Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Weekly Update #43

For the last time from Dalkeith, greetings friends!

     This week has been spectacular. The rest of Monday was a usual P-day, nothing big to report.

     Tuesday we had our final District Meeting before moves and moves call. It was a grand District Meeting. Afterwards, Elder Gullion and Tarbet came over and we ate a lunch together for the last time. A lot of last times in this email. We then went out, did some work, went to the Ross' for a marvellous meal, and then visited Annette and her family. Always a grand way to end a day!

     Wednesday we rocked and rolled out strong, taking care of some business then heading out and about to find. We did some decent finding, going out to a town we don't go to often and found a lovely subdivision to find in. Also, found a perfectly good CD on the ground from the 80's. 

We left it, missionaries shouldn't listen to 80's music. We then went to a meeting and called it a night.

     Thursday was the day of a marvellous spaghetti lunch with Jack and Anna. Ben, our ward mission leader, also showed up. That was fun, fun! Anywho, we had a good time there, and came back to do some work and weekly plan. Weekly planning is always fun.

     Friday was a busy day and the day we had a Burn's Night Supper at the church! But before we get to that, the rest of the day. We went into a town to see what type of finding we could do there. It was a good place to find, with a lot more folks than Dalkeith and some better places to talk with them on the street. Then, we went to visit with a less-active fellow. Like always, a lovely chat. Then, we went to the Burn's Night Supper! It was grand. I wore my kilt, Jack had his, there was haggis, it was a blast!

     Saturday was an incredible day. We went out and did some finding, went out and visited a less active, having another good chat. We then went out, got off on the wrong stop because Americans were distracting us, had to wait for a bus back into Dalkeith, and then caught it and had a quick bit of food. After, we went into another town, visited another less-active fellow and his family, and then we could call it a night. Busy, busy, busy.

     On Sunday we went to church first. That was good. At church, we had one of the less-active people show up, which is always great. We chatted with him, Jack gave a good talk, and then me and Elder Roylance taught combined Preisthood/Relief Society. That was good! After, we met with one of our investigators and he wants to be baptised! Wow! That was great. After, we had dinner at a member's home and then we went to another member's house for a cottage evening with Annette, Jack, and Anna. It was great.

     While at the member's home eating dinner, we got our moves call. Elder Roylance will be staying and I'll be replaced by Elder Tarbet. Yup. He's coming back. It's odd. Anywho, I'll be heading up, up, up, up, up, up to Thurso to be companions with Elder Thueson (Might be spelt wrong). I've met him back in Dublin. He's grand! It's going to be great! Dalkeith has been a blast, from Irish Joe to Jack, to the people we worked with and the work we got done! Wow! I'm excited but Dalkeith will hold a very special place in my heart.

     Take care! Thank you for the support! Keep being great. You'll do great if you are great. And you all are!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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