Monday, January 18, 2016

Weekly Update #41

 From the magical winter wonderland known as Dalkeith, howdy! It's been snowing here, and it has been magical! So grand!

     But the rest of Monday was grand, too. We went about, checked some things, did good stuff, and had a kebab! Woo!

     Tuesday we went into Edinburgh for a District Meeting. That meeting was grand. We practised a wide range of finding and other tools to do missionary work. It was nice to get that refreshing course. Later, we did some work, went to the Ross' for a fabulous meal, and then had a lesson with Annette and her daughter. It was good!

     Wednesday we got up and went about to do good. And we did. After a day full of fun, we went to the Campbell's for a nice dinner. It was a nice dinner, too. We then went to an ARP meeting to support some folks and called it a night.

     Thursday we did a weekly thing known as weekly planning. It was good. After, we had ward mission coordination at Jack's place. In true Jack fashion, we had spaghetti. That was marvellous. After, we had a good chat about the 2016 goals for Dalkeith and whatnot. It was good. 

     Thursday night, it snew! And Friday, we walked around in it! We went out to chap this neighbourhood and then had lunch at the Johnston's. It was lovely. After, we went to another place and kept chapping out there, hoping to find some folks. We didn't really find anyone, but we had some good conversations! We then had a lesson with a less active, then we travelled back to our flat to feast upon the words of Christ and call it a night.

     Saturday, the winter magic continued. We did some work in the morning, had a good lunch, then went out to have another less active lesson, then we went out to try-by some folks to see if they still wanted the Gospel. We met with most of them and we scheduled several appointments for this next week! Exciting! Then... Magic! It decided to snow. It wasn't the wet, lame snow that folks often think of, nor was it sleet. It was the good, fluffy, movie-esque snow! It was great! So we kept knocking doors! After, we went back to the flat and called it a night and had dinner.

     Sunday, we got out early and took the forest path to church because we were feeling adventurous! It was a good thing we did, too, because it was a beautiful walk. We then went out, shovelled snow from the church drive and walk ways, then had church. President Donaldson decided to come to our church meeting, which was a fantastic surprise. I enjoyed it. After church, we had lunch, did some work, met with a less active, and walked back to our flat where it snew again! Wow! It was super magical, let me say. If we were being filmed, folks would've thought it was a Disney film.

     That was this marvellous week! Hopefully you all had a great week as well!

     Probably the driving force of us doing good craic is the fact that time is the most limited resource to us. We don't have all the time in the world, we only have a set number of days. Do we know how much time that is? No, we don't. So we better do our best. It's such a blessing to be able to get up and work every day and to talk to people, have fun while doing it, and to become legendary.

     Happy Chinese New Year, this week! Year of the monkey! Whooooo! Make it good!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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