Monday, May 30, 2016

Weekly Update #60

    After a spectacular week in Thurso, hello! Good to see you all! Sort of. Anywho, let's rock out with this week.

     The rest of Monday was good. We did some shopping, a bit of fun, and some work to close out the night. Also, America and Scotland!

     Tuesday was District Meeting. It was the last District Meeting of the transfer and it was a grand meeting. After that, we did some work about Thurso and then headed off to Castletown to visit with the recent convert and his family. That was a good lesson.

     Wednesday we had the blessing of doing some service in the afternoon. After lunch, we went to the Winkle's and helped Brother Winkle with someone's garden. After that, we went to the church and did some yard-work for the church building. That was grand. After that, it was time to head back, so we had dinner and that was the night. On the way, he showed us the place where he worked. It's called Olrig house, and it is neat. Totally different atmosphere than the rest of Thurso, it's crazy.

     Thursday we went out to Wick after doing some work about Thurso in the morning. At Wick, we met with a less-active and had an enjoyable lesson with her. After catching the bus back to Thurso, we did some work out and about in Thurso. 

     Friday we did mainly GQing and whatnot throughout the entire day. That was it. Lots of talking to folks. It was grand. We met this one fellow who was interesting. He thought we were police at first, but then started to talk to us a bit more. He was a decent chap. After that, we went to the Jones' for a dinner and then back to Thurso for Branch Council. Always grand, let me say.

     Service Saturday! We went to the charity shop, had a grand time doing volunteer work there. After that, we went to the croft and did some epic work out there. Fixed a roof, did some mucking out, were champions. Pretty much it. 

     Sunday was the day of moves call. We were on edge most of the day. After church, we did some work about Thurso and then returned to the flat in the evening. After waiting most of the night, we got the call. I have been reassigned to Livingston, just south of Edinburgh, to serve with Elder Arave. I am so excited for this! One, Elder Arave is in my MTC group and it's going to be a blast there! Two, back to Edinburgh. I think one of the other moves that could've trumped that would've been back to Ireland, but Edinburgh is close enough! I am so excited! Like, yes! 

     That is this week! We've got a lot to do, so that is that. Thank you all, have a grand week!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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