! Anywho, howdy! Thurso has been a magical, marvelous, splendid land of winter and ever-changing seasons! 

     The rest of Monday was a magical preparation day. After, we went to a small town and chapped out there, where we looked at the awe-inspiring night sky and then kept on going. 

     On Tuesday we had our first District Meeting! That was fun, seeing that we had to Skype into the meeting. A new experience  and sort of exciting! That was grand. Afterwards, we went off to knock on some doors, have lunch, go knock on more doors, find villages, and then find a peculiar thing. I enjoy this thing.

I have named him Oma. Me and Oma are pals. That was neat. We just kept on finding until dinner.

     Wednesday we rocked and rolled with more finding! While knocking on doors, this fellow was walking about, talking rather loudly, to someone about how it was Wednesday and 'you cannae be out on a Wednesday!' He wasn't looking at us, he was down the street a ways, we have no clue what he was talking about. But remember, don't do it on a Wednesday. We then just kept chapping that night.

     Thursday we ran about and did more finding! Wow! After, we chapped out this village and then had a lesson with the recent convert and chatted with his family. The family is fantastic! Truly incredible. Such a fun family. 

     Friday we went out and about and did what we did best: find!  After that and some lunch, we went to a less-active member and had a chat with her as well as a lesson. It was good, very good. We then did more chapping, tried to find more people, then it was the end of the night.

     On Saturday, with in the space of ten minutes it went from sunny and pretty nice to dark, snowy, and sort of miserable. 

Nevertheless, we went out and we did service. At the charity shop, there was an accordion brought in, so I was able to toot a few notes out on it to make sure it worked. After, we went to the croft and did service there. Wonderful, it was. Such a blast. We had haggis, then returned to our flat.

     Sunday was a Sunday. It was hailing in the morning, so we went to church. After church, we had lunch and then went out to find. We did some finding, chatted with some people, and it was sunny. Then the sun left and it began to snow. Then we went out in the snow to do more finding. Then, while we were at a door, the snow turned to ice bullets of death. That was a blast. The roads were super slick and it was fun driving back home. Bueno, bueno.

     Anywho, that was this week! Hopefully you all have had equally incredible weeks, hopefully with a wee bit better weather! Cheers!

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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